17 Jul 22 01:59 PM
  • The bosses in the Shaper encounter will now scale their health and healing based on the remaining player count after each boss.
  • Changed the damage type of some abilities in the Eye of the Jailer encounter.
  • Added reward chest loot for defeating the Eye of the Jailer.
  • Fixed an issue with the Waves/Beams legendary talent provided a 10x higher damage increase to Energy and Terra wave spells than intended.
  • Increased the Waves/Beams damage scaling from 5% per rank to 20% per rank.
  • Slightly increased magic level scaling for SD, DOT, TOT and Final Showdown runes.
  • The Final Showdown rune will now also better scale with player level.
  • Improved how the Reward Chest generates the Reward Container, stackable item rewards will now be merged into bigger stacks instead of being scattered around containers.
  • Reduced the cooldown of the !gc (/guildcast) command and added an extra message in the Default chat.
  • Cyntara Coins obtained in the Treasure Vault will now be sent to inbox if a player cannot carry the coins.
  • Fixed an issue with the Corruption stat pool not always containing all stats available for an item in rare circumstances.
  • The Ring of Ending now can be corrupted.
  • It is now possible to sell items such as Divination Cards and Enchantment Crystals on the Item Market. Keep in mind that unlike normal stackable item offers, these will create new offers for each item, instead of auto merging with existing offers.
  • The Bonelord Shield is now obtainable again.
  • Removed obsolete Elixir of Regret drop from Cursed Chests.
  • Energy Bars can now be used to restore stamina even at full satiety level.
  • Fixed Critical Hit records not being tracked properly.
  • Item tooltip headers will now contain special tag for Addon and Creature Product items.
  • Opening supply boxes (rewards for leveling up) no longer requires players to be in Protection Zone.
  • Released the reserved player names from the previous season.
  • Cyntara Coins transferred via the Bank Interface will now also show up in the Store Transfer history.
  • Removed spell words from runes that cannot be conjured.
  • Added a potential workaround for players not being able to drop owned items into depot sometimes.
  • Added missing items to Tony Bloodhunter's ring craft ingredients list.
  • Added additional ingredients requirements to Recovery Ring craft.
  • Adjusted Dungeon Token Trader prices.
  • Added basic mana leech to a majority of low and medium level mage items which should help with mana sustain during leveling.
  • Adjusted the required kills to completing a number of Prey Tasks.
  • Most melee and boss monsters will no longer run away at low health.
  • Adjusted the Rascacoon, Servant Golem and Quara spawn monsters.
  • Added a new Tasks channel where Task and Prey Tasks message will go instead of the Default chat tab.
  • Added a potential workaround for players retaining MK immortality when the MK event bugs out.

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