Cyntara v13

After a successful winter season and a surprise quarantine season in late March, the Cyntara Development Team is back at it again with an announcement that Cyntara v13 will be released June 26, 2020!
So, what has changed?

Endgame Sets Rework

One of the most requested content changes that we have received over the past few years was for a rework of the end-game equipment. With the re-introduction of donor sets back in v12-s2 we knew that one or two types of equipment pieces above the strength of the donor set items would not be the end goal for equipment progression. Formerly, only the Starbringer/High Noble/Kyanite-tier and Battlemage/Amethyst/Kyanite-tier equipment were some of the few equipment pieces superior than what could be purchased in the Cyntara Store. This issue was further exacerbated by the fact that the method of obtaining these equipment pieces was not uniform among vocations. Not only that, but a number of these equipment pieces were unobtainable entirely.
No longer. We are excited to share that we have reworked endgame sets!

All pieces of the Starbringer, High Noble and Kyanite sets will be obtainable from the following bosses:
» Ferumbras
» Cosmic Reaver
» Namtar
» Orshabaal
» Gaz'haragoth
» Amirada
» World Ender

Once obtained, these pieces of equipment will be upgradable using a Tier Set Upgrade Token; the Starbringer, High Noble and Kyanite set pieces will upgrade into Battlemage, Amethyst Palladium and Demolisher sets respectively. Additionally, each of the endgame sets will be further upgradable using the Tier Set Upgrade Tokens up to level 6.
Each consecutive upgrade will cost another Tier Set Upgrade Token. For example, upgrading a Starbringer Hat into a Battlemage Hat (Tier 1) will cost 1 Tier Set Upgrade Token; upgrading a Battlemage Hat (Tier 1) into a Battlemage Hat (Tier 2) will cost 2 Tier Set Upgrade Tokens, and so on. With each additional upgrade, the piece of equipment piece will receive additional stats.

A Tier Set Upgrade Token can be obtained for completing the following activities (with a weekly cooldown on each):
» Killing the World Ender, Amirada, Namtar and Gaz'haragoth (each kill rewards a token).
» Completing 20x level 900+ tasks.
» Completing 15x level 25+ dungeons.
» Handing in 10x Demonic Crystals for Trimurti in the Demonborn Valley.

Spawns Rework

At the tail-end of Cyntara v12-s3 we released a special patch that was originally intended to be released with the start of v13. We wanted to perform a live test for the spawn changes in order to receive feedback prior to the start of Cyntara v13. For those that missed the patch notes, the general premise is that instead of "nerfing" a few problematic spawns, we decided to re-evaluate every single spawn and make adjustments. Primarily, hp/exp ratio was addressed as well as respawn rate and spawn density. These changes ended up being less of a definitive "balancing" but more about creating a solid foundation for balancing in the future.
For more information regarding these changes, check out the patch notes from the start of June.


Cyntara will now have a new item type, quivers, that paladins will be able to equip in their ammo slot to store ammunition.
While it may seem like a weird feature since Cyntara has a built-in ammo refill feature, this will allow paladins have the same number of enchantment slots as other vocations while using ammunition that's not infinite (such as Crystal Arrow, Nightfall Arrow or Shatter Bolt).
Quivers come in 3 variants, a basic quiver (12 slots) that every paladin will start with, a regular quiver (32 slots) that players can purchase from the Tool Vendor for 1,000,000 gold and a large quiver (52 slots) that is available in the Cyntara Store.

Charms Changes

Charms are trinket items that provide a method of gaining extra stats. However, over time, a number of powerful endgame charms and event-exclusive charms have been created that are quite powerful; the ability to stack these charms allows players to stack certain stats that are beyond what is reasonable. While there is nothing wrong with powerful endgame charms existing, we want to address this issue and promote more build diversity with charms. In Cyntara v13, players will now only be able to place one type of charm in their charm bag at a time.

Auto Functions Upgrade

At Cyntara's inception, it had always been possible to use a bot to play Cyntara. At times, this was disallowed through the enforcement of Gamemasters; other times, it was openly allowed. Ever since Cyntara adopted its custom client, botting was once again disallowed and ultimately much more difficult due to bot adaptations. With this change, a plethora of Cyntarists had shown their disinterest in playing due to the lack of a bot. Initially, we wanted to evaluate the health of Cyntara without a bot; with a recent survey, we saw that the results pointed toward the outcome that a majority of Cyntara players would like to see a bot built-in to the client. Just as we had initially wanted to evaluate the health of Cyntara without a bot, we felt it worthwhile to evaluate the health of Cyntara with a bot. One major advantage of adding a bot to Cyntara is that the same software is available to all players, and that nobody is excluded from its access.

Cyntara v13 will serve as a trial run for the Cyntara Bot.
We will run a follow up survey before the next season to gather feedback from players on the newly-introduced bot once players get accustomed to them to decide whether the features should be kept, removed or adjusted.

Players will also receive an additional bonus to their experience and loot rate for every auto feature disabled, depending on the feature:
» Healer: +5%
» Sio Healer: +5%
» Targeting: +10%
» Walker: +20%
The Cyntara Bot can be found within the "Auto Features" part of the client.

Changes to Cyntara Coins Refunds

The rate at which Cyntara Coins will be refunded will change this season as a measure to increase the season's longevity. Your account will be refunded:
1. 25% refunded immediately, at the beginning of the season.
2. 25% refunded at level 400.
3. 25% refunded at level 800.
4. 25% refunded at level 1200.

Client Interface Improvements

The Cyntara Client continues to receive improvements to its interface. Cyntara v13 brings a few notable UI improvements and features:
1. Improved Addon NPC UI - a much more clean look to managing the Addon Master NPC.
2. A built-in Highscores chart that can be accessed in-game.
3. Item Interaction Indicators will now "pop up" above player characters when players receive items (this applies to NPC shops, lottery, mining, alchemy, quests, fishing and a number of other features).
4. Perhaps a small quality of life feature more than anything, rows in menus are now more clearly defined by a slight shading difference for improved readability.

Additional Minor Client Changes:

» The chat console will now display rebirths along with levels for player chat messages if the chat option is enabled.
» The Sell All option can now sell up to 65535 items at a time instead of hard capping at 100.
» Updated the Locate NPC feature.
» Fixed an issue where selecting non-discounted offers in the store would display wrong price in the top price label.
» Fixed an issue with a number of newlines in tooltips not working properly.
» The enter key in the main menu will now bring up the login form.
» The Cyntara store will now filter out owned cosmetic offers by default, they can still be gifted by unchecking the filter checkbox.
» Removed a default colliding keybind in Chat Off mode that would cause previously typed messages to be sent when toggling the chat with the Enter key. For existing players, this can be fixed by going to the Keybinds menu, selecting the Chat Off mode, focusing the Send Message entry and pressing the Clear Primary button.
» Hovering earned achievements in the Overview window will now show a tooltip describing how they were earned.
» Fixed a number of text input widgets being editable when they should be read-only.
» Improved item preview in the store window.
» Updated the auto mana burn function to cast Exevo Vita at 50% max mana instead of 80%.
» Added an option to disable outfit effects rendering to the graphics settings.
» Improved automated error reporting to better help us diagnose client issues.
» Fixed an issue with wrong task list widget background.
» Fixed an issue with Container IDs not working properly for last open containers restored on login.
» Fixed an issue with item tooltips throwing an error when hovering certain items used as UI widgets.
» Added dwarven, distance and melee rings to ammo refill.
» Auto private message autoreply feature.
» Auto eat food will now use items from inventory slots as well as containers.

