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[May 23, 2024] - Patchnotes - 23 May (2024)
[Feb 26, 2024] - Patchnotes - 26 Feb (2024)

Cyntara v16

Cyntara v16 will launch on February 16, 2024 at 4 PM EST (10 PM GMT+1).

Diabolic Gateways

Diabolic Gateways are a brand new feature similar to Cursed Chests to bring more variety to your hunt; upon killing non-boss monsters of all levels, players will be able to encounter Diabolic Gateway portals.
Once a Gateway appears, you must stand inside the Gateway until the countdown elapses; if successfully completed, a number of Diabolic monsters of the same spawn type will emerge.
Successfully defeating the Diabolic monsters will grant players a significant buff to Health Regen, Mana Regen, Damage Dealt, Damage Reduction, Luck and Movement Speed for the next 60 seconds.


  • Removed the Demonborn Valley (1400) spawn.
  • Added the Serpentine Tunnels (1400) spawn.
  • Added the Torture Chambers (1700) spawn.
  • Added the Tomb of the Undertaker (2100) spawn.
  • Added the Imperial Crypts (2200) spawn.

Artifact Spells

The Artifact spells have been reworked and no longer require the Artifact Weapons and instead are available much earlier to make the early and mid-game more engaging; they are still upgradable through the Artifact Talent system which requires the Artifact Weapon to be acquired first.
Additionally, new Artifact Spells with over-time effects have been added. The Artifact Spells now also have to be learned by completing a new multi-stage mini quest available in the Teleport Room.

  • The spells now are duration-based instead of tick-based to make it easier to balance the cooldown/duration/tick rate relationship. All of the damage-over-time Artifact Spells now have a base duration of 4 minutes and a base cooldown of 6 minutes. The duration can be increased to 5 minutes through Artifact Talents, and the remaining cooldown can be further reduced through the Cooldown Reduction stat.
  • Removed the Healing Totem and Rejuvenation spells.
  • Artifact Spells over-time effects are now stopped upon entering PvP combat.
  • Artifact spells now have the following level requirements:
    • Level 150
      • MS: Shocking Pulse
      • ED: Freezing Pulse
      • RP: Fist of the Heavens
      • EK: Cleave
    • Level 300
      • MS: Meteor Shower, Thunder Storm
      • ED: Ice Spears (* new *), Ice Barrage
      • RP: God's Wrath
      • EK: Spectral Blades (* new *)
    • Level 450
      • MS: Armageddon (* new *)
      • ED: Blizzard (* new *)
      • RP: Rain of Arrows (* new *)
      • EK: Blade Vortex
    • Level 600
      • MS/ED: Mirror Image (the Mirror Image spells have been adjusted)
      • RP: Mirage Archer (the Mirage Archer spells have been adjusted)
      • EK: Shadow Warrior (* new *)
    • Level 700 (these spells do not need to be learned)
      • MS: Transcend
      • ED: Nature's Boon, Grove Guardian
      • RP: Holy Devotion
      • EK: Fortitude, Brambles

Trial of Valor

Cyntara v16 brings another World Boss challenge for Cyntarists. The Trial of Valor is a two-stage World Boss accessible through the Holy Bishop spawn.

Demon Prison

A new level 1000 quest has been added that allows players to face one of 4 new bosses. Each entry to the boss arena requires a Demon Prison Cell Key. Demon Prison Cell Keys can be obtained from end-game raids with a relatively low chance.
Each of the different bosses in the Demon Prison has a small chance to drop different pieces of Kyanite, Starbringer and High Noble items - giving players an extra chance to acquire these items while targeting the piece(s) that they are missing.


Titles are accolades that players can earn by reaching various difficult in-game milestones. Titles are displayed in the game window above the character name and can be toggled on and off in the client options.
Titles are account-bound and are shared across all characters on the account. Further, Titles are intended to persist between seasons and are not reset when a new season starts.

Quality of Life changes

Cyntara v16 also brings a few brand new quality-of-life features.
  • Added party member tracking to the minimap (can be optionally disabled in the client options).
  • Added a brand new interface for the !exp command; this allows players to see which potential experience bonuses they are missing.
  • The Boss Frame now works for all non-boss monsters (can be optionally disabled in the client options); the current limitation is that it does not work with non-boss monsters that have not previously had explicit Boss Frame.
  • The inventory UI now shows the number of available Enchantment Slots on the item sprite.
  • Auto functions labels (Healer/Walker/Targeting) in the top-left corner on the client now always show and can be clicked to toggle the respective auto function on and off, additionally, they can be right-clicked to bring up the respective Auto window.

