[Jul 27, 2016] - [NEW] Patch #3

Cyntara Discord Chat!

With the launch of Cyntara 9 being a little more than a week away, the Cyntara staff has re-evaluated how it stays in-touch with its players. The continued communication and connectivity of our community is one of Cyntara's strongest assets as a server; a lot of players have friends they met on Cyntara that they consider family.
In the past, we have utilized Ventrilo, Mumble, and Teamspeak; we have also utilized Kik to keep in-touch with players through our mobile devices for the last two years or so. Today, we're announcing a major change in how the staff will continue to communicate with its players.

We will be adopting an official Discord Chat for Cyntara.
You can join us at the link here.
or share our link! - https://discord.gg/ftP44us

For those not familiar with the Discord app; Discord is a free-to-use Text AND Voice chat service targeted toward online gaming communities that can be used as a downloaded application OR used in a web browser! It's an effective alternate option for both TeamSpeak and Skype. For more information regarding Discord, we encourage you to take a look at their features page.

You can find information regarding the Cyntara Discord Chat on the Downloads page.

We look forward to hearing from you on Discord!

A Brave New World

The last thing I remember… It was a bright light, it started as a small light in the sky. It got bigger, and bigger, until I couldn't see anything; nobody could see anything. When the blinding light finally subsided, the ties to our past had somehow unraveled and disseminated. The next question soon arose - where am I?

I'm surrounded by fire, yet I cannot feel the heat; only a cool breeze emanates, its origin, outwardly inconceivable. As I continue on my lone path, it becomes plainly obvious that I am the only person here… The only human, at least. As I continue my steady pace, the same thought keeps creeping up from the back of my mind. Am I the only one left? No. I must stop. My sanity can handle no more than what I'm witnessing before my eyes; I must not think of it. As I continue forward I am met by a set of stairs; ascend them, it is the only option. What I witnessed next took my breath away at an instant. A rather large landing with narrow pathways, inhabited by ghosts.. or spirits.. or.. something. The ethereal creatures float above the ground, appearing to be nothing but orbs of light; shaded in red, and few white; appear to be wandering aimlessly. The creatures identify as nothing more than Frozen. What was I doing in this, of all places? Why am I stuck in some sort of, what can only be explained as purgatory with the Frozen?

As I was wandering through this Farplane, I gaze met with a large structure; a massive statue of a demonic-looking bunny. It spoke softly in a fortuitous voice: "Lay a hand on me, and you will be blessed with experience." The voice, as impersonal and foreign it sounded to me, felt somehow familiar. With little hesitation, I laid my hand upon the cold, inert statue. The longer my hand laid on the statue, the more vehemently my mind started to ask the question: "Where am I? … How did I get here?" The thought slowly started to consume my consciousness, I couldn't distract myself from it; it became my entire reality for what seemed like forever… Only a moment had passed, and the prevailing thought escaped my lips without my knowing; I had asked the statue. A voice softly spoke to me; not the statue, a voice I had heard before. This voice sounded even more familiar than the statue's voice. It almost sounded like… I let out a gasp. It was my own voice.

The voice told me, "You're in Cyntara."

"Cyntara? … Well, how did I get here?"

The voice guided, perfectly, "Well, that's simple, Red. You're The Great Creator."