Cyntara Newcomer Guide

This is a brief guide that's aimed to direct new players. Visit our guide library for more elaborate guides.


Promotion benefits:

  • Ability to equip better items.
  • Ability to use better spells and runes.
  • Faster health and mana regeneration.

First Promotion

The first promotion can be purchased for 10,000 gold. You can purchase it from Queen Yvonne located in the far north part of the main city.

Second Promotion (Level 500)

The second promotion can be obtained by completing the Initiation Quest (Level 500). You can find the entrance to the quest in the north part of the Teleport Room.

Third Promotion (Level 1200)

The third promotion can be obtained by rebirthing which has various benefits.

Notable Quests
Cyntara Zone (Level 600)
Completing the Cyntara Zone quest rewards players with Curaga Runes (most powerful healing rune for knights), Triple Overtime Runes (one of the most powerful single target damage rune for mages) and Glooth Spears (most powerful one-handed weapon for paladins).
Spectral Awakening (Level 700)
Completing the Spectral Awakening quest rewards players with the Artifact Weapon - the most powerful weapon obtainable on Cyntara that has its own progression on top of character progression.
Forge of the Titan (Level 850)
Completing the Forge of the Titan quest rewards players with two powerful spells for each vocation.
Utility & Professions
Rust Removers
Rust Removers allow players turn rusty equipment pieces into items which can be especially valuable for people trying to work on their Enchanting level as unrusted items can come with empty enchantment slots. You can buy Rust Removers from Defective Robo found in the Servant Golems spawn after running a small errand for him. Additionally, Rust Removers are rewarded in the Mine Cart Quest.
Fishing yields exotic fish and valuables. Fish can be sold to Jason for a significant amount of money. There are five types of fishing rods that can be purchased. The better the fishing rod, the better the items that can be fished out. Certain rods require certain fishing skill levels.
The Alchemy system allows players to collect various ingredients and brew potent elixirs that provide temporary combat stats and resistances. The Alchemy system can be accessed through the Alchemy button in the top bar of the client.
The mining system allows players to mine ore found throughout the gameworld in order to obtain various goods. You will need an Ore Extraction Pick in order to mine ore; it can be obtained through the Mine Cart Quest. Mining ores yield loot when cracked open, including special ores that can be used to upgrade the Artifact Weapon.
Enchanting allows players to add slots to their equipment which can then be used to add permanent stat bonuses to items using Enchantment Crystals.
Exp Rate: Custom Skill Rate: 15x Guild Level: 300 Protection Level: 300 House Price: 5k/sqm House Rent Period: Never Server Save Interval: Hourly
Charms on Cyntara are trinket items that provide extra stats that your character can benefit from aside from your inventory and spells.
Daily Quests
A majority of Cyntara's quests not only provide a one-time reward but also contain a "Daily Reward Chest" that can be opened once every 20 hours. This allows the quest to be repeatable every day for an additional reward.
Once an item is looted from a monster or rewarded from a quest, the item's appearance can then be used to modify the appearance of their equipment. The Transmog button can be found in the top bar of the client.