Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 22th Jul (2022)
22 Jul 22 07:17 PM
  • Magic Wall, Barrier and Wild Growth runes now apply their cooldown even when they fail to cast.
  • Fixed an issue where single target runes would attack every target on a stack.
  • Elemental variants of SD runes now also benefit from the Double SD talent.
  • The Extra Swing, Extra Draw and Double Strike talents now only work on monster targets.
  • Paladins range scaling bonus no longer applies in PvP (the scaling penalty still applies though).
  • Added Bottle of Demonic Acid item that can be used to sacrifice Starbringer, High Noble and Kyanite items for their respective Divination Cards (5 cards per item, 3 for corrupted items).
  • Players can no longer gain experience points while template levels (such as in events or war arena) are applied.
  • It is no longer possible to sell charms inside of the Charm Container on the Item Market.
  • Enchantment Crystal tooltips/descriptions now display the list of possible outcomes.
  • Added exhaust to the !artifact command.
  • Expanded/duplicated the floors of the following spawns: Demonborn Valley, Flying Books, Blighted Grotto and Catacombs.

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