Minor server changes:
  • Increased the difficulty of Malice Annihilator.
  • Fixed an issue where players could claim every rewards from the Malice Annihilator.
  • Ultimate Healing and (basic) Mana Runes are now unlimited regardless of player level.
  • Decreased the required level to use Strong Mana Runes.
  • Adjusted the kill requirements for high level tasks.
  • The Daily Reward Streak reset now only shows when the streak was actually lost.
  • Added Abyss tier to boosted creatures and moved a number of high level spawns to that tier.
  • Added Abyss tier to Prey Tasks and moved a number of high level spawns to that tier.
  • Team-based events will now have a more fair distribution of player levels and vocations.
  • Adjusted the spawn rate for Cursed Chest in some less monster-dense spawns.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters did not have an appropriate level set when spawned from the map on server startup.
  • Adjusted the kill count requirements for a number of Bestiary monsters and removed a number of non-spawn monsters from Bestiary altogether.
  • Added a new Corym spawn.
  • Moved Life Leech, Mana Leech and Mana Potion messages to Combat Log.
  • Revamped the Quest area in the Teleport Room.
  • Removed the Cursed Grove.
  • Added Cursed Chests, Daily Quests and World Bosses highscores.
  • Moved the Power Rune cooldowns from Trigger runes to Effect runes, and adjusted the cooldowns and power of the runes.
  • Increased the Dungeon and Task requirements for weekly Tier Set Upgrade Tokens.
  • Fixed an issue where World Bosses could ramp up their damage output between attempts which would immediately kill players upon re-entry to the boss arena.
  • Increased the lever switch-back timers in Wrath of the Emperor and Astral Plane quests.
  • Added Wheelchair outfit to the store.
  • The first wave of monsters in the Last Creep Standing quest will now spawn immediately when entering the arena.
  • Added Artifact Research advance message.
  • Wands and rods now have equal damage and magic level bonus for level-equivalent weapons.
  • Having an active Alchemy Elixir now gives a +5% experience bonus.
  • Removed base Alchemy Flask requirement from Alchemy elixirs.
  • Leveling up and advancing in skill level now displays the time it took to level up.
  • Added missing bless warning when entering the Teleport Room.
  • The Chameleon rune now respects the Transmog of an item.
  • Fixed an issue with the Turtle Shell and Juggernaut talents not scaling properly.
  • Lowered the value of Wolf Claw and Turtle Shell talents from 0.2% to 0.1% per talent point.
  • Fixed an issue with the Boss Duel event not finishing properly when a boss was last-hit-killed by a player summon.
  • Characters that have x-logged and have been training for over a week will now be automatically kicked out during daily server save.
  • Fixed the Volatile Anomaly (slime minions in the Shaper encounter) not exploding on contact when they lost their initial target.
  • Slightly increased the base chance of Cursed Chest spawns.
  • Lowered the minimum level to enter World Bosses from 800 to 600.
  • Lowered the minimum level to start dungeons from 400 to 250.
  • Lowered the minimum level to start solo dungeons from 650 to 500.
  • Removed the Training Weapon stacking.
  • Training weapons will now automatically re-fill from backpacks even when x-logged.
  • Reworked the Luck stat with regards to boss rare loot table. Previously, the chance for rares to drop would be increased by the average Luck of all kill participants. Now, instead, the Luck stat gives each player an additional "ticket" when rolling which player to reward the item.
  • Lowered the drop chance of Power Tabs from Task Bosses.
  • Removed Power Tab drop from Legendary Warriors.
  • Reduced the Savior achievement requirement for Artifact Weapon upgrade from 56 days to 6 weeks.

  • Improved the auto reconnect UI/UX.
  • Moved the Spellbook button out of a sub-menu to the main top menu for easier access.
  • Updated Auto Buffs to account for new spell changes.
  • Fixed Cooldown/Buff bars not removing properly sometimes when displaying shortened text.
  • Improved the Task/Prey tracker UI.
  • Updated Bestiary sorting.
  • Added raw experience gain to Hunting Analyzer that makes it easier to gauge the experience gain regardless of experience rate bonuses.
  • Fixed client errors when using special characters in Addons, Alchemy, Bestiary, NPC Trade, Store and Task search bars.
  • Fixed the mana bar rendering color when a creature is covered by upper floor visuals.
  • In-progress tasks now show the kill progress in the Task window.
  • Added level percent display to the level label in Skills window.
  • Fixed minimap marks overflowing the minimap area when showing on the edges.
  • Updated the health bar color for low value health bar.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering own spell words would not work sometimes.

