07 Feb 22 04:16 PM
I think we all have positives and negatives about the game but there is something that most of us don't say to these people only when they see that they lose their money now they are interested in the server I have personally reported too many bugs that have not been fixed as well as reaching a high level and not knowing what else to do hopefully and this will serve as an experience for you to pay more attention to details and if not, I will be with you in the next season have a good day yes good friend jonny

10 Feb 22 07:18 PM
All bugs are added to a to-do list, but their priority is what determines what is and is not fixed in a timely manner. Some bugs may take days to diagnose then a week to apply a proper fix to. Not all bugs can be fixed within a few minutes and there is a lot more complexity behind the scenes regarding fixing bugs than you'd realize.

As for what you reported, in our system you have only reported a single bug through the appropriate channels. It was regarding the hourly events not giving points, which was eventually fixed.

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