13 Aug 22 12:42 PM
  • Adjusted the World Bosses:
    • World Bosses will now spawn twice a day at 7 PM EU time and 7 PM US time. Both kills will reward the World with global experience bonus however the Reward Chest loot and the Tier Set Upgrade Token can only be looted once.
    • Improved the visuals of Eye of the Jailer's attacks.
    • All World Bosses now have higher melee damage, a melee mana drain attack, a significant addition to physical resistance and use the Boss Enrage Timer mechanic.
  • Updated the Mirror Item:
    • It is now possible to mirror all items classified as "inventory" (this primarily adds support for mirroring charms).
    • It is no longer possible to mirror copied items, only the original items can be mirrored.
  • Added new mounts and outfits.
  • Added Mining Ores, Shrines and Treasure Hoarders to the extended spawns from the last patch.
  • Reduced the weekly Mining Ores quest requirement from 250 to 50 ores.
  • Magic Wall and Wild Growth runes can no longer be cast into PZ from outside PZ.
  • Fixed the Energy Drink and Energy Bar items not working properly past 42 hours of stamina.
  • It is no longer possible to corrupt items on the ground.
  • Added Null Realm progress information to the !void command.
  • The Sun Catcher will now properly consume the used piece when assembling the Shining Sun Catcher.
  • Characters purchased on the Character Market now cannot be posted again on the Character Market for 7 days after the purchase.
  • Mana Leech is now capped to 10% for mages against player targets.
  • Increased the base PvP resist cap from 15% to 18% for paladins.
  • Increased the base PvP resist cap from 25% to 28% for knights.
  • It is now possible to automatically transform Unstable Ring of Ending into Ring of Ending in the event that the server goes down while in the process of upgrading the ring.
  • Adjusted the Tunnel Tyrant health.
  • Fixed an issue with Catacombs mystery quest entry door where the door could transform past its open state.
  • Fixed Eye of the Jailer Tier Set Token not resetting weekly.

  • Dummy creatures will no longer display their health percent next to the health bar even with the option enabled.
  • Opening the Character Market window will now automatically submit the initial search query.
  • Fixed Cyntara Coin balance change display in the Store History window.

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