Thoughts on the recent survey results.

This post covers some thoughts on the recent survey results. Click here if you are looking for the most recent changelog that covers some more details about the new changes.

Vocation Balance
Knights have been voted the weakest vocation in both PvE (53%) and PvP (65%) whereas Paladins have been voted the strongest PvE (57%) vocation.
We are introducing a few changes to both of these vocations effective immediately and will further monitor the state of vocation balance. More detail about that in the changes list.

Monsters & Inventory Revamp
Overall the overwhelming majority of survey participants agreed that the monsters and inventory balance is in a good place.
We are quite happy with the results because the monsters and inventory revamp was a huge and time consuming task.
A few people had complaints about the difficulty of bosses, excessive use of the paralyze machanism and equipment pieces being too hard to obtain for solo players so we will definitely discuss how to further improve this aspect of the game.

About 82% percent of people like the enchanting system but 74% think that it's pay-to-win.
We have already taken a first step at reducing the problem by making the Orb of Enchantment have a 100% chance to apply a slot to a piece of equipment in the last patch.
We will also further discuss ideas to make the system more accessible outside of the Cyntara store but we don't have any specifics yet.
There has also been a suggestion about deprecating the enchanting system in favor of imbuing however we still have to evaluate whether that could be both viable and feasible.

Almost everyone is familiar with the Dungeon system however a lot of people voiced their thoughts on the Dungeon system.
The following feedback and complaints have been addressed:

  • Supply use and no loot during Talisman runs meant that Talisman runs were quite a monetary drain and supply usage would make it hard to make it to the end of some dungeons; from now on potions and runes will be infinite inside of Dungeon instances and the Talisman runs will now yield regular loot.
  • Running back and forth between spawns to start a Talisman run is quite exhausting, repetitive and boring so we have added a shortcut system. Players that complete a Level 5 Talisman will unlock a shortcut for the respective dungeon, accessible through the Teleport Room near the Dungeon Master NPC.
  • An option to duo dungeons - the Dungeon system now sports a flex mode where the Dungeons can be started in a party of either 2, 3 or 4 people.
  • The next closest contendant was making the dungeons accessible for solo players. This is unfortunately not feasible as balancing each dungeon around each vocation would be nigh impossible. The long term goal though is to provide an alternative feature to dungeons that focuses around solo play.

Just like with the dungeon system, almost everyone is familiar with the Artifact Weapon system however people have had a few complaints about it.
Currently we have addressed the three most common issues:
  • First of all, it's hard to catch up when you just received your Artifact Weapon so we are introducing a catch up mechanic to the Artifact Knowledge research.
  • The damage boost is too impactful on the PvP aspect of the game and as a result the damage boost will now only apply to PvE damage - this provides people with a way to improve their character PvE wise without interfering with PvP.
  • Last but not least people have complained that it's hard to grind Artifact Power for solo players as the primary source of Artifact Power tokens is through the Dungeon system. We have covered that bit in the Dungeons section.

Only 16% of people think that the rebirth system is good, the rest have voted that they either don't know what the system is (33%), don't like the system (34%), or cannot form an opinion yet.
We have a few rough ideas about the direction and the future of the rebirth system and will experiment with them however it's still too soon to talk about the details.

Experience Gain
Most of people (65%) seem to be in favor of lowering the experience gain rate. While this isn't something that we're going to adjust just now, we will be looking into slowing down the pace of the game starting mid level in the future.

Custom Client
One of the biggest concerns when deciding to go with the custom client was player adoption.
Fortunately as per the survey almost all survey participants (save for 3 people) either like the client, like the client but would like to see more features, or like the client but would like to see some bugs/glitches fixed.
Likewise an overwhelming majority of participants answered that the custom client was not an entry barrier to play on Cyntara.
We are quite happy with these results because the custom client lifted a lot of restrictions we would previously have to deal with while not really getting in the way for players.
Unfortunately, though, exactly 50% of people answered that they think that the client suffers from performance issues. We are currently aware of three major issues that impact the performance of the client and will attempt to address them however it's not a trivial task as these issues are deeply rooted in the core functionality of the client.

