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This is official Cyntara client for Windows which is required to play on the server.


This is official Cyntara client for Linux which is required to play on the server.

* If you are not sure which version you should download then you are advised to use the 32-bit version.

Mirrors: If for some reason you cannot download from Mega you can alternatively try the Zippyshare mirrors.



Common Issues

Problem: I'm on Windows 10 and the client does not start.
Solution: You're most likely using an outdated version of the client, download the new version of the client and try again.

Problem: The client downloaded the patch but says it cannot start the patcher.
Solution: If you're on Windows 10, after the client downloads the patch and displays the error, try running the Patcher program manually once, when asked for permission to run the program, press "Allow". Once it's done one time, the patcher should then launch automatically.

Problem: The client doesn't start and displays an error that MSVCRT.dll is missing.
Solution: You're missing the Microsoft C++ Redistributable. You can download it from here.