Minor Server Changes:

» The Mighty Weapons daily reward will be now properly delivered to the inbox when players do not have enough room to receive the reward.
» Removed Guardian Boots and Silver Mace from the Loot Trader.
» Rebirthed vocations now once again get 300 soul points (instead of 255 after the hotfix last season).
» The World Ender world boss portal now requires level 800 to enter.
» Players entering the trainers will now face south by default.
» Updated the name verification function of the Renamer NPC.
» Updated how the server save works which should improve the server save times.
» Adjusted a void portal location in the Shadow Dragons spawn.
» Buffs received from Power Runes will no longer expire when entering the temple.
» Rebirth damage bonus is now neutralized when template levels are active.
» Players will now be teleported to a kick position at the task boss entrance instead of the temple on task timeout.
» The following spells will no longer provide their effects while the caster is in phantom state (for instance when dead during a dungeon boss fight): Mirage Archer, Blade Vortex, and Healing Totem.
» Certain non-boss raid monsters guarding bosses will no longer yield experience points.
» The following bosses no longer grant experience on kill: Orshabaal, Ringmaster, and Vlad the Impaler.
» The World Ender will now use unavoidable damage instead of fire damage for his bomb spell.
» Increased the cooldown of the Fortitude spell from 2 minutes to 3 minutes.
» Power Runes will now display a buff cooldown icon when on cooldown.
» Shrines will now display a buff cooldown icon when active.
» Fixed an issue with the !void command displaying conflicting information with regards to Void Realm level compared to Void Invader kill message.
» Improved the !artifact command to let players choose the desired type via the command param:
» Sorcerer: !artifact death, energy and fire.
» Druid: !artifact death, ice and earth.
» Paladin: !artifact bow, crossbow and shield.
» Knight: !artifact club, sword and axe.
» Fixed an issue where the Cleave spell could deal excessive damage under some circumstances.
» Added a Halloween event.
» Rebirth count will now display alongside levels in player description.
» Brewing multiple alchemy elixirs will now properly count multiple times towards the Weekly Quest instead of just once.
» Clusters of Solace will no longer display owned addons on the list.
» Dream Matters will no longer display owned mounts on the list.
» The !online command will now always display the real level instead of template level for players in events.
» The !online command will now display rebirth count next to levels for rebirthed players.
» Fixed an issue with the Overview window displaying wrong state for the Daily Reward entry.
» The Global Experience Boost and Goblin King Global Boost can no longer be active at the same time.
» Adjusted the Artifact Knowledge research ready message to better reflect why players cannot proceed at Level 25.
» Fixed an issue with walkthrough flag not updating properly when players advance levels near other players.
» Fixed an issue with the Full Helmet of the Ancient quest log being incomplete after completing the quest.
» Mind Flayers summoned in events will no longer grant Mind Flayer Points.
» Daily Quests will now reward Play Points.
» Adjusted the Play Points offers and prices.
» Fixed an issue where new players weren't getting blessed on first login.
» Potions now require the target to be the same vocation when used on another player.
» Added 4 DPS dummy monsters to the Duel Arena; these monsters will display your damage per second every second as well as once you finish combat with them.
» Updated The Knife sprite.
» Adjusted the War Arena:
» Increased the arena level from 600 to 1200.
» Adjusted skills and weapon damage to match the new arena level.
» Players can now use runes that require an insignia use inside the arena even if they have not used the insignia outside of the arena.
» Added Frag Tokens as kill rewards in the arena.
» Players can now use potions inside of the arena (with the exception of supreme flavors).
» Updated the items that players receive upon entry.
» Improved daily quests reward handling.
» Fixed a potential issue with Amirada's reward.
» Players can now walk through other players in zones that are explicitly marked as non-PvP.
» Increased the dungeon talisman scaling from 12% health and damage per talisman level to 15% health and damage per talisman level.
» The Alternate Fate quest now rewards knights with a Blessed Shield instead of Kyanite Armor.
» Updated the list of fishing related items that Jason will buy.
» Mining speed now scales with the mining skill level.
» Fixed an issue with some necklaces and rings would lose charges when they should not (introduced late last season).
» Updated the training tile mana burn to cast Exevo Vita at 50% max mana instead of 80%.
» Fixed an issue where attacking certain monsters could inflate personal hit record values.
» Fixed an issue with magic walls with extra animations not displaying the field owner information when looked at.
» Fixed an issue where raids would start if the server was not in an "online" state.
» Increased the damage that Dreadbeasts deal; this will make Hellgorak faster to kill and make the boss slightly more difficult.
» Added the newest outfits, addons, and mounts.
» Added the "supreme" flavor of potions to the Magic Shopkeeper NPC.
» Power Runes are now unlocked by collecting 4 physical items known as "Power Rune Fragments". Each fragment is a "corner" of a power rune emblem. Once all 4 pieces are collected by the player, they must "use" any of the 4 pieces and the Power Rune Fragments will combine into a "Power Rune". Once used, the player will unlock the Power Rune's ability. The main goal was to give Power Runes a physical presence and allow players to trade fragments and build their own Power Rune collection as opposed to just "unlocking" a power rune by chance and/or not noticing.
» Fixed an issue where the "Effectiveness" attribute was not working properly.
» Adjusted Void Invaders experience; the amount of experience gained will now increase with Void Invader level and decrease as the difference in level between the player and the Void Invader portal increases.
» Adjusted Warzone 2 & 3 boss experience.
» Fixed an issue where players would be able to cheese Warzone boss experience and Alchemy 101 boss experience.
» Adjusted Yakchal's mob variety to match the new spawn balance difficulty.
» Removed the Eskimo mini-task requirement to enter Yakchal's crypt.
» Standardized the descriptions of final-tier weapon upgrades.
» Fixed an issue where Oblivion would stay active in the Boss Discovery Scroll after its completion.
» Rewrote the Oblivion mini-world change; the entire instance will now reset once The Gatekeeper is defeated so that the area can be completed more than once per server instance.
» Replaced the "Grave Digger" mob in the Royal Minions spawn with "Gravediggers".
» A number of bosses will now "force spawn" in front of players; this also resolves an issue where players could get stuck in a number of places if a boss is defeated without the player's participation.
» Reworked how stat dampening works; this will improve the consistency between monsters affected by stat dampening and regular monsters.
» Guild war frags will now be broadcast in each guild's channel.
» Fixed an issue with guild wars where they would not end properly unless the winning guild earned the required frag count + 1.
» Increased Rebirth level from 1200 to 1400.

