04 Apr 20 05:38 PM
  • Renamed Permanent Premium to Season Premium Pass to avoid confusion.
  • Knight damage contribution towards reward chest credit is now doubled.
  • Fist on a Stick and Scorpion Sceptre can now be obtained for taming purposes.
  • Fixed an issue with Goblin King displaying 50% experience boost bonus instead of 25% when contributing gold.
  • The Raids Global Boost broadcast message now displays the duration of the boost in line with other boosts.
  • Added extra checks to prevent people from claiming extra rewards in staff hosted events.
  • Staff hosted events can now have PvP explicitly disabled.
  • Paralyze Runes will now be preserved when players have infinite supplies (for instance inside of dungeons and war arena).
  • Adjusted Play Points functionality:
    • Play Points are now only awarded to players that are connected to the gameworld (not xlogged).
    • Play Points are now only awarded to a maximum of 4 characters per player.
    • Play Points rewards can now only be redeemed by players that are above 33% of top level.

Balance Changes:
  • Mages:
    • Decreased the weight of GMP from 40oz to 30oz.
    • Decreased the weight of UMP from 60oz to 45oz.
    • Death Wave damage decreased. It used to be better than TOT in PVP. It's now closer to DOT damage in PVP and has 2 soul cost in PVP
    • TOT is closer to the middle of DOT and FSR, FSR used to be way stronger than TOT.
    • FSR now does TOT damage in PVP. This should bring mage's damage output closer to RP damage.
    • Energy/Terra and their soul flavors now do more damage.
    • Mages will be able to survive longer with lighter potions.
  • Paladin:
    • Increased the weight of GSP from 60oz to 67.5oz.
    • Increased the weight of USP from 90oz to 100oz.
    • Increased the weight of UH from 1.6oz to 6.4oz.
    • Increased the weight of Curaga from 1.8oz to 7.2oz.
    • Swift Strike will be less devastating in the event that multiple bonus crits are proc'd. The soul cost has been raised, and the cooldown prevents it from being used as often.
    • The sustain on Paladins will be lowered with increased potion and rune weight.
  • Knight:
    • Increased the weight of UH from 1.6oz to 6.4oz.
    • Increased the weight of Curaga from 1.8oz to 7.2oz.
    • Blitz Berserk has been buffed. It has higher damage output than Annihilation but is damage over time. There's no reason Annihilation should be instant AND do more damage. It is an AoE spell though.
    • Annihilation has been buffed. Not as strong as it used to be (1.5x weaker) but still useful. It now costs 20 soul instead of 5(!).
    • Knight sustain will be very slightly decreased with increased rune weight.

04 Apr 20 05:42 PM
Great work Diath, always can count on you! Keep it up ; )


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