Feature Requests
The most requested features were high and mid level quests and spawns, about equally followed by more spells, more ways to improve your characters, and more repeatable content features.
This will greatly help us decide what features to prioritize in the future.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the survey. It provided us with a lot of valuable feedback and insight into what the community expects from the server and should let us focus our efforts on addressing our current shortcomings.

Cyntara v11

The Cyntara Development Team is proud to announce that Cyntara v11 will be released June 16, 2018. This season, there will no be split teasers, this post will contain the majority of information regarding the massive content and client update that will encompass the work of Heztix, Silence, Diath, and Red.

Cyntara 11 Client

Cyntara v11 will boast a custom client that is aesthetically similar to the vanilla client that you have become accustomed to over the past 9 years. A massive amount of time in our new client was invested in adding quality of life features to improve gameplay and customizability. A few notable options to improve quality of life and customizability…

» Options to edit the color of all types of text messages
» Action Bars
» Auto Functions (Auto Eat/Loot/Screenshot/Refill/Haste)
» Conditions window
» Task Tracker
» Hunting Analyzer
» Locate NPC
» Cam System

And of course many other features.

Inventory Revamp

With this season, a critical eye was taken to equipment and weapon progression. Now, players will be able to progress at a steady rate without plateauing for hundreds of levels at a time. For example, in the past few seasons, if a player looted a royal helmet, the player would continue to use that helmet until the player obtained the demon helmet then used that for the rest of the game. Now, that will not be the case; through monster drops and quests, players will be exposed to more varied equipment. In addition, we have added three new tiers of weapons to the weapon upgrade system and have implemented a level gate in addition to the Annihilator gate where players will not be able to upgrade their weapons until they can wield them properly. This is to help avoid a level 100 from having a nightmare blade where they should be using a fire sword.
But along with v11 client comes new items entirely! We've added dozens of new items with many more ready to be released in the future. But these items don't solely just pop in, we have completely new attributes applied to new and existing items. Keep an eye out on any equipment drops, you might be surprised to see what you find!

All weapons in the weapon upgrade system now have unique attributes. Typically, swords can be found with Mana Leech, clubs commonly hold the ability to reduce damage from boss monsters, axes often boast a Life Leech ability, bows tend to carry a critical hit chance and critical damage perk, and crossbows oftentimes have both Mana Leech and Life Leech! To allow for equipment pieces to be more situational, we have also merged sword, club, and axe fighting into one single fighting type - melee; as a knight, players are free to wield any sword, club, or axe as you wish.

We believe that with the inventory changes listed above, it will drastically improve the gameplay experience and players should no longer lack new equipment during the development of their character. We have adjusted every common monster drop and common quest reward to account for these changes.

A few of the new item attributes are as follows: Life Leech, Mana Leech, Critical Damage, Endurance, Mana Cost Reduction, Increased Damage vs. Bosses, Decreased Damage from Bosses, Increased Damage to Blood/Venom/Fire/Energy/Undead Race, Increased Item Effectiveness.
These new attributes are exclusive to the inventory found in-game and cannot be obtained through the enchanting system at this time.

Monsters Revamp

Version 11 features a radical revamp to monster spawns. The first adjustment we looked into was adding notable equipment drops that can be looted. As stated in the previous section, the variety of monster spawns ranging from early game all the way to late game now drop loot that will contribute to the progression of your equipment. In addition, certain spawns now will drop items that will be needed to aid players in later game. For example, Fire Devils now drop Trapped Lightning, which grants its user access to the Wyrm spawn.

