Season of Rebirth - A New Frontier

Today's adventure was as exciting as the last. Unfortunately, I have not the time to document the journeys of the recent days… but this - I cannot keep to myself.

Of all the new lands I have traveled, the newest few I have discovered are unlike any other I have ever encountered. I have found three, but I am certain there are more. The first of the three appeared to be ruins of some sort. The scenery and plentiful waterfalls were a beautiful sight to behold.

Some of the wild life gave me a bit of trouble, but that was nothing compared to why I inevitably made haste of this place. After a few hours here, this place began to stir a kind of madness in my mind. I started hearing voices, I started shaking, feeling some irrational need to stay. At that point, I knew that I had to find some way out of this place… I climbed down some large branches and made my escape into a ravine which led me back to the entrance of this strange, strange place.

My thirst for adventure had not yet been quelled. I had soon discovered an abandoned cave of some sorts. It was serene and peaceful… until… well, the nature… It was alive!

I had never seen anything like it before! It was like the nature had come to life to attack me. I made a hasty retreat to a small pond and crossed it to a small, solitary island; the island bore a tree much like that of my home town. I'm not sure which thought came first - the thought that something must have been controlling the nature, or the thought that, whatever it was, might live in the ruins that lie before my eyes… Everything here can come to life - nothing is safe! This place was surely abandoned, save for one… monstrosity… for good reason! One sight of her had me gunning back to the pond.

My desire to explore these new lands, despite my close encounters, was uncanny. Turns out, it's not happenstance that I kept running into these new lands. These new lands have, almost meticulously, integrated into the world that you, and I are oh-so familiar with. The epiphany dawned on me as I stumbled upon what, at this point I had already known, was the entrance to yet another of these lands. Before my eyes stood yet another sacrificial stone, and yet another ominous lever. My hands shook as I unconsciously grabbed the lever, and I let pull.

I was no longer taken by surprise that the pull of the lever created an energy that engulfed my entire body and teleported it to somewhere completely new. But this time, I was shocked to find myself among the void. This was no place of nature.

There were walls, floors, I was in a place that was constructed… but, by what? For what purpose? Something or someone had to have built this lair. I had no choice, I could not retreat to the water this time; I followed the pathway in what felt like circles, to which I thought would never end. Was I lost? Was I in some sort of trap? The structure remained unchanged despite how far I traveled, yet the the demonic creatures I had been facing seemed to be dwindling.

After, what felt like an eternity, I reached the plateau. I found myself standing solitary in a large room, what I found brooding over me extinguished the fire from my heart.

I was looking straight into the eyes of a vengeful deity, and I had nowhere to run.

Season of Rebirth - Prelude

Spring is upon us, and it's to no surprise to any Cyntara veteran that when the news page of the Cyntara website goes radio silent for more than a few weeks that big plans are being made; this year is no exception to that rule! The Cyntara staff is excited to share the details of our future update plans with our players. But first, we would like to make a very special announcement:

We are incredibly excited to have invited Silence to be a full-time member of the Cyntara development team. Being a full-time member of the Cyntara development team, Silence now has full access to the entire Cyntara world map! We strongly believe that with his developer ability and creative prowess will benefit Cyntara's gameworld immensely from here on out!

Furthermore, as a testament to his commitment and his vision, we would like to congratulate Silence in his promotion to a Community Manager position! This is just the prelude to what we are prepared to share with our fans. Spring has brought the Cyntara staff a lot of change, planning, and restructuring.

What could summer bring?


New Home

In light of the consistent connection quality issues Cyntara was experiencing from our previous dedicated server provider, Cyntara has been migrated to a new dedicated server based in Europe. The connection quality issues were not limited to this dedicated server provider, but to the entire US backbone. With the server migration, we have also released Patch #6.

This marks a very interesting point in Cyntara's history. Cyntara has never been hosted in Europe, and we look forward to seeing some new faces from across the Atlantic. We are currently unsure whether or not we will keep Cyntara hosted in Europe for the rest of our course, or if this is a temporary move, or even the start of something else.