Minor Website Changes:

» Fixed an issue where unpublished patch notes would show up in the website and client changelogs.
» Fixed sidebar markup.
» Fixed an issue with the forum boards not working properly with deleted posts under some circumstances.
» Player deaths on the player view page will now display a parcel icon for death entries that were a result of a push.

Patch History

If this patch note seems smaller to you, it's because a large part of the development of Cyntara v13 was released during the lifespan of Cyntara's surprise quarantine season: Cyntara v12-s3. If you haven't visited Cyntara since Winter of 2019, take a moment to check out what you missed:

» 2nd June 2020 -
» 9th May 2020 -
» 23rd April 2020 -
» 16th April 2020 -
» 13th April 2020 -
» 28th March 2020 -

Cyntara v12-s3 - Quarantine Season

Despite the overwhelming and lasting success of Cyntara v12-s2 the Cyntara Development Team has decided that in light of the current world events involving COVID-19 that we would release a special edition of Cyntara v12 for the large part of our playerbase that is currently under quarantine. Cyntara v12-s3 will be released March 29, 2020.

However, while we mentioned that there would be no significant content changes, we still had some minor changes ready in the pipeline.
Some of them were released on 25th as a pre-patch to test some things out, while some will be released on Sunday with the new season.
These are the combined patchnotes from the 25th March pre-patch as well as changes that will be released proper on Sunday.

Tips from the World Health Organization - COVID-19

» Wash your hands frequently.
» Avoid touching your face.
» Sneeze and cough into a tissue or your elbow.
» Avoid crowds and standing near others.
» Stay home if you think you might be sick.
» If you have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, follow advice given by your government's health authority.

Smooth Experience Stages

The experience stages will no longer be drastic cut-offs at certain levels. Now, after each level advance, the experience stage will be adjusted at a very minor rate. This way, the game will not feel like you are losing out on large amounts of experience just because a level milestone was reached.

Friendly Fire Protection

One of commonly asked questsions was how to not deal damage to your party and guild members.
With this release we're adding friendly fire protection so that players will not deal any damage to their party and guild members.
This however would normally have negative effect on PvP and as such, as soon as either party engages in a PvP situation, the friendly fire protection is forfeit.

Minor server changes

» Added quest logs to almost every quest.
» Increased the maximum Soul Points from 200 to 300 for rebirthed players.
» Adjusted the Goblin King experience bonuses, the personal and global bonus experience rate has been reduced from 50% to 25% and the prices have been increased.
» Added Chisel Stacking Tool. The tool can be used on a stack of Blacksmith's Chisels to consume the chisels and add charges to the tool. It can then be used on an item to add quality based on the stored charges. This will reduce the clutter with Blacksmith's Chisels storage as well as allow players to improve the quality of their Artifact Weapons. The tool can be purchased from the Tool Vendor.
» Fixed an issue with the Healing Totem not working as intended sometimes.
» Fixed an issue with some on death achievements not working properly if a player logged out while a monster was still alive.
» Added more descriptive error messages to store unlockables.
» The Wise Man will now accept all Medicine Pouches just like Ottokar instead of one by one.
» Fixed an issue with the First Ceremonial Garb addon requiring wrong items.
» Fixed an issue with the Gaz'Haragoth Doll not working properly when equipped.
» Removed Behemoths from the medium Prey Task, they were added twice, once in medium and once in the hard tier while intended to be only in the hard tier.
» Fixed a corner case where the !afk command could break.
» Adjusted the damage of Exori Gran Ico spell in PvP (again).
» Optimized the server save time.
» Added Prey perk rerolls.

Minor client changes

» Fixed an issue with the Alchemy Window not recognizing all ingredients players have.
» Fixed an issue with the the Store Window displaying pre-discount price in the store when selecting a discounted offer (this was purely a visual bug).
» Fixed an issue with the Sell All option not taking sell blacklist into account.
» Added missing icons to the Server Activity Window.
» Improved the player overview window.
» Added disconnected VIP state, players that are xlogged will now display as orange.
» Added missing Prey tiers to the task tracker.
» Search boxes will now automatically be focused when a window that supports search functionality is shown.
» Chat input will no longer be cleared when changing between chat modes.
» Spawn guides now contain rebirth information.
» Spell casting from auto functions will now ignore level requirements for rebirthed characters.
» The Ignore List will now automatically enable when adding a first entry from the player context menu.
» Fixed an issue with the auto reconnect feature not working properly when the server is temporarily closed.
» Fixed an issue with average ping probes not resetting when changing proxies.
» Updated the client artwork and reworked the main menu.

Patch History

For those of you that are joining us for this quarantine season, here is a list of changes from the start of v12-s2.

» 18th December 2019 -
» 20th December 2019 -
» 27th December 2019 -
» 3rd January 2020 -
» 10th January 2020 -
» 18th January 2020 -
» 1st February 2020 -
» 16th February 2020 -
» 25th March 2020 -

Cyntara v12-s2

The Cyntara Development Team is excited to announce that Cyntara v12-s2 will be released December 14, 2019.
This post showcases the highlights of the update.

Power Runes

Power Runes allow players to assign Trigger and Effect runes to their equipped armor.
When the condition of a Trigger rune is met, the Effect rune will be activated and applied to the player.
Power Runes can be unlocked by killing raid bosses and completing higher level talisman dungeons.

Divination Cards

Divination Cards are a type of items that can be collected and exchanged for a reward once a certain number of cards of the same type have been collected.
Different types of Divination Cards require a different number of cards for an exchange.
Divination Cards can be obtained from raid bosses and dungeons. The type of the cards that can drop depends on the raid tier and dungeon talisman level.

Speed Rework

Traditionally due to high rate nature of Cyntara the speed stats have been largely useless due to the fact that players reached speed cap relatively early.
In Cyntara v12-s2 we now have a completely reworked speed system:

» The speed is now measured in percent movement speed instead of speed points.
» Players will now hit a soft speed cap at 70% movement speed (roughly level 560).
» Players will now be able to go above the soft speed cap towards a hard cap of 85% by using item stats, enchantments, buffs and spells.
» Ground tiles no longer affect movement speed.

New Dungeons, Solo Mode & Dungeon Window

Cyntara v12-s2 will boast 4 new Dungeons: The Toxic Sewer, The Maze of the Minotaur, The Bandit Hideout, and The Haunted Den. This brings Cyntara's total Dungeon count to 14!

Additionally, due to popular demand, dungeons will now be accessible in solo mode however entering dungeons solo will require level 800 instead of level 400 and will have a slightly different scaling.
This ensures that we don't let newcomers try content that's unlikely to be balanced towards solo players while letting veteran players do it at their own risk.

The dungeon system has received a new client interface making it easier to navigate through the available dungeons as well as clearly communicating the daily limits of your party.
The dungeon talismans now also have their own tab in the dungeon window displaying the health and damage scaling and active mods with their descriptions.

