07/08/18 09:17 PM
This "nerf" to paladins was such a huge buff that its almost to the point of trolling.

The part im talking about is the mana shield taking half off your hp bar.

Say you have 10% life leech and 10% mana leech in the previous patch u'd only be gaining 10% of the damage back per turn

But not you're getting the FULL 20% essentially doubling all leech that paladins have. We not longer waste the life leech when we are full mana now we get it PLUS the mana leech

This needs to be changed asap, it literally breaks paladins

07/08/18 09:33 PM
Hotpatch: The magic shield effect will now take extra damage when used by paladins. Starting at level 500 and capping at level 1000 paladins will take up to roughly extra 50% damage when protected by magic shield.

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