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Cyntara Library

The Cyntara Library is a place dedicated to help teach players the fundamentals of Cyntara.

    Download the Cyntara game client.
    A page dedicated to the Cyntara Rules.
    General server information - including: experience rates, skill rates, skull thresholds, and prior season information.
    A page full of Cyntara Game Guides. A great place to learn about Cyntara's plentiful features.
    A page dedicated to the remaining miscellaneous information not covered by other pages. This page includes information regarding: promotions, frag rewards, level rewards, addon requirements.
    The Cyntara Wiki is a community-driven resource where players openly share their Cyntara knowledge. The Wiki can be helpful to guide players through quests, raids, and more.
    The Armory is an up-to-date list of all equipment and weapons that can be found in Cyntara, sorted by their relative strength.
    A page dedicated to displaying the Achievements that can be earned in Cyntara, as well as the percentage of players that have earned these achievements.