New Artifact Spells & Spell Upgrades

Each vocation has received two new Artifact Spells. Previous Tier 2 Artifact Spells have been moved from Artifact Level 15 down to Level 10, whereas the new spells will now require Level 15 as well as Rebirth 1.
Additionally, a spell progression system has been added where players can level up their Artifact Spells to further improve them for a total of 4 ranks.
The spells can be upgraded by killing certain creatures and using artifact spell tokens.
The new Artifact Spells are as follows:

Shocking Pulse ("utito mas vis"): Periodically unleashes an energy nova dealing Energy damage in an area around the caster.
Meteor ("utito mas flam"): Periodically conjures a meteor strike from the sky that explodes on impact dealing Fire damage.

Freezing Pulse ("utito mas frigo"): Periodically unleashes an ice nova dealing Ice damage in an area around the caster.
Grove Guardian ("utito sio vita"): Increases a target's max health/mana for a short duration.

Holy Devotion ("utito sio san"): Redirects 10% of damage dealt to the caster's target back onto the caster for 120 seconds.
Mirage Archer ("utevo res con"): Summons a Mirage Archer to aid the caster in combat against non-player creatures for 120 seconds.

Brambles ("utamo mas tempo"): Reflects 50% of non-player melee damage dealt to the caster back to their attacker for 120 seconds.
Blade Vortex ("exori gran mas"): Summons a vortex of blades around the caster, dealing damage to all non-player creatures that are hit by the blade.

Details regarding the Artifact Spells and their progression tiers and benefits can be found in this forum post.

Item Tooltips

The client will now display tooltips for hovered items, this only applies to items in your inventory and backpacks.
Item tooltips allow to convey some information much easier when it's possible to make certain bits stand out as well as prevent the important parts of the game screen from being flooded with overlaid text.
Item tooltips are enabled by default however they are completely optional and can be disabled in the Interface options.
Additionally it is possible to configure item tooltips to only display when a modifier key is pressed (such as CTRL, Alt or Shift).

New Spawns

Cyntara v12-s2 features 10 new spawns that may be familiar to players, they are as follows:
Level 1000: Minotaur Cultists, Lycantrohpes, Forbidden Temple
Level 1000, Rebirth 1: Blighted Grotto, Feyrist Meadows, Nightmare Ruins, Old Fortress
Level 1000, Rebirth 3: Demon Jail, Primordial Prison
Level 1000, Rebirth 4: Catacombs

All monsters from the new rebirth spawns will grant Artifact Spell Experience with a chance to a drop minor artifact spell tokens on death that further reward extra experience.
Additionally all of the new rebirth spawns have a silent miniboss raids that grants a significant amount of Artifact Spell Experience with a chance to drop a major artifact spell token on death.
Primordial East and Primordial West spawns have been relocated from Level 1100 to Level 1000, Rebirth 2.

Death Recap

Cyntara will now feature a death recap system that will display damage type breakdown on death.
The death recap will always display the last 10 attackers and will contain all damage information between entering combat and death.
This should allow players to more accurately fine tune their gear and resistances against certain spawns and encounters.

New World Boss

Amirada, Loraztux and Harbinger of Death have been joined by the World Ender. Much like Amirada, the World Ender will make its appearance once a week on Saturday at 8pm EST.
The World Ender can be accessed through a portal added in the Draconia spawn on the ground floor.
Players that successfully defeat the World Ender will have a chance to earn boss exclusive endgame item drops.

Alchemy Window, Task Window, Prey Window & New Prey Tier

The Alchemy system has received a dedicated window that can be accessed from the top bar of the game client while inside any protection zone.
Upon speaking to the Task Master, players will now be greeted with a new Task Window as well.
The prey system has now also received its own interface in the client. Additionally a new prey tier, Hell, has been added to house rebirth prey tasks.

Store Rework and Daily Deals

The store has received a brand new look to make it easier to navigate as well as a search functionality to quickly jump to the offers of interest.
Additionally the store will now have Daily Deals feature which will automatically apply 10-30% discounts to 6 random store offers every day.

Minor server changes

» Revamped the temple layout to be more friendly to new players. Many important features and NPCs are now immediately accessible.
» Added a winter theme to the Cyntara City that will apply from December 1 through the last day in February.
» Adjusted the locations of the Pits of Inferno raid bosses.
» Fixed a few instances of monsters spawning with less or more health than their maximum health.
» Condensed World Chat, English Chat, Advertising and Help channels into a global Cyntara channel.
» Summons will now instantly teleport to their master on floor change.
» Updated the fishing system.
» Added a Christmas Event.
» Added new tasks.
» Fixed an issue where players could enter the Yielothax spawn when they finish the Otherworld quest below the Yielothax spawn entry level.
» Updated Kill Statistics with a number of missing monsters.
» Updated the weights of Artifact Weapons to be uniform to avoid a situation where players lose or gain capacity when switching between weapon variants.
» Adjusted Ice Miners and Arid Plateau spawns.

Minor client changes

» The top panel has been reintroduced in hopes that the extra interface features will be more accessible to new players. The right side of the top panel will now also house notifications (such as boosted creatures etc), the new notification system also allows us to integrate them with more features in a generic way without obstructing the game screen.
» Added an option to filter out summons from the battle list.
» Updated the client logo and icon.
» Added rebirth count to Discord Rich Presence.
» Added "Sell All" option to the NPC Trade window. This option requires the CTRL button to be pressed as a confirmation to prevent accidental selling.
» Clicking the bless status icon will now automatically make the character say !bless.
» Fixed an issue with changing mounts not working properly when the mount preview was disabled.
» Fixed an issue with the Inspect feature displaying the internal critical strike chance instead of the effective value.
» Fixed an issue with inspecting fluid containers in the NPC trade window not working properly.
» Fixed a framebuffer error that some players were experiencing.
» Removed extra borders from minimap, health and inventory panels.
» Fixed a number of instances where right clicking or drag clicking lists wouldn't focus list elements properly.
» Fixed an issue with the actionbar not saving properly if the client was closed via the forced exit option.
» Fixed an issue with the red target square lingering on the old target when switching targets sometimes.
» Slightly improved the performance of the battle list.
» Added Raids tab to the Game Guides.
» Added Combat Log chat tab. This tab will now house the messages of type Damage Dealt, Damage Received, Healed, Experience, Damage Others, Healed Others and Experience Others instead of Server Log.
» Fixed a few typos.
» The amount slider in the NPC Trade window will now reset when switching between Buy and Sell modes.
» The NPC Trade window will now display the proper currency the vendor expects.
» Added drag item preview to the mouse cursor.
» Added a new built-in spellbok window with spell categories and descriptions.
» Fixed a few instances of windows not being properly focused when shown.
» It is now possible to "Use" NPCs to start interacting with them, for NPCs that only trade items the trade window will automatically show when interacted with.
» Fixed an issue with item stacking.

Patch History

For those of you that haven't been around for too long in the last season, here is a list of past patches to get you up on speed with what changes have been made to Cyntara throughout the season.