In v10-s2, we found that a lot of spawns were underutilized. With that in mind, we completely overhauled the stats and abilities of almost every monster. Their experience, health, damage, and defenses have all been reworked to lessen the number of underutilized spawns; in addition, certain spawns have a completely new map to call home. A few spawns with new homes include Outlaws, Black Knight Bosses, and Ghastly Dragons. A lot of these changes stemmed from the feedback provided by the community, and for that, we thank you. Cyntara v11 will feature many spawn changes that players requested specifically. A few notable examples include: Additional Mad Mage spawns, multiple open floors in the Mad Mage and Outlaw Spawns. We have also adjusted a number of areas to accommodate for the popular request for more higher level mage spawns; Yielothaxes, and Demi Liches are both now a level 800 spawn, and will fit this category nicely. Nightmayers are now an additional level 800 spawn, and will be a good spawn to hunt for all vocations. Drakens have had a complete overhaul and are now targeted toward AoEing hunting. In addition, all the Spectral Awakening monsters have a chance to drop AP tokens (Commendation and Royal Commendations).

Additionally, players will also notice that all monster spawns have been moved to the first floor of the teleport room. The left side of the teleport room will continue to house lower level monster spawns, and the right side of the teleport room will now be home to all higher level monsters.
Finally, bosses of each monster have had their loot adjusted, including task monsters, boss monsters, and raid monsters; to name one example, Ghazbaran now has a chance to drop one of the best equipment in the game.

Finally, we have added two brand new hunting spots to the map: Flying Books and Shadow Dragons. Both spawns are targeted toward players level 1000 or higher and employ different, unique hunting style strategies.

Spawn revamping and monster balancing continues to be an ongoing process and will continue to happen periodically, but with v11, this is our biggest monster revamp yet. For all of the aforementioned reasons, be certain to keep an eye out for all monsters and bosses come next season!

Artifact Weapons

Cyntara v10-s2 introduced Artifact Weapons, and with Cyntara v11 we are pleased to announce that we have tackled two glaring issues with the system.

The first issue that was noticed was that the upgrade progression was harsh and unrewarding in its early phases; this issue is being addressed by introducing an additional tier to the Artifact Weapons as well as spacing out the upgrade tiers better. Previously, the Artifact Weapons had 4 tiers: Level 0, 20, 35 and 50. We have adjusted the progression to follow a 5-tier formula at Artifact Level 0, 5, 15, 30 and 50 instead.

The second issue was that was noticed was that with the introduction of the Artifact Weapons, a duality between the Artifact Weapons and the traditional weapon progression was created as well. Our solution - players will now be able to infuse their Artifact Weapon with their regular weapon to receive additional damage bonuses. For example, infusing the Artifact Weapon with a Nightmare Blade will destroy the Nightmare Blade and increase your Artifact Blade's attack by +5; infusing the Artifact Weapon with a Clement Sword, which is a sword obtained later in the game, yields a +10 attack bonus to the Artifact Blade. These damage bonuses are not additive; you receive the highest bonus applied to your Artifact Weapon. You also cannot downgrade nor remove the infusion to receive the item back. Additionally, the infusion process requires sacrificial material items that can be obtained through the Mining profession.

Artifact Spells

The Artifact Power system introduced last season will now boast a new benefit in Cyntara v11 - additional spells tied to the Artifact Weapon for each vocation.
Each vocation will receive 2 spells that unlock at Artifact Level 5 and 15.

» Thunder Storm ("utori mas vis") - Periodically zaps up to 4 of the closest, reachable PvE targets dealing energy damage and electrifying them over time.
» Transcend ("utori rai sio") - Increases all PvE damage by 20-25% for 60 seconds for the caster and all guild and party members within 30 SQM range. This spell applies a 30 minute debuff for everyone affected making them unable to benefit from the spell again while still under the effect of the debuff.

Druid - Druids have received two new spells in the past season, we are moving them to the Artifact instead to even it out.
» Rejuvenation ("utura sio") - Apply a healing over time buff to a friendly target that heals them 40 times every 2 seconds. This buff can be applied up to 3 targets.
» Healing Totem ("utevo res vita") - Summon a healing totem that periodically mass heals friendly players around.

» Volley ("exevo con hur") - Shoots a volley of arrows in front of the caster dealing physical damage.
» Strafe ("exori mas con") - Shoots arrows/bolts at up to 3 closest, reachable PvE targets dealing physical damage and applies static bleeding damage over time.