Cyntara v15s3

Cyntara v15s3
Cyntara v15s3 will launch on July 14, 2023 at 4 PM EST (10 PM GMT+2).

Yes. Next season will be a continuation of the v15 series as the Cyntara Staff does not feel that the upcoming changes merit a new season identifier. A number of circumstances have arisen that have pushed our original v16-s1 plans back to a point where we would have to exclude a summer update all-together.
Regardless, we will reset Cyntara with a minimal number of changes for a third season of v15.
As a "Thank You" to our players, Cyntara Coins purchased last season will not only carry over to this season but they will also carry over to next season.

That being said, we do have some exciting changes for Cyntara in the works and we do have a few changes to present.

Minor server changes:

  • Added the Malice Demon spawn and Malice Annihilator Quest. This quest is a remix of the Demon Spawn and the Annihilator.
  • Added a new "Wand Skill". Mages can now level up their wand skill similarly to Paladins and Knights; Wand Skill affects Wand Damage only.
  • Added "Training TIle" carpets that can be purchased and placed inside houses.
  • Added "exercise weapons" that increase training speed while equipped.
  • Added NPC Ace below the Temple. Ace sells Training Tile Carpets and Exercise Weapons.
  • Added Hirelings. Hirelings can be summoned inside player houses upon using a Hireling Lamp.
    • Hirelings can trade magic items, loot, tools, decorations, ammunition, food, training items, fishing items, gems, demonic essence and skinning items.
    • Hirelings help you access your bank, purchase addons, start tasks, or start prey tasks.
    • Hirelings can also have their outfit changed to match your outfit if you're the house owner.
    • Hirelings can also be dismissed by the house owner.
  • Trainers have been removed from houses by default.
  • Extended the number of Roc's Feather that can be used from 16 to 64.
  • The Demons Task is now repeatable.
  • Reduced Artifact Bonus Damage scaling from 0.5% per Artifact Level to 0.33% per.
  • Added the "Reaper" and the "Juggernaut" Legendary Talents that grant 0.2% Damage Increase and Damage Reduction per point respectively.
  • Added the "Wolf Claw" and the "Turtle Shell" Artifact Talents that grant 0.2% Damage Increase and Damage Reduction per point respectively.
  • Added Malice Demons spawn (level 2k) and Malice Annihilator Quest.

Cyntara v15s2

Cyntara v15s2
Cyntara v15s2 will launch on December 16, 2022 at 4 PM EST (10 PM GMT+1).

New World Boss
Once again we are expanding the end game challenges with another World Boss, Garmr, with its own set of AI abilities.
Garmr can be found in the Grim Reapers spawn and will spawn according to the World Boss rotation with other World Bosses.

New Spawns
We have also expanded the end game spawns with new level 1800 and level 2000 spawns, located in the east corridor of the teleport room.

Armor & Defense Rework
Historically Cyntara used vanilla formulas for armor and defense calculations which do not make much sense given Cyntara's custom gameplay.
We have adjusted the Armor, Defense and Shielding stats to feel more in line with other stats in the game.

Armor now provides a flat percent reduction for non-spell monster physical attacks.
The player Armor value is displayed in the Stats and Inspect windows and is equal to the sum of all equipped armor pieces.
The damage reduction uses the following formula: (1 - (800 / (800 + armor))) * 100.
For example, a knight wearing a Kyanite set has a total of 69 armor which plugged into the above formula gives us a 7.94% damage reduction.

Defense and Shielding now provide a new stat called Block Chance which gives players a chance to block a portion of incoming non-spell physical damage.
The amount of blocked damage is dictated by a new stat called Block Reduction (default 25% of damage), which can be increased through Alchemy, Enchanting and Ring Crafting.
The Block Chance is calculated based on the following formula: (defense / 20) * (shielding / 80), and is capped at 50%, the chance is reduced to 33% of the value in PvP combat.
For example, a knight with 130 shielding wearing a mastermind shield with 260 defense will have (260 / 20) * (130 / 80) = 21% Block Chance.
Mage spellbooks have had their Defense stats adjusted to account for this change.

