Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 4th Jul (2021)
04 Jul 21 08:06 AM
  • Item Market:
    • Added Item Market item to the depot locker to make it more accessible to new players.
    • Lowered the result limit.
    • Added pagination that can be used to browse through result pages.
    • Added Category and Vocation filters. Please note that only newly posted offers will have proper category and vocation assigned. Old offers will only show if the "Any" filters are selected regardless of the item type.
    • Removed the minimum character length limit.
    • Removed the "Recent" category, instead players can send an empty search query to find recent market offers.
    • The sales fee no longer applies for item sales below 100 Cyntara Coins or 5k Gold.
  • Monster Essences/Creature Products:
    • Monster Essence item description now explains its use.
    • Monsters killed in the Task System will now drop Monster Essence.
    • Tony Bloodhunter will now mention Monster Essence upon starting a conversation.
    • Increased the drop rate for Monster Essence from Prey Tasks.
  • Spells/Balance:
    • Removeed TOT/FSR debuff when used against players.
    • Doubled Paladin Range Scaling Bonus; Decrease Paladin Range Scaling Penalty by 33%.
    • Increaseed duration of Concentration, Blood Rage, and Sharpshooter from 1 minute to 5 minutes; increase Soul cost to 6; increase cooldown from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
    • Lowered the Intense Recovery spell level requirement.
    • Fixed Cleave cooldown and increase the buff duration.
  • Added Roc's Feather imbuement:
    • Players can regain formerly inaccessible extra rebirth capacity.
    • Roc's Feather will grant capacity at thresholds of 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 uses; once a threshold is met it is reset.
    • Roc's Feather can be obtained in exchange for 5 Event Points.
  • Adjusted Son of the Sun raid:
    • Decreased the chance to start.
    • Increased the cooldown.
    • Decreased Counterattack damage.
  • Using the Outfit Changer Voodoo Doll will now show a window with outfit selection instead of forcing players to cycle through 100s of outfits.
  • Added support for individual looktypes in the store and fixed mage/summoner mixup.
  • Removed Protection Zone restriction from the Sell-All Tool.
  • Fixed Depot Search allowing withdrawal of items belonging to another character.
  • Fixed Ring Crafting and Cursed Charms regen attributes.
  • Removed physical immunity from Phantasms and Queen of the Banshee.
  • Extended Explosive Dragon's loot table to include creature products.
  • Fixed an issue with Entrepreneur outfits not being granted properly.
  • Lowered required level for 'An Alternate Fate' quest from 1400 to 1200.

  • Removed the "Tools" top menu group in favor of individual buttons (the other groups remain unchanged).
  • Moved Look IDs from Auto Functions to Game Options and made them enabled by default.
  • Moved Reconnect from Auto Functions to Game Options and made it enabled by default.
  • Updated the bonus stamina minutes to match the server value.
  • Added Buffs tab to Auto Functions which will automatically cast selected buff spells.
  • Added EnableLooterInclusion(), DisableLooterInclusion(), ToggleLooterInclusion(), EnableLooterExclusion(), DisableLooterExclusion() and ToggleLooterExclusion() autoscript functions.
  • Added DropItem(itemId, count) autoscript function that can be used to drop an item on the ground. This function can only be used outside of Protection Zone while not engaged in player combat. The count argument is optional and omitting it will drop the entire stack of the first matching item.
  • Fixed highscores pagination not resetting when switching type and vocation filters.

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