27 Jun 22 04:40 PM
  • Fixed "Damage vs. <Race>" stats not taking talents into account (visual bug).
  • Fixed Cursed Chest tier set token reward not tracking properly (visual bug).
  • Cursed Chests will no longer grant double experience rewards to players claiming the chest rewards when playing in a party.
  • Removed experience point rewards from the remaining task bosses.
  • Fixed an issue where mining ores would sometimes fail to fully mine and not respawn afterwards.
  • Fixed Void Realms talent not applying the level bonus.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dragon Hatchlings spawn not working properly.
  • Added a new Level 1600 quest - The Condemned Mine.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs displaying rings and amulets with charges in the sell list even when players did not have any of the items in their inventory.

  • Added new Bank interface that can be accessed either through the Character top menu, the Gold balance under the inventory, or through Banker Wreckx.
  • Added new Boosts interface that displays the status of all Global Boosts.
  • Searching addons in the Addon Master interface will now also match outfits based on the item names and not just outfit names.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Display item IDs when looking at items" wouldn't display Item IDs in tooltips sometimes.
  • Updated the Store transfer window to use the same interface as the new Bank transfer window.
  • Updated the Item Market UI:
    • Added improved currency icons.
    • Entering the market will now display most recent listing by default.
    • Added total price display in the offer listing.
    • Added total count buyout price in the count preview.
  • Hovering items in the Game Guide will now display their tooltips and stats.
  • Updated the Spellbook interface, adjusted the categories, and added Conjure spell category.

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