Additionally, bows and crossbows are now one-handed weapons and can be equipped together with a shield to make paladins also be able to benefit from the defense changes.
This also means that Quivers and Infinite Ammo can no longer be enchanted as these 4 extra enchantment slots have been shifted to the shield slot.

As a result of these changes, combat modes (defensive, balanced, offensive) have been removed.

Cursed Grove
Last season we announced that we would introduce a new feature called the Cursed Grove however due to technical issues this feature had to be pulled out.
This season we are introducing the feature proper.
The Cursed Grove is a new instance based system that can be accessed through the southern corridor of the teleport room.
In the Cursed Grove, players will face waves of monsters, similar to Cursed Chests, but after each round you will be presented with a selection of Monster Buffs and Player Penalties that persist throughout the run, making each wave increasingly more challenging.
Entering the Cursed Grove requires Cursed Tokens which can be looted from Cursed Chests, the entry fee depends on the level of the grove. The Grove will start at level 400 and increase by 150 each time Wave 10 is complete at a certain level.

Cyntara v15s2 features a Bestiary system that tracks each eligible monster and boss kill, and can be used to unlock information about the monster stats, abilities and loot.
For each completed bestiary entry, players will gain a stacking +0.5% global experience bonus (up to a maximum of +150%), as well as a permanent +5% experience bonus for killing the entry monster.
We are looking forward to further expanding the perks for finishing Bestiary entries in future updates.
The Bestiary feature unlocks at level 400 however lower level monster entries can be completed after reaching level 400.

Enchanting Rework
Ever since the introduction of the Enchanting system back a few years ago, Cyntara has greatly expanded its pool of custom stats that players can benefit from and as such the mod pool available through the Enchanting felt outdated.
The Enchanting system has been refreshed, receiving a brand new custom interface to make the enchanting process easier, as well as having its enchanting groups and stats reworked, additionally, a new tier of Enchantment Crystals has been added.
The Ultimate Enchantment Crystals can be obtained by combining 5 Grand Enchantment Crystals and can be used once players earn the "Ultimate Challenger" achievement associated with the Ultimate Challenges quest.

World Info
We have also added a new window, available through the top left menu, that displays World Information that includes server information, boosts, boosted creatures, world bosses, and event schedule.

We have unified the interface between Character Market inspect and Character Overview inspect into a single, improved, cleaner Inspect interface.
Additionally, you can now inspect players through the in-game chat and the Highscores window.

Tooltip Compare
Another Quality-of-Life feature that we are adding is a secondary item tooltip for comparing stats between equipped items and obtained items.
This feature is enabled by default but can be optionally disabled in the client options.

Minor server changes:
  • Fixed an issue with the Last Creep Standing rewards not granting talent points if non-backpack rewards were chosen.
  • Adjusted the Dungeon scaling.
  • Adjusted the Void Realm scaling.
  • Supplies are no longer infinite inside of Dungeons.
  • Condensed mage and paladin damage bonus talents into single talents (Elemental Damage and Physical & Holy Damage).
  • Fixed base health and mana for new characters.
  • Removed a number of superfluous items from the Reward Chest and the Dungeon loot.
  • Reworked Medicine Pouches and Belongings of the Deceased, both items can now be used to open instead of turning in, and both can now drop multiple rewards.
  • Fixed an issue with the Monkey's Paw charm not granting stats when equipped.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of the following raid bosses: Jesters, Vlad the Impaler, the Ringmaster, and the Flood.
  • Added a new Greedy Goblin raid which replaces the Explosive Dragon raid.
  • Adjusted the Mind Flayer lever prices to reflect new boss difficulty and loot.
  • Increased the number of Vampire Lord Tokens required in the Dark Knight of Vanda quest.
  • Adjusted the prices of the Dungeon Token Trader wares.
  • Added a new experience fish (Marlin, +125% experience bonus) to the Fishing system.
  • Fixed an issue with certain stat sources not updating immediately when provided (such as when using a greater tier of an alchemy elixir when a lower tier is already active).
  • Fixed an issue with the Dungeons talent not scaling the Dungeon experience reward properly.
  • Added respec cost to the Talent System. It now costs 100k to remove a talent point (the fee is not applied for players below level 800).
  • Added !unstuck command for players stuck on the training tile which will teleport the character to the temple.
  • Fixed an issue where certain display items could be moved by players and got stuck in their inventory.
  • Added Loot Portal Device to the store which can loot all monsters from the screen (assuming the player is eligible to loot the monsters) when looting a single monster corpse.
  • Adjusted paladin Artifact spells:
    • The Mirage Archer spell now scales the damage with player level.
    • Replaced the Strafe spell with God's Wrath spell that periodically smites nearby targets and explodes at their location after a short delay.
  • Reworked the Prey system:
    • The system is now time based (2h) instead of kill count based.
    • Added a feature to extend the prey time for Prey Points.
    • Removed prey task completion rewards.
    • Moved Prey Points completion reward from the Prey system to the Task system.