» Cleave ("utito mas tempo") - Your auto attacks will splash in a 3x3 area around the target for 35% of the original damage for the next 60 seconds.
» Fortitude ("utamo rai tempo") - Reduces all incoming damage by 75% for the next 10 seconds.

Take a moment to check out this video on the Artifact Level 5 ability for Knights - Cleave!


Last season the Transmogrification System was introduced which allows players to change the appearance of items. This system was massively underutilized, primarily by its high entry level requirement as well as its requirement to sacrifice a useful item for a non-beneficial perk.

With Cyntara v11, Item Transmogrification will be a ubiquitous, inline gameplay feature. We have removed the quest completion requirement, and removed Transmog stations completely. The Transmog menu can be reached from the client directly and equipment pieces can be Transmogrified from anywhere. Additionally, any item you loot or obtain as a quest reward is automatically added to the list of equipment you can use. Further, to Transmogrify your equipment piece no longer requires an item to be sacrificed. In the event that players are hunting in a party, everyone that is eligible to loot the corpse will unlock appearances for their collection.

To access the new Transmog menu, players can simply press the "More" tab on their client, and select "Transmog" from the "More" menu. This button will provide a clean, intuitive window to walk you through the process and allow you to browse your collections.


A few changes have been made to all three professions. The most notable changes are as follows…

» Players that have reached Alchemy Level 20 will now have a chance to loot an Alchemy Mount Recipe from bosses. Once learned, players will be able to craft an item that grants an exclusive mount. This item can be traded and sold to other players.
» Added "learned" recipes and brewed elixirs statistics that can be viewed in the More -> Professions client window.
» Added new elixirs that grant new item attribute buffs (ie. Life Leech, Mana Leech, etc).

» Players that have reached Enchanting Level 20 will now have a chance to loot an Enchanting Mount Recipe from bosses. Once learned, players will be able to craft an item that grants an exclusive mount. This item can be traded and sold to other players.
» Added personal enchantment crystal and orb of enchantment usage statistics that can be viewed in the More -> Professions client window.
» The values of physical and death protection received from enchantments have been reduced.

» Players that have reached Mining Level 20 will now have a chance to loot a Mining Mount Recipe from bosses. Once learned, players will be able to craft an item that grants an exclusive mount. This item can be traded and sold to other players.
» Added personal mining statistics that can be viewed in the More -> Professions client window.
» Mining ores will now have an exclamation mark icon above them to make them easier to notice.


Cyntara v11 boasts a brand new "Shrine System" that will encourage more active engagement in hunting and provide for a more interactive hunting experience.

Shrines will randomly appear in common spawns and grant a random buff when used; shrines will disappear after use. The buffs that can be found include resistances, bonus stats/skills, increased experience rate, and many others. Players will not find more than a single Shrine in any given spawn, but the Shrine type and location may vary. Shrines are not guaranteed to exist in any spawn at any specific time, the locations and times are chosen at random. Shrines, like mining ore, will display an exclamation mark icon above them to make them easily visible; a tooltip with the Shrine's name and effect can be viewed by hovering over the icon with your mouse.


The Cyntara Team is quite content with how the Dungeon System has turned out and are eager to continue improving on it. As expected, with Cyntara v11 we have done just that - by addressing two critical issues.

First, the fashion in which the Dungeon Talisman works has been changed. Last season, when a team abandoned a Dungeon or ran out of time, their Talisman became depleted; a depleted Talisman meant that your next run (and possibly more) yielded no loot or rewards. This mechanic discouraged players from continuing to participate in Dungeons for that week - so, we axed depleted Talismans all-together. Instead, when a team abandons a dungeon, their talisman will downgrade by one level for the same dungeon - however, if a team runs out of time but complete the Dungeon, their Talisman will be downgraded by one level for a random dungeon in the same difficulty bracket. Further, using a downgraded Talisman to access a dungeon will yield loot and rewards.

Second, we are addressing the issue of Dungeons feeling repetitive by adding brand new Dungeons! This season brings 3 new dungeons.