» 20th July 2019 -
» 27th July 2019 -
» 3rd August 2019 -
» 10th August 2019 -
» 17th August 2019 -
» 24th August 2019 -
» 31st August 2019 -
» 7th September 2019 -
» 14th September 2019 -
» 21st September 2019 -
» 6th October 2019 -

Cyntara v12

Rebirth Changes

The rebirth has been completely detached from the "An Alternate Fate" quest; players will no longer have to complete the quest in order to receive a rebirth from Queen Yvonne. We felt that requiring two additional players in order to rebirth, coupled with the fact that these same players would not be able to help other players after getting their level reset, felt like a hard stop to solo character progression. The "An Alternate Fate" quest will still provide its item rewards (Final Showdown Insignia, Shatter Bolt, and Kyanite Armor).

The max rebirth limit has been increased to 20 and each subsequent rebirth will result in slightly slower experience gain. Players will additionally gain 15 levels worth of base hp/mana per rebirth. Players will still receive all of the previous benefits from rebirthing as well.

Void Invaders, Void Realms & Cursed Charms

Void Invaders are a new type of mini-boss raids on Cyntara that come in 6 different flavors. You can find portals to their domains randomly in all spawns in Cyntara. The difficulty of the Void Invader will be scaled according to the spawn level. The objective is to find and defeat at least 4 Void Invaders in order to be granted access to the Void Realm. Void Realms are dungeon-like instances that can be entered through the south part of the teleport room either solo or in a party of up to 4 players; only the realm progression of the leader will be consumed upon entry so that players can do party-wise rotations. The difficulty of monsters and the boss automatically scales depending on the Void Realm level as well as the party size. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with a Cursed Charm.

Cursed Charms are a new type of charms on Cyntara that are exclusive drops from the Void Realms. Players can only ever equip a single Cursed Charm at a time however they can be mixed with regular charms. Cursed Charms come in three tiers: Magic, Rare and Mythic which dictate the number of stat modifiers a charm can receive. The rarity weights depend on the Void Realm level, with Magic charms being more common for lower level Void Realms and Mythic being more common for higher level Void Realms. The Cursed Charms also have an item level that's inherited from the Void Realm level which dictates the type of stats the charm can roll as well as the stat values. A Cursed Charm can have a maximum of 2 prefix stats and 2 suffix stats (Mythic tier); the possible combination of Cursed Charms that a player can obtain are plentiful. Additionally, unwanted Cursed Charms can be sacrificed to contribute towards your next Void Realm level.

Hall of Heroes

The first players of every season that accomplish certain feats will now have their name immortalized on Cyntara forever. Upon completion of the feat, the player name will be etched onto a statue in the Hall of Heroes where it will persist through future seasons.

Feats currently available:

    » First Sorcerer level 1200.
    » First Druid level 1200.
    » First Paladin level 1200.
    » First Knight level 1200.
    » First Artifact Level 40.
    » First to collect 55 full outfits.
    » First to collect 80 mounts.
    » First team to beat a level 30 dungeon.
    » First player to complete all quests in the questlog.
    » First player to rebirth 5.

Inventory Changes

As with any large content updated, the stats of many, many items have been adjusted. Some notable changes include:

» Items obtained from quests are now more valuable compared to items obtained from monster spawns.
» Gill Boots and Spellbook of Vigilance have been added to Gnomission's store.
» Gill and Prismatic equipment from the Warzones now provide increased damage vs. bosses.
» Inquisition quest rewards now provide the highest value of death protection.
» Deepling boss equipment boast increased boss damage reduction and endurance.
» The Four Swords Quest rewards have been adjusted; you are now rewarded with a charm (Holy Scarab, Holy Falcon, Holy Tible, or the Holy Serpent Crest).
» Three new sets added: Battlemage set, Amethyst Palladium set, Demolisher set.

Monster Spawn Changes

Version 12 features an extensive overhaul to monster spawns. A plethora of existing spawns had their level requirement adjusted. For example, Elves are now a level 250 hunting spawn and features a new creature, the Elf Pyromancer. Also, pirates are now a level 300 hunting spawn with two new creatures, the Pirate Ghost and Pirate Skeleton. These examples are only a small tidbit of the many spawn that were adjusted. We believe that these spawn adjustments will diversify the hunting spawns available to players.

A keen eye was given toward balancing monsters. Players will notice that the speed, damage, experience, and mechanics of each spawn was adjusted. One example is that the underwater walking speed was increased significantly. Another, that the Maze of Lost Souls that was required to gain access to hunt Warlocks was removed. The level requirements to hunt deeper within the Serpent Spawn and Wyrm spawns were removed. Mechanics such as creatures running away, attacking abilities, such as drunk and AoE manadrain, were also adjusted. Behemoths were removed from the Cyclops spawn, Dragon Lords were removed from the Dragon spawn, Ancient Scarabs will drop Scarab Coins for the HotA quest are of a few notable examples.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that v12 will feature seven new spawns:
    » [Level 400] Ancient Scarabs
    » [Level 500] Lava Dragons
    » [Level 500] Crystal Dragons
    » [Level 600] Infernal Battlemages
    » [Level 800] Ogres
    » [Level 900] Insectoids
    » [Level 1000 - Rebirth 2] Demonborn Valley.

Of these seven spawns, four of these spawns are geared towards team hunting. Mentioning team hunting, we have balanced the already existing team hunting spawns including Demons, Legendary Warriors, Mad Mages, Ice Miners and the Arid Plateau, along with the new team hunting spawns, Crystal Spiders, Behemoths, Lava Dragons, Crystal Dragons, Ogres, and the Demonborn Valley. We believe these changes will encourage players to team hunt in both early game and late game. Along with these new hunting spawns, the Pits of Inferno bosses were added to their respective seals including - The Handmaiden, The Plasmother, The Imperor, Mr. Punish, Massacre, Countess Sorrow, and Dracola.

Quest Changes

» Added a new quest: The Beastslayer Arena.
» Reduced the required Essences of Dread for the Cursed Ruins quest from 1000 to 500.
» Adjusted the health and healing of the Queen of the Banshee.
» Adjusted the monsters in the Astral Plane quest.
» Death Spawns will no longer spawn in Annihilon's room when the boss is dead.
» The Inquisition Quest bosses will now always spawn when players enter their respective boss rooms.
» Players will now be automatically teleported out of the boss rooms in the Inquisition Quest when killing the boss.
» Lowered the required level to enter the 2nd and 3rd Warzones.
» Gill Boots and Spellbook of Vigilance are now purchasable from Gnomission in exchange for Major Crystalline Tokens.
» Fixed an issue with Warzone statue rewards not being as random as they should be.
» Increased the amount of Crystalline Tokens received for completing Warzones.
» Decreased the difficulty of the second and third Warzones.
» Decreased the difficulty of final Wrath of the Emperor bosses and decreased the mob count in the room prior to the bosses.
» Decreased the number of mobs in the large room prior to the Wrath of the Emperor boss portals.
» Adjusted the Four Swords quest reward to provide players with a spell-altering charm rather than boots.
» Adjusted the Forgotten Spell quest to provide players with their ultimate buff spell as opposed to an offensive spell.
» Each Pits of Inferno seal now has the chance to silently spawn its respective boss monster, which may drop a rare charm.
» Buddy's Dragon task has been changed to a Dragon Hatchling task in order to account for adjusted creature difficulty.
» All creatures found in the Full HotA quest now have a chance to drop Scarab Coins.
» The Crystal of Power reward from Marathon Man Chan has been made into a charm with useful stats.
» Fixed an issue where players could logout near Daily Quest Rewards and open the chest every 20 hours without returning to the temple.
» Adjusted Daily Quest Rewards.
» The item turn-in count requirement for Frezellar Island, Eidola Island, and Allu will now decrease as the season ages.