  • Added an option to hide animated effects by category (player spells, monster spells, boss spells, misc).
  • Removed fight modes.
  • Improved the Advanced Stats tab and fixed an issue where the stats list couldn't be fully scrolled.
  • Added optional mana requirement to spell caster in Auto Targeting.
  • Improved the target distance heuristic in Auto Targeting which now uses the same range function as the server.
  • Fixed an issue with the Lure waypoint type not working properly.
  • Left-clicking on map marks on the minimap will now walk to the exact map mark location.
  • Player and Monster health percent display is now enabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue with the Auto Login feature not working properly for newly installed clients.

Cyntara v15

Cyntara v15 will launch June 17, 2022 at 4 PM EST (10 PM GMT+2).

New World Boss - Eye of the Jailer

We continue our work on providing players with new challenges, Cyntara v15 will feature a new World Boss, the Eye of the Jailer, with its own AI mechanics that require players to cooperate and not bruteforce the fight.
The Eye of the Jailer will spawn in rotation with Amirada, the World Ender, Shaper, and Entropy Disruptor. This world boss portal can be found inside the Vampire spawn.

ARAM Event
Cyntara v15 will feature its first new automatic event since 2019 - ARAM! In this event, Orcs will face off against Minotaurs once again in a battle to destroy the enemy's Nexus. But, before the enemy's Nexus can be made vulnerable, rival turrets and an inhibitor must first be destroyed in order. The team to destroy the other's nexus first will be declared the winner!
Initially, this event will run based on Event Manager discretion but after some tuning will be made into the standard event rotation.

Quality-of-Life Improvements / Expansions of Current Systems
In v15, rather than adding another new system, we decided to pause for a season and instead work on improving and expanding existing systems.

    Null Realms
    • Null Realms are an extension of Void Realms that can be entered once every 6 Level 1400 Void Realms completed.
    • A Null Realm also requires a Level 100 Mythic rarity charm to be sacrificed to enter.
    • Completing a Null Realm guarantees a Mythic Charm with enhanced stats.
    Artifact Changes
    • The Artifact Weapon level limit has been increased from 50 to 60.
    • A new Artifact Weapon tier, Supreme Artifact Weapon, now unlocks at level 60, and the tiers have been adjusted to level 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 (from 5, 15, 30, and 50).
    • Artifact Spell Power and Artifact Spell Rank have been reworked into Artifact Talents (as part of the existing talent system). Token and kill experience will now go towards Artifact Talent Experience instead.
    • Fixed damage discrepancy between Artifact Wand and Artifact Rods.
    • In order to advance past Artifact Weapon level 48 players will have to earn the "Savior" achievement which requires players to kill each of the World Bosses.
    Cursed Grove
    • Successfully completing high level Cursed Chest events will now grant players points towards the Cursed Grove entry.
    • The Cursed Grove is a new instanced mini-event that can be entered either solo or by a group of up to 4 players.
    • The event involves killing waves of monsters (similar to Cursed Chests) with increasing difficulty.
    • In the Cursed Grove, players will be given a choice after each wave to decide in which way they want to increase the difficulty of the next monster wave.
    Treasure Vault & Item Caches
    • The Treasure Vault is a special location that can be reached through a portal that can randomly spawn upon killing a Treasure Hoarder.
    • Killing the Vault Goblin guarantees a large Cyntara Coin drop on top of regular Treasure Hoarder drops.
    • Treasure Hoarders will no longer spew large amounts of items on the ground; instead, they will award players with a new item type called an "Item Cache". Item Caches will award players with random rewards based on the cache type upon opening.
    Prey Protections
    • Rerolling a prey monster list will now guarantee a new set of monsters.
    • Prey Tasks now also have internal vocation filters that ensure players cannot roll Prey monsters that are impossible (or neigh impossible) for their vocation to hunt.
    Mining Improvements
    • Replaced static ore types with Tutorial, Common, and Rare ore types.
    • Ore rewards are now based on area difficulty, mining skill, and chance.