» The Fay Peak (lower bracket) (This dungeon can be accessed in the basic Dungeon Lobby in the Teleport Room.)
» The Tomb of Anubis (higher bracket)
» The Battlefields of Glory (higher bracket)

Having created a solid foundation with the Dungeon System, the Development Team is eager to create even more Dungeons in the near future.

Weekly Quests

A new face has set up shop in Cyntara City this season. NPC Lucia will provide players with a different quest every week to provide players additional rewards for engaging in regular activities such as completing Dungeons, Tasks, and more. Lucia can be found in the Oceanfilter Apts north-east of the temple. Of course, the Locate NPC feature can be used to find her as well! Players will receive notifications as they progress through the weekly quest and the quest will be automatically turned in once completed.

Built-in Proxy

Cyntara v11 will additionally offer a free, built-in proxy located in the Central Europe to help with latency in some cases.

Please keep in mind that there is a chance that your connection is already being routed through the most optimal path to the Cyntara server and that the proxy may increase your latency.
You should conduct your own test and see which option works best of you. The proxy can be enabled in the character list window by checking the "Proxy - Central Europe" checkbox before logging in.

Cyntara v11 - S̶n̶e̶a̶k̶ ̶P̶e̶e̶k April Fools!

April Fools!

Well, kind of. The news that we released yesterday was true in regard to the future of the Cyntara Client. We have been working diligently to release a custom client with the release of Cyntara v11. The screenshots provided in yesterday's news piece were intentionally underwhelming, inaccurate, and deliberately altered to make the Cyntara v11 client look outright bad.

With the release of the Cyntara Client, we do intend to introduce custom sprites, including Retro Outfits. The Cyntara v11 update will bring more than a new client that sports new features - we are planning to release a content update as well. We plan to invite a select number of players to test our Cyntara Client as we come closer to finishing the first version of the client.

Next season is slated to begin some time this coming summer. More information regarding the launch date as well as what you can expect from the Cyntara Client as well as the content update will be arriving in the coming weeks; players can expect to see update teasers in a similar fashion to v10-s2.

For now, please enjoy an actual screenshot of the Cyntara Client!

Happy Easter and April Fools Day!

9 Years of Cyntara

Happy 9th Birthday, Cyntara!

On February 8, 2009, Cyntara welcomed its very first players. Within a short amount of time, Cyntara gave birth to the first veteran Cyntarists - many of which are still an active part of our community to this day.

The Cyntara Staff would like to take a moment on this anniversary to create an open forum to discuss the future of Cyntara with its dedicated community. Join the discussion on the 9 Years of Cyntara thread!

Cyntara 10 - Season 2

The Cyntara Development Team is proud to announce that Cyntara v10, season 2 will be released December 30, 2017. This is the second time, ever, that Cyntara will be releasing a major content update in the winter after a major version release the previous summer. During the next three days prior to the release of v10-s2, we will be periodically updating this main news piece to include more information regarding new features players can look forward to seeing this season. We will also release a small teaser displaying what the next updated news piece will contain.

Part 1 - Dungeon System Gainz

With Cyntara v10 we introduced a comprehensive Dungeon System that allows players to participate in dynamic encounters of repeatable mini-quests that yielded rewards, kept highscores, added unique gameplay mechanics, and introduced new challenges that have never been seen in OTserv before. With Cyntara v10-s2, we have not only added new dynamic features to the Dungeon System, added new rewards, and improved on the initial issues faced at the beginning of last season, we have also added an area to the teleport room to help gradually introduce players to the Dungeon System and allow them a free pass to attempt a non-Talisman Dungeon run. Finally, the Dungeon Master NPC will provide information to players regarding the Dungeon System and its main features.

The Dungeon System will now sport a new feature called "Dungeon Mods". Every week, with the Dungeon Talisman reset, the Dungeon System will roll one random "Easy", "Medium", and "Hard" Dungeon Mod that will activate with each Talisman run. Your team will encounter further challenges based on the Dungeon Mod that is selected and the level of your party leader's Dungeon Talisman. Furthermore, your team's stats and active mods will be displayed on the Dungeon Leaderboards page.