We appreciate all of your love and support over the last few weeks, and we look forward to bringing you guys some new content in the near future!

A month of Cyntara 9

Cyntara has come a long way in the past month since our ninth version has been released. First and foremost, the Cyntara Staff would like to thank you, the players, for your dedication, devotion, and support through this first month. We have had some setbacks, and we have had a lot of improvements. With this post, we would like to recap some of the biggest changes that have been made to Cyntara, and share some insight as to what we have in store for our players in the near future.

What have we seen in the past month?

In Patch #2 we introduced nearly two dozen bug fixes. Even more exciting, we introduced item information popovers - an awesome feature where you are able to read equipment information including which enchantments the item has on character pages. Players are able to check and see exactly what their friends and enemies will be packing when they are out adventuring.

Patch #3 not only brought another dozen bug fixes, but we hardened the server's security and backup mechanisms even further than before. We ran into a speed bump here, and many man hours were spent in customer support dealings and ensuring the server continue to operate as smoothly as possible. Our player's love for Cyntara shone bright and we made it through united.

Most recently, we released Patch #4, which brought major adjustments to Knights and Paladins; this change was especially crucial for beginning and low level Knights and Paladins, which were appearing to struggle in early gameplay. This patch also brought us the Cyntara Casino above the temple! Players are now able to gamble with Cyntara Coins in a variety of fun and unique games. For those addicted to the dice, there are multiple dice game NPCs; the Wheel of Fortune is perfect for players that love fancy effects; for those that love a bit of strategy, Blackjack is the perfect choice! As for any kind of gambling, be sure to leave the table while you've made a winning.

What would we like to see come in the next month?

The Cyntara Staff has been working on a lot of brand new content for players; behind the scenes, we have been been creating new maps, monsters, bosses, quests, and puzzles. Silence has graciously been contributing beautiful map work, while Diath has been putting a special focus on Bosses with AI.

Along with this new content, we will be putting a focus on repeatable quest-event hybrids - tentatively called Dungeons.

Players will be able to form teams to fight through a mapped area of unique creatures, often times solving a puzzle and reaching a final boss. The bosses will often-times sport some fancy AI with unique events and conditions. Dungeons will be available for all sorts of level ranges and party sizes, and will be repeatable with a variable cooldown. Dungeons will also provide a way for players to more easily earn valuables such as Cyntara Coins, Orbs of Enchantment, and Crystals of Enchantment.
The idea of dungeons is still in its infancy and likely to change a bit. Of course, in the initial release of these Dungeons there will be few options, we will always be able to add new dungeons in the future!

Finally, we are proud to announce that we will have our own Cyntara Banner posted on the OT server list. We have been blessed to receive a banner from Shiva Shadowsong to showcase Cyntara on the server list.

Of course, we have a lot of awesome stuff in store for Cyntara that we have chosen to keep our lips sealed about! Everything will be revealed in time!

Cyntara Discord Chat!

With the launch of Cyntara 9 being a little more than a week away, the Cyntara staff has re-evaluated how it stays in-touch with its players. The continued communication and connectivity of our community is one of Cyntara's strongest assets as a server; a lot of players have friends they met on Cyntara that they consider family.
In the past, we have utilized Ventrilo, Mumble, and Teamspeak; we have also utilized Kik to keep in-touch with players through our mobile devices for the last two years or so. Today, we're announcing a major change in how the staff will continue to communicate with its players.

We will be adopting an official Discord Chat for Cyntara.
You can join us at the link here.
or share our link! -

For those not familiar with the Discord app; Discord is a free-to-use Text AND Voice chat service targeted toward online gaming communities that can be used as a downloaded application OR used in a web browser! It's an effective alternate option for both TeamSpeak and Skype. For more information regarding Discord, we encourage you to take a look at their features page.

You can find information regarding the Cyntara Discord Chat on the Downloads page.

We look forward to hearing from you on Discord!