Companions & Footprints

As you may have noticed in the screenshots prior, players will now have the opportunity to roam the lands of Cyntara with a Companion flying by their side.
Players will also have the ability to unlock footprints that look like Outfit Effects that will trail their characters.
The Companions and Footprints are solely cosmetic at this time and can be purchased through the Cyntara Store.


We've also implemented a lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes to the client. Continue reading for a full list of over 25 client changes.

» Added an "Overview" feature that allows you to view advanced statistics about your character.
» Added an "Inspect" feature that allows you to view advanced statistics about other characters.
» The client will now reopen the last open backpacks together with their last known panels and height.
» Added customizable client keybinds with over 40 user-customizable actions.
» Added a "Save account & password" function to the client.
» Added an "Auto login on startup" function to the client.
» Moved the depot customize button to the window titlebar.
» Modal windows will now close when a player moves instead of lingering in an unusable state.
» Added an option to filter guild members from the battle list.
» Removed the UI framerate slider.
» The spell list in the actionbar is now sorted alphabetically by name.
» Fixed an issue that caused the client to glitch sometimes after opening private chat channels.
» Console navigation hotkeys (CTRL+H, CTRL+E, Tab, Shift+Tab) will now properly be ignored when the chat console is minimized.
» Console history navigation hotkeys (Shift+Up, Shift+Down) will now properly be ignored when the chat console is disabled.
» Items can now be added to sell blacklist via the item context menu. Blacklisted items will not appear in the sell tab of the NPC trade window which should prevent players from accidentally selling items they intend to keep.
» Available sell items in the NPC trade window are now sorted alphabetically by name.
» Improved how item dragging between container is handled which should effectively make the process of relocating items smoother.
» The ignore list can now be open using the CTRL+I keyboard shortcut.
» Fixed an issue with the ignore list not saving properly.
» Added reconnect auto function.
» Fixed an issue with the chat toggle hotkeys misfiring sometimes.
» Added VIP groups. Currently there are 3 default groups: Friends, Enemies, and Others. We will consider adding customizable groups in the future.
» Added a context menu option to VIP entries to cast Exiva on the VIP player.
» Added support for character name aliases; players will now be able to change how another player's name appears in-game through the Battle window.
» Switching between Chat On and Chat Off modes will now correctly unbind actionbar button hotkeys if there's no hotkey assigned to the alternate version of the button.
» Removed the magic shield auto function.
» Reworked the action progress bar to prevent the timer from diverging.
» Reworked the spell cooldown icons to prevent the cooldown indicator from diverging from the actual cooldown time for spells with long cooldowns.
» Fixed an issue that caused the game screen to glitch when players were getting paralyzed under some circumstances.
» Fixed an issue with the depot customization not working properly with multiple open depot containers.
» Hotkey targeting will no longer try to target creatures behind walls and unreachable areas. The old behavior can be restored in the options menu.
» Fixed an issue with attack and follow squares not showing when attacking and following creatures filtered from the battle list.
» It is now possible to change the target backpack for items added to the inclusion list in the looter without having to remove and re-add the item.
» Improved the character Outfit window and added more options.
» Tooltips will now properly automatically update when the tooltip text changes without the need to hover out and in again.
» Fixed an issue that caused the client to display 100% extra on top of the intended experience rate (this was purely visual).
» Added buff and debuff icons on the right side of the cooldown bar that display a visual indicator for active buffs and debuffs. Currently supported features:
    » Items: Experience Fish, Soul Potions, Zydrate, Alchemy Elixirs.
    » Event Points: Lucky Aura, Experience Bonus.
    » Daily Reward: Lucky Aura, Experience Bonus.
    » Spells: Cleave, Corruption, Thunder Storm, Concentration, Grand Concentration, Healing Totem, Fortitude, Transcend, Blood Rage, Sharpshooter, Invisible, Protector, Swift Foot.
    » Dungeons: Necrotic Stacks.
    » Let us know if you think there's anything that should be on this list but is not.
» Fixed an issue with effects sometimes lingering on their last frame for a few minutes instead of disappearing when they should.
» Updated the field list for the "Allow map click to path over fields" option.

Additional Server Changes

» Buffs from Zydrate, Alchemy and Shrines will no longer expire when finishing a dungeon or entering the temple.
» Marked a number of collectible items as stackable.
» Added mount collection health bonus.
» Adjusted the stats of numerous items.
» All players that attacked a boss will now get credit towards their Weekly Quest: Kill Bosses.
» Dungeon bosses will no longer count towards the Weekly Quest: Kill Bosses progress.
» Experience gained from dungeons will now scale with the level of the Dungeon Talisman.
» Utility elixirs can now be simultaneously used with either offensive or defensive elixirs.
» Players now have a chance to brew additional elixirs instead of one based on their Alchemy skill level.
» The prices of creature products at the Task Master will now scale with the task rank.
» Updated the addon item drop list for the Explosive Dragon and Treasure Hoarders to account for the new outfit addon requirements.
» The experience gained from completing tasks will now scale with the task rank.
» Fixed an issue with Furyosa not using her solar flare field attack under certain conditions.
» Sorcerers and druids will now receive a permanent magic shield on login which can be toggled anytime using the !magicshield command. The Energy Shield ("Utamo Vita") spell has been removed.
» Energy Rings now provide +7 magic levels and 150 mana regeneration/second, their duration has been lowered from 10 minutes down to 5 minutes. They can only be equipped by sorcerers and druids now. Power Rings now provide +7 distance fighting skill and 150 mana regeneration/second. Sword/Axe/Club Rings now provide an additional 150 mana regeneration/second.
» The following raids no longer require a minimum amount of players online to start: Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Jesters, Mindfk, Ringmaster, Vlad, Cosmic Reaver and Gaz'Haragoth.
» Players will no longer be able to add experience to their Artifact Weapon when they reach maximum Artifact Level. Artifact Power Tokens will then grant experience points instead.
» Increased mana regeneration of Life Rings and added health regeneration, armor, death protection and physical protection stats.
» Increased mana regeneration of Rings of Healing and added health regeneration, armor, death protection and physical protection stats.
» Experience fish will no longer instantly expire when players logout or die.
» Fixed an issue with pumpkin carving having unintended side effects.
» Deepling bosses and Warzone bosses will now attempt to respawn every minute instead of once every five minutes.
» Removed promotion requirement from Snowballs, Spellwands and Zaoan Legs.
» Vampire Silk Slippers can now have their quality improved with Blacksmith's Chisels.
» Updated some outdated map marks.
» Fixed numerous player-reported map errors.
» Reduced the experience rate bonus from Rainbow Trout and Green Perch to +75% and +100% respectively.
» Fixed an issue that caused the Event Points offers for experience rate to grant wrong bonus values.
» Fixed an issue where the Boss Discovery Scroll would not properly show which raids were active under certain circumstances.
» Increased the max number of Treasure Hoarders and Shrines.
» Clusters of Solace and Dream Matter will now work as a currency toward full outfits and mounts, respectively; both items can now be obtained in-game in a multitude of ways.
» The !promote command will now display accurate information again.
» Added all of the newest outfits and mounts.
» Added the newest outfits to the Outfit Changer Voodoo Doll.


