Dungeon leaderboards reset with the Dungeon Talisman reset on Tuesday, 10:00 AM (server time).

Active Dungeon Mods
  • Sanguine - Monsters have a chance to spawn a magic field on death that will heal nearby monsters and deal damage to players.
  • Necrotic - Monsters use their melee attacks to apply a stacking healing debuff.
  • Tyrannical - Bosses have more health and deal increased damage.

Abandoned Morass Leaderboards
Rank Level Time Team Date
1. +8 00:24:14 Trentmoeller (Level 1026, Elite Knight), Pherus (Level 1169, Royal Paladin), Verurteilt (Level 721, Master Sorcerer) 08/16/18 09:44 AM
2. +5 00:18:04 Golsilver (Level 1275, Supreme Knight), Jhon (Level 1240, Elite Knight), Raknaro (Level 1094, Elder Druid) 08/14/18 06:34 PM