Minor Server Changes
  • Adjusted Talent perks.
    • Talents that provide increase to damage combat type now grant 0.5% increased damage per rank instead of 1%.
    • Talents that provide increase to damage against target race now grant 0.5% increased damage per rank instead of 1%.
    • The Rolling Crits talent now only increases the critical strike chance against monster targets.
    • The Critical Damage talent now only adds the extra base critical damage value against monster targets.
    • Added new Talents that provide raw Luck, Cooldown Reduction, and Mana Cost Reduction stats.
    • Added a new Legendary Talent, Indestructible, that provides monster damage immunity for 4 seconds when dealt a fatal blow from a monster hit.
    • Added a Talent Point reward from the Paralyze Insignia quest in the Yielothax spawn.
  • Adjusted Power Shrine buffs.
    • Reduced the Mana Cost Reduction buff from 8% to 6%.
    • Reduced the Boss Damage from 10% to 5% and Damage Boss Reduction from 15% to 10%.
    • Reduced the combat type damage buffs from 10% to 5%.
    • Fixed the healing buff granting 10% healing instead of 5% despite the description saying 5%.
  • Adjusted values of spell damage altering charms.
    • Divine Caldera, Eternal Winter, Hell's Core, Bloodstrike, Fierce Berserk, Speedy Caldera, Supreme Divine Missile, Supreme Ethereal Spear, Ultimate Ethereal Spear: 10% => 5%
    • Energy Wave, Terra Wave, Soul Energy Wave, Soul Terra Wave: 15% => 10%
  • Removed Task Boss monster experience. The task bosses had inconsistent experience values, some granting very little experience poinmts, some granting excessive experience points. The experience reward part of the task should come from handing in the task itself and not further extend to the task bosses since it can already account for things like base monster experience, daily reward bonuses and such.
  • Adjusted how task experience reward multipliers are applied, fixing an issue with task experience reward bonuses granting excessive experience points for finishing tasks.
  • Adjusted the loot and task point cost of 1k+ task bosses.
  • Adjusted Power Shrine perks.
  • Adjusted Initiation Quest mobs.
  • Added Tier Set Upgrade Token reward for completing high level Cursed Chests.
  • Tier Set equipment will become bound to the character that upgraded the piece. The item ownership can be cleared using the Tier Set Reclaimer Tool for a fee. This addresses a loophole where players would farm tokens on multiple characters then move pieces around to upgrade them at an accelerated pace while still allowing for trading their pieces away for a fee.
  • Update the Home Decorator NPC to display the furniture package contents in the trade window.
  • Deprecate Renamer NPC in favor of Name Change Application item.
  • Adjusted damage type stats to apply damage bonuses to monsters only.
  • Removed the protection zone restriction from the Alchemy system.
  • Added Cooldown Reduction stat to Alchemy and Ring Crafting.
  • Added an item batch limit when redeeming reward chest rewards.
  • Added NPC Crystal that trades Opal for Premium House Decorations.
  • Added new stats to the Corruption system.

Patch History

For more details regarding changes since the start of last season, check out our latest patch notes:
» 19th December 2021 -
» 27th December 2021 -
» 6th January 2022 -
» 27th January 2022 -
» 6th February 2022 -
» 28th February 2022 -

Cyntara v14-s2

Winter has come again! Cyntara is back December 17, 2021 with the second season of v14.


Cyntara v14-s2 will feature a Talent system that allows players collect and allocate Talent Points and spend them in order to earn passive skills and abilities. Talents are split into four categories: Offensive, Defensive, Utility, and Legendary. Talent Points are awarded upon completion of any quest in Cyntara, including spawn quest chests. Talent Points awarded depend on the level and difficulty of the quest; a minimum of 1 Talent Point is awarded for low level quests, and a maximum of 3 Talent Points are awarded for higher level quests. Talent Points can only be used to unlock skills and abilities in the Offensive, Defensive, and Utility categories.
Further, end-game activities that reward Tier Set Upgrade Tokens will also grant Legendary Talent Experience. Upon obtaining 100 Legendary Talent Experience, players will be awarded 1 Legendary Talent Point and the Legendary Talent Experience counter will reset. Legendary Talent Points can be used to unlock Talents in the "Legendary" category.
Finally, it is possible to "Respec" your Talent Points in the event that you want to rework your Talents or if you want to try various combinations of talents. In order to "Respec" your Talent Points, you must first obtain Elixirs of Regret; Elixirs of Regret can be obtained from various mid-game and end-game activities.