» Added rebirth highscores.
» Added outfit collection highscores.
» Added mount collection highscores.
» Players can now automatically connect their Discord accounts on their account page to receive the rank on the Discord server.
» Fixed the character online time display.

Patch History
For those of you that haven't been around for too long or missed parts of the previous season, here is a list of past patches to get you up on speed with what changes have been made to Cyntara throughout the season.

» 11th April 2019 -
» 16th March 2019 -
» 9th March 2019 -
» 2nd March 2019 -
» 23rd February 2019 -
» 17th February 2019 -
» 13th February 2019 -
» 10th February 2019 -

Cyntara v11-s2

The Cyntara Development Team is proud to announce that Cyntara v11-s2 will be released February 9, 2019. This post will contain the majority of information regarding the recent changes.

War Arena

Cyntara v11-s2 will bring back the noobzone. For those unaware, the noobzone was a PvP Arena that allowed only players of level 600 to enter without items for an even PvP playing field.
In this iteration, we are bringing multiple quality of life improvements to the Arena system.

    » Players above level 600 will now be able to enter the War Arena and have their level automatically scaled down to 600.
    » Players can enter with any gear they'd like without having to take it off prior to entering the arena as the gear stats will be disabled.
    » Players will have their magic level, skills, resists and weapon damage scaled to the same level regardless of their actual stats.
    » Equipment bonuses and enchantments will be disabled in the War Arena.
    » Stats such as life leech, mana leech and critical strikes will be disabled in the War Arena.
    » Runes will be infinite and potions disabled.
    » Players will automatically receive basic set of supplies when entering the arena so that they do not have to carry lower level variant of PvP supplies with them.
    » The frag rewards have been revived and moved as part of the War Arena system. Do not be alarmed if you do not always get granted a frag as there is an algorithm in place to prevent abuse cases.

Item Quality

Players will now be able to improve the quality of their items. All items will drop with 0% base quality which can then be improved using Blacksmith's Chisels, up to 20% quality.
Blacksmith's Chisels can be obtained through various activities on Cyntara such as Dungeons, Tasks, Bosses and more.
The amount of Blacksmith's Chisels you will obtain while participating in those activities should be enough to improve the quality of you inventory as you go instead of hoarding them until you obtain your end game gear.
For each 1% of quality, shields will receive 1% of defense bonus, armors will receive 1% of armor bonus and weapons will receive 0.5% of attack bonus.
This may be a little tricky with distance weapons such as bows and crossbows so to help players figure out what's the effective bonus they are receiving from the quality, looking at an equipped bow/crossbow while also having ammunition in the ammo slot will now display the effective attack from ammunition and weapon bonus with the quality bonus applied on top of that.
Additionally once you reach quality milestones of 10% and 20% the items will turn into their superior and exceptional versions respectively. Superior versions of the items will receive a +1 bonus to inherent magic level and skill stats whereas for exceptional versions of the items the bonus is raised to a +2.
For example the Vengeance Sword has 295 Attack and +4 melee skill bonus, at 5% quality the same sword will have 302 Attack, at 10% quality 309 Attack and +5 melee skill bonus, and at 20% quality 324 Attack and +6 melee skill bonus.

Boosted Creatures

Every two hours, four sets of Boosted Creatures will be automatically selected at random. The Boosted Creatures are sorted by tiers: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Nightmare; the Boosted Creatures tiers are grouped identically to the Prey Tasks. Moreover, for spawns with multiple creature types, all creatures in this spawn group will be boosted.
Slaying boosted creatures will yield additional experience points and loot.

Daily Content Bonus

Every day at 10:00 EST, a new Daily Content Bonus will be applied to the game world. The Daily Content Bonus is active for 24 hours, and cycles through in the following order:
    » Dungeons: Increased experience, artifact power, and loot drop from dungeons.
    » Events: Increased rewards for participating in automated events.
    » Tasks: Increased experience and task points from tasks.
    » Prey Tasks: Increased perk bonuses and rewards from prey tasks.
    » Loot: Increased loot drop from monsters.
    » Professions: Increased chances and gains from mining and alchemy professions.

Paladin Range Scaling

Paladins often would fill the role of a knight without any real drawbacks, to combat this issue we are introducing range based damage scaling for ranged weapons.
Players will now receive a 30% damage penalty when using ranged weapons in melee range, for 2-4 SQM range the damage is considered neutral and will work exactly the same way as before and for any range above 4 SQM, players will now receive a 5% damage bonus per extra SQM.
Additionally using ranged weapons will now display a range indicator on the target creature which will change the color depending on the current modifier, red indicator for damage penalty in melee range, grey indicator for neutral damage and a green indicator for damage bonus.

Outfit Effects

We are also adding a new store exclusive cosmetic offer that lets players use simple visual effects in place of solid colors on their outfits.
These effects can be mixed and applied separately on each body part. Currently there are five outfit effects available - rainbow, space, neons, infernal and glacial. Click here to see all of the outfit effects!

We will look into improving the current effects and adding new ones in the future. The outfit effects can be previewed in both the Cyntara Store and the outfit window.
Please keep in mind that some of the visuals may slightly differ in the preview window than they actually look like due to canvas size differences.

