Cyntara - Forum - Hunting Spawns for Rebirthed Characters
Joe Fingz
06 Feb 21 09:43 AM
So I've been playing this server for a few weeks now, and to start, I love it! One thing that is starting to get frustrating is the inability to hunt with friends following a rebirth, and the fact that the only true "worth it" spawn are behe's and seacrest serpents. Everytime I rebirth, its a fight between 5-6 rebirthed characters who are trying to get to lvl 1000 as fast as they can to use the new spawns.

My suggestion: Once rebirthed, open up all spawns (below lvl 1000) to be available to hunt. This would open up the spawns for lower level players who either get killed by the RB player who wants the spawn, or who just cant put out the damage to contest the exp.

Reasoning: I created a knight to play with my druid friend. If I rebirth before him, I now can no longer block for him, and we cant share exp. If we could go to lycans/insectoids/seacrest/ together, it would open up Nightmares and Behe's for players who are working towards their first rebirth. I think this would open up a lot of options for a lot of players who get frustrated 1 shotting nightmares for 20 hours trying to get lvl 800 to go to seacrests.

Just my thoughts on it!

Joe Fingz

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