Expanded Map View

Cyntara v14-s2 will sport a new Expanded Map View; this change brings a slight increase to the visible game area. All monsters/spectators/game features will respect the new Expanded Map View. For those of you that would prefer the old map view, you can toggle the option in the game client settings (Graphics -> Enable Classic Map View).
Keep in mind that enabling smaller view will still let other player and monsters still see you from a farther distance!

Dungeon Finder

Dungeons continue to be statistically the most popular features on Cyntara; in light of this, this winter will bring another quality-of-life improvement to the Dungeon experience - by adding a Dungeon Finder feature for non-Talisman dungeons!
Players will now be able to enter the Dungeon Finder queue anywhere by selection Community -> Dungeon Finder from the top menu (as long as you are not in combat, entering combat will automatically leave the queue).
Once a team is found, and every team member accepts the confirmation prompt, players will be teleported to a random non-Talisman dungeon.

Cursed Chests

Cursed Chests are a special type of loot container that can now be dropped by any monster in the world of Cyntara upon their death. A Cursed Chest is always dropped on the map near the corpse of the monster that was slain. The killer of the monster that dropped the Cursed Chest has 15 seconds to open it before it disappears. If the player is able to open the Cursed Chest, it will release its evil spirit and the chest will begin to spawn waves of monsters of a similar difficulty to the original monster slain. After a number of waves, the player that opened the Cursed Chest has a limited amount of time to kill the remaining monsters spawned by the Cursed Chest; if this player is successful in defeating every monster from the waves, they will be granted the reward of the Cursed Chest if they choose to open it again.
Drop chance is affected by:

    » Monster Level: The higher the monster's level, the higher the chance for it to drop a Cursed Chest.
    » The Player's Cursed Chest Find Bonus: Equipment pieces can yield increased Cursed Chest Find Bonus.
    » Monster Empowered/Infused Status: A monster that is Empowered or Infused will have a higher chance to drop a Cursed Chest.
The following criteria disqualifies a monster from dropping Cursed Chests:
    » Monsters below level 50.
    » Monsters flagged as bosses or summons.
    » Monsters that are not hostile toward players.
    » Monsters that are spawned artificially (ie. from a Cursed Chest, quests like Battle Tower, etc.)
    » A number of event-specific monsters.
    » The Player's Cursed Chest Find Bonus: Equipment pieces can yield increased Cursed Chest Find Bonus.
    » Monster Empowered/Infused Status: A monster that is Empowered or Infused will have a higher chance to drop a Cursed Chest.
Rewards from Cursed Chests are random and depend on the level of the Cursed Chest that is completed. It is also worth noting that a Cursed Chest can only be activated and therefore completed by the player that killed the monster that spawned it; this player's name is inscribed in the Cursed Chest to help prevent ambiguity. If, however, a Cursed Chest is completed by the player successfully and they do not open it within 60 seconds either intentionally or for other reasons, the Cursed Chest is then free to be opened by any player; it will not disappear once completed until it is opened.

Item Corruption

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy rewards from Cursed Chests are Corruption Shards. Corruption Shards can be combined together in order to create Corruption Orbs.
Corruption Orbs can be used on any inventory item (including infinite ammo and charms) to produce one of the following item modification outcomes:
    1. The item disappears.
    2. The item gets marked as corrupted and nothing happens.
    3. The item gets marked as corrupted and its stats get scrambled to significant values.
    4. The item gets marked as corrupted and receives additional 2 stats (or additional bonus values to existing stats).
Items marked as corrupted can no longer be corrupted again or be modified anymore through quality or enchants; this sets an item to its final state and is only recommended to be performed at your own risk.

Character Market

Cyntara is expanding on its successful Item Market from last season with a simple Character Market. Players will now be able to safely and securely sell their characters on the Character Market in exchange for Cyntara Coins. By Inspecting the offer, you will be able to see a general Overview of the character, as well as its current Inventory, Quests, Outfits, Mounts, and unlocked Cosmetics. In order to sell a character, the follow criteria must be met:
    » The character must be level 250 or higher.
    » The character must not be in a guild.
    » The character must not have any active item market offers.
    » The character must not have any active frags.
    » The character must not own a house.
    » The character must not be a staff character.
Purchasing a character will transfer Cyntara Coins from your account to the seller's account (minus a 3% fee) and automatically move the character onto your account once you have selected a new name for the character.