Reward Chest Changes

Over 80 bosses have had their loot removed from their corpse and instead will be sent to player's Reward Chests. This means that a lot of common items from bosses will now be sent to each individual player as opposed to only being dropped once; effectively, this increases these 80 bosses drop rates. Further, the Reward Chest will now also deliver rewards to players inside of backpacks. The following have been added to the loot lists of a lot of bosses that now utilize the Reward Chest:
    » Artifact Power Tokens
    » Alchemy Recipes
    » Enchantment Crystals
    » Orbs of Enchantment
    » Weapon Upgrader Crystals
    » Cyntara Coins
    » A few more common items

Quest Changes

» As the server's season progresses, the strength of quest monsters and bosses will slowly and automatically decline. Effectively, the longer into the season, the easier the quests will become.
» Adjusted the requirements for the "Abyssal Trinity" quest to be more ubiquitous.
» Decreased the "An Alternate Fate" quest's final mission player requirement from 6 to 3.
» Decreased the level requirement for a number of the high level quests; the quest reward use requirements have also been adjusted to match the new lowered quest entry level requirement.
» Decreased the wait time to be sent out of Lensine and Arkilius' boss room to 5 seconds now that the boss loot is sent to the player's Reward Chest.
» Greatly decreased the required Vampire Lord Tokens in "The Dark Knight of Vanda" quest; Vlad the Impaler's Vampiric Crest now drops as a common item that can be looted to multiple players through the Reward Chest.
» Fixed an issue where Ashri was able to send players into spawns that they did not have the required level to enter.
» Added a Daily Reward to the following quests:
    » Mine Cart Carnage
    » Helmet of the Ancients / Full Helmet of the Ancients
    » Cyntara Zone
    » The Dojo
    » The Demon Oak
    » The Astral Plane
    » The Pits of Inferno
    » The Inquisition
    » The Cursed Ruins
    » The Annihilator

Artifact Changes

Players have been vocal about obtaining Artifact Power outside of dungeons, while in theory the numbers seemed fine, in practice you could complete dungeons at a much higher rate than other types of content that reward Artifact Power.
We still want the dungeons to be the primary source of Artifact Power however we have increased the AP gains from other sources; most of them have been effectively more than doubled which should make it easier for people to level their Artifact without actively participating in dungeons.

Additionally paladins have now received a shield variant of their artifact weapon.
Combined with the range damage scaling this should provide paladins with an option to alternate between offense and defense without excelling at both simultaneously.

Minor Changes

» The overall experience rates have been lowered per player request.
» The Find Person spell will now display the spawn location name of the target player; if you are in the same spawn as the target player the spell will revert to its original message.
» Spell level requirements of a number of high level spells has been lowered due to the lowered experience rate.
» Teleport Room spawns that have a level 1 requirement no longer display a level requirement at all.
» The daily dungeon limit now applies on a per dungeon basis instead of a global limit; this also results in an increased daily dungeon limit.
» The Discord bot, Penny, has been revived.
» Added "bad luck protection" to Weapon Upgrader Crystals; the crystals will now have a higher chance at success after each use for each upgrade step until an upgrade has succeeded. Players will be able to see this rate upon trying to upgrade their weapon.
» Added infinite ammo to the quick switch context menu.
» Added Reward Chest notification next to the mail notification in the client.
» Added Discord Rich Presence support to the client.
» Added gifting option to the in-game store.
» Added a new secret quest.
» Added the "Boss Duels" event to the automatic daily event rotation at 10:00 and 20:00 EST.
» Added a new high level spawn, "The Arid Plateau".
» Added a new raid to Edron, Thais, and Yalahar.
» Added the "Adventurer's Stone" item. This item can be used in areas such as Demona to send players back to the temple.
» Added the following options to the Cyntara Store: Prey Rerolls, Boss Discovery Scroll, House Teleport Scroll, Boosted Creatures Reroll, Boosted Creatures Extend Time.
» Added all of the newest addons and mounts to the game.
» Added a 0.1% hp/mana bonus for each full outfit collected.
» Added new "Item Indicators" to Charms, Enchanting Items, Alchemy Items, and Artifact Items when they are in player's inventory.
» Added an experience bonus that increases based on the number of your guild members that are online.
» Added a 4 second exhaust to re-equip an amulet with charges after it has expired.
» Added a way for players to tour castles.
» Added a helpful "hints" box to the login screen.
» Added a client feature where holding down the Shift key will now allow players to repeat "Use With" actions without having to click the same item again.
» Added all missing outfit addons to the Addon Master NPC.
» Decreased the difficulty of obtaining all addons from the Addon Master NPC.
» Decreased the difficulty of the Mine Cart Carnage dwarves.
» Decreased the difficulty of Arkilius.
» Decreased the Mind Flayer kills required for all Mind Flayer Levers.
» Decreased the price of all items offered by Gnomission.
» Decreased the health and speed of all Treasure Hoarders.
» Increased the probability of encountering Treasure Hoarders.
» Increased the drop rate of the extraordinary ice pick from all types of miner.
» Increased the rewards from all automatic events.
» Increased the health gain per level for Paladins from 15 to 18 and for Knights from 20 to 23.
» Increased the number of Shrines that spawn at any given time.
» Increased the damage and consistency of Sudden Death Runes.
» Increased the damage and consistency of Double Overtime Runes.
» Triple Overtime Runes will now deal the same damage as Double Overtime Runes when the target is a player.
» Updated the game guides on the website and in the game client.
» Improved the behavior and consistency of the teleport room and town teleports.
» Improved the Play Points Store offers.
» Optimized the client in a number of areas to improve performance.
» Adjusted the values of Sharpshooter and Blood Rage spells as well as their ultimate versions.
» Adjusted all seasonal catch-up bonuses to start automatically after a certain date.
» Adjusted raids to have less predictible timing.
» Adjusted the Mining Profession skill rate.
» Adjusted the experience bonus rewarded for each task.
» Adjusted the notification dismiss behavior in the client.
» Adjusted the client to display the effective critical strike chance value in item descriptions and skills panel.
» Adjusted the outfit window behavior with regards to selected addons for current outfit.
» Adjusted Bookmworm Dolls to grant +3 magic levels instead of +5.
» Adjusted the skill catch-up mechanic to now update the values periodically rather than only on server startup.
» Fixed an issue with some achievements not being awarded properly.
» Fixed an issue that caused the experience bonus prey perk not apply the experience stage multiplier properly.
» Fixed an issue where Dhrata could petrify dead players.
» Fixed an issue that could cause players to be unable to login under certain circumstances.
» Fixed a few instances where players could use teleport scrolls inappropriately.
» Fixed an issue where the Dungeon Master NPC was giving players outdated information.
» Fixed a number of teleports not sending items in the event that items were thrown on them.
» Fixed an issue where the "Abyssal Trinity" bosses did not appear in the Cyntara Guide.
» Fixed an issue that caused the client to disconnect when using the ammo and weapon refill functionality.
» Fixed a lot of outdated information on the Miscellaneous page of the website.
» Fixed an issue that wouldn't let players use magic walls immediately after pushing another player.
» Fixed an issue with the item stack count window not working properly under some circumstances.
» Fixed an issue that caused the NPC speech color to reset on client restart. Players that have it saved as dark blue may use the Reset button to use the proper color.
» Fixed an issue that caused the client to fail to launch on the most recent Windows 10 update.

Patch History
For those of you that haven't been around for too long in the last season, here is a list of past patches to get you up on speed with what changes have been made to Cyntara throughout the season.

» 20th June 2018 -
» 30th June 2018 -
» 9th July 2018 -
» 12th July 2018 -
» 19th July 2018 -
» 27th July 2018 -
» 24th October 2018 -