There were many other smaller changes made to the Dungeon System with this update. One notable player suggestion that caught our eye regarding the Dungeon System was a suggestion that requested that we remove the non-Talisman run cooldown and instead impose a daily limit. At this time, non-Talisman runs can be completed 5 times per day rather than once every 4 hours. The daily limit will reset daily at the same time the Dungeon Talisman resets (the Talisman will still only reset weekly).

Part 2 - Artifact Power

Cyntara will now have a linear progression toward a "best weapon" for all vocations. No longer are the days of players obtaining the best weapon for their vocation on their first day playing; no longer are the days of unobtainable ultimate weapons. The Cyntara Development Team is excited to announce the introduction of Artifact Power and Artifact Weapons!

Each vocation will have an Artifact Weapon that can be obtained in-game through a new questline. Once players obtain their Artifact Weapon their Artifact Research will begin and players will be able to progress their Artifact Weapon's ability through the use of Artifact Tokens. Your character's overall strength will increase with your Artifact Weapon's AP level while equipped. There will be numerous ways to obtain Artifact Tokens throughout the gameworld, and these tokens can be used to upgrade your Artifact Weapon's AP.

Artifact Weapons are bound to the character that loots the item, and cannot be discarded/traded/dropped in the event of a player death. Furthermore, Artifact Weapons are a jack-of-all-trades weapon for your character's vocation. By typing a command (knights + mages) or simply "using" the weapon (paladins), a knight can switch between weapon classes, a paladin can switch between an Artifact Bow and an Artifact Crossbow, and mages will have the ability to select an elemental damage type for their weapon from a list based on their vocation!

Part 3 - Item Transmogrification

Many things have changed since Cyntara was created back in February of 2009; it's no mystery that cosmetic features and features related to personalization are becoming increasingly popular in gaming. We are excited to share a never-before seen feature in OTserv - "Item Transmogrification"!

In Season 2 of Cyntara 10, upon unlocking the Transmogrification Ability, players will have the ability to Transmogrify, or transform the appearance of, their equipment at the expense of the item with the original appearance. For example, if you would like to equip a Knight Armor to your character but prefer the appearance of a Golden Armor, you will be able to make your Knight Armor take on the appearance of a Golden Armor, without losing its stats, benefits, or item ID. To see this feature in action, please click on the image to view the Transmogrification video.

Items that have been Transmogrified will retain a special description stating the name of the item that the Transmogrified item has taken the appearance of. If a player drops a Transmogrified item on the floor, all players will see the item with the new, Transmogrified appearance; players will be able to display these items proudly in their homes. However, if a player attempts to trade a Transmogrified item with another player, the player potentially accepting the trade will see the item's original appearance, not the Transmogrified appearance - this is an important feature to help combat potential scammers.

Part 4 - Balancing [Part 1] - Enchantments

Since the creation of the enchantment system, elemental protection enchantments have been the most pervasive and sought-after enchantment type, often overshadowing the other three types entirely. There are numerous sources from which players can receive elemental protection in Cyntara: inherent protection (knights, paladins), base equipment stats, enchantments, charms, and alchemy to name a few.

With Cyntara v10-s2 we will see a revamp of the way the server handles elemental protection as a whole. A collection of all elemental protection sources carried by a player will be bundled into one value. Each vocation will have a different maximum elemental protection threshold, and this threshold will differ for damage incurred by PvE damage and PvP damage. If the value of all elemental protection sources exceeds your vocation's maximum threshold, your elemental protection total value will be set to the maximum.

Another added bonus with this rework is that the entire system is more robust and easier to handle; for example, in the event of future balancing, these caps can be modified on-the-fly without need to wait for a weekly patch.

Part 5 - Balancing [Part 2] - Weapons & Enchantments…

This teaser will entail a few new tweaks to enchantments, weapons, and enchantment slots.