Further Quality-of-Life Changes
    Depot Search
      » The depot search functionality now allows searching for items based on their associated tags instead of names.
      » To search for items matching a tag, simply start the search with the @ sign followed by the tag name.
      » The full list of tags can be seen by hovering the [?] button next to the search field.
      » Additionally, depot search items will now display their stats on hover (for search results under certain result count threshold).
    In-Game Armory
      » The Armory that appears on the Cyntara website will now be available to players through the game client.
    Duration/Charges Display
      » Items with charges and duration will now display their charges and duration in place of item count.
    NPC Trade
      » The NPC Trade window has been completely overhauled.
      » The Buy tab now contains a search field and has convenience shortcuts for buying stacks of 100, 250 and 500 items of once.
      » The Sell tab now displays the total value of sold items and has an "autosell" option that will automatically sell all eligible items to the NPC when the NPC Trade window opens.
      » Added a new Autobuy tab that can be used to manage a list of item IDs and counts to automatically purchase when opening the NPC trade window.
      » The Sell Blacklist can now be managed from within the NPC Trade window instead of just item context menus.
    Loot Stack
      » Added a new context menu option, "Loot Stack". The option will automatically loot all corpses on a stack according to the Auto Looter exclusion/inclusion lists (or all items if neither is enabled).
      » Additionally, the built-in Auto Looter feature will now also use the Loot Stack option internally instead of opening corpses.
    Simple Locate House
      » Added a simple Locate House feature. After choosing the desired house, a familiar window with the guide arrow from Locate NPC feature will appear.

Minor Server Changes

» Added Achievement highscores.
» Added item popover icon when earning Achievement Points.
» The Sell-All Tool will now show the total stack count sold.
» Fixed an issue where the NPC Corrupted Priest would reward players with excessive experience points for turning in Essences of Dread.
» Adjusted the drop rate of the Essence of Dread item.
» Adjusted the drop rate of the Power Tab item from the boss: Minotaur Cult Leader.
» Distance weapons now all have uniform full-screen range.
» Adjusted the Rust Remover outcomes.
» Fixed an issue where blacklisted runes and spells could be used in the Nazi Zombies event.
» Fixed an issue with Legendary Warriors spawning at 89% health.
» Adjusted the prices of some store offers.
» Global Loot and Global Raid Boosts will now be disabled for 3 days since season start.
» Holiday event NPCs will now spawn without the need for a server restart.
» Adjusted the drop rate and Divination Card requirements for Starbringer-tier equipment pieces.
» Changed the duration of the World Boss events from 6 hours to 12 hours.
» Fixed an issue where players could end up being teleported to the World Ender timeout location hours after defeating the boss.
» Mortal Kombat changes:
    » Adjusted the experience rate upper-bounds.
    » Fixed an issue where the round timer would not reset when all mobs had been successfully killed in certain circumstances.
    » Added a feature for the event to automatically end if players are somehow removed from the Arena or if the players stop participating.
» Raid System improvements:
    » Lowered the required active players online from 50 to 15 for Orshabaal raid.
    » If a Global Raid Boost is active, the weight of player online count will be weighed less when considering whether to successfully start raids; this should help improve the value of the Global Raid Boost in the off-season.
    » Improved raids auto-cleanup functionality.
    » Added an auto-cleanup to most raids (between 1-12 hours depending on raid location, difficulty, and rarity).

Minor Client Changes

» Added an UI indicator for owned items.
» Adjusted the top menu icons.
» Fixed an issue with Inventory inspect window preserving old state between inspecting different players.
» Improved the UI tooltips.
» Improved the look of Text List elements in the Overview window.
» Fixed an issue with the "Smart Loot" option always being enabled regardless of the checkbox state.
» The client will now start maximized on first launch.
» Added spell name to Action Bar button tooltips (this will only apply to newly configured buttons).

Patch History

For more details regarding changes since the start of last season, check out our latest patch notes:
» 23rd September 2021 -
» 26th August 2021 -
» 20th August 2021 -
» 9th August 2021 -
» 6th August 2021 -
» 29th July 2021 -
» 4th July 2021 -
» 25th June 2021 -