1. Per another player suggestion, it was brought to our attention that paladins, due to the nature of their vocation, essentially lose an enchantment slot. Cyntara v10-s2 will introduce the ability to add enchantment slots to permanent ammunition. Three types of infinite ammunition will be available to paladins, including: the Crystal Arrow, the Nightfall Arrow, and the Ballistic Arrow. All three types of ammunition will be available in-game through boss loot or questing.

2. We also took special attention to two-handed weapons. After some thorough analysis, it was apparant that the use of two-handed weapons was nearly non-existant in Season 1. To combat this issue, we've decided to make all weapons one-handed, with the exception of bows and crossbows. A lot of weapon stats and monster loot lists were adjusted to account for this change. Our goal with this change is to allow for many more intermediate steps for players to gradually advance their arsenal throughout the progression of their character.

3. Finally, after the completion of a new quest, players will now have the ability to transfer their enchantment slots between two items by using an Enchantment Vessel. Upon using the Enchantment Vessel on your item, you can select one of the applied enchantments to your item and move it onto the Enchantment Vessel. Your item that had its enchantment removed will be given the number of enchantment slots that were formerly occupied. Provided the target item has enough available enchantment slots, you will then be able to use the Enchantment Vessel on any new item to successfully move the enchantment over.

Part 6 - Goodbye

Finally, the Cyntara Development Team is excited to share that we will be saying goodbye to the donor sets.

The Development Team is constantly working to improve the balance between the Cyntara Store and the in-game economy. A collective decision was made that in order to improve the quality of Cyntara and to provide as much of a fair and fun experience to all players as possible, that the Cyntara Store should no longer contain end-game or high-tier items that can be obtained effortlessly. This will close a gap between "donors" and "non-donors" have has existed in nearly every version of Cyntara since its inception. With Cyntara v10-s2, we have also increased the number of opportunities to utilize the Enchantment System. We have also made balance adjustments to the Weapon Upgrader Crystals to better align with v10-s2's gameplay flow.

The Development Team is looking forward to seeing how players navigate the Cyntara world on a much more "even" playing field and adapt to using equipment earned based on their own efforts.

Part 7 - But Wait, There's More!

A lot of the actual in-game content that Cyntara v10-s2 is boasting has received no mention in the prior news. In fact, most of the changes listed above are simply notable gameplay changes with a few new features sprinkled in. It should go without mentioning that a massive amount of behind-the-scenes work was done to make the entire server better as a whole, but there is a lot of new content as well! We would like to prepare our players for the following new features…

The Spectral Awakening - A once prosperous and flourishing island was devastated by a meteorite and brought to rubble. The island and the small city residing on the island were not only left dilapidated, but fierce demonic forces were formed from the remaining energy of the fallen star. Quickly these creatures increased in strength and some even took on new abilities; the few remaining souls on this island started referring to the creatures that now inhabit the formerly beautiful landscapes as the "star fallen". A powerful and brilliant Necromancer by the name of Shavras Morte is one of the few to be able to survive in this land, and his research is brewing.

The Forge of the Titan - A cabal of ancient dwarves have been in hiding for millennia. They have been creating a monument to their Titan. Recently, a group of travelers have discovered the ancient dwarves' monument, and subsequently their home; it was recently discovered that the ancient dwarves have developed a device that can store magic and that they are attempting to resurrect their Titan in the flesh. Can the Cyntarists stop the ancient dwarf spiritcallers before they can create the Titan?

Daily Login Rewards - The Cyntara city has a new face in the streets, and her name is Elise. Elise enjoys visitors, and as a reward for visiting her daily, players will be allowed to receive a bonus every day by speaking with her. Who knows, if you don't skip days, you might be rewarded even further for your consistency!

Rotating Bosses - A few new boss monsters have made their way into the Cyntara world and are taking turns challenging Cyntarists. The boss will take on new challenges for a set amount of time and then it will de-spawn and a new boss will take its place in a separate location. While the boss is visiting the gameworld, players will only be able to battle it indefinitely, but only loot it once. When the boss eventually returns to the gameworld, players will be able to loot the boss once again.

Please check out the full Changelog for an extensive list of changes and updates.
Please report all bugs found on the Bug Report Thread.