27 Dec 22 12:41 AM
  • Fixed items with charges (such as SSA or Might Rings) coming with 1 charge when bought off the Item Market.
  • Fixed the God's Wrath spell having 5 second cooldown.
  • Fixed the base Critical Damage being 5% instead of 50%.
  • Fixed Leech and Crit shrines providing lower values than intended.
  • Fixed Leech and Crit corruptions providing lower values than intended.
  • Reduced the price of storing item enchantments.
  • Fixed bonus Alchemy elixirs not stacking properly with base elixirs.
  • Fixed Enchantment Crystals looted from monsters not stacking properly with Enchantment Crystals obtained from other sources.
  • Adjusted raid monster difficulty.
  • Added Elemental Damage stat to Inspect and Advanced Stats.
  • Casting Magic Wall and Wild Growth runes now adds in-fight status (prevents logging out).
  • Fixed missing Block Chance and Block Reduction from item enchantment description (visual bug).
  • Cursed Chests will now spawn on player position if they would otherwise have spawned in an unreachable position.
  • Fixed certain Normal Tier enchantments providing higher value than their Grand and Ultimate counterparts.
  • Fixed mana bars not showing for other players when they first appear on the screen.
  • Removed bonus experience message spam when killing Bestiary monsters.
  • Finishing dungeons no longer resets player cooldowns.
  • Adjusted the Healing Totem spell:
    • The Totem will now always first attempt to spawn in front of the player before trying other available positions.
    • The Totem can now heal friendly summons.
    • The Totem will now also heal one lowest-health friendly target on the screen in addition to the AoE heal.
  • Cursed Grove:
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to not gain or lose experience points after finishing a Cursed Grove run.
    • Fixed Cursed Tokens not being removed upon entering the Cursed Grove.
    • Added rare monster drops to Cursed Grove rewards.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Auto Looter to crash the client under certain circumstances.
  • Removed the default Shift+B keybind to toggle the Bestiary feature in Chat On mode, existing keybind that gets in the way of typing can be cleared in the Keybinds options.
  • Enchanting Interface improvements:
    • The list of possible enchanting outcomes is no longer focusable to prevent confusion that they can be chosen instead of being random.
    • Added a label indicating that the enchanting outcomes are random.
    • The selected Tier and Type will be automatically selected again after enchanting an item.
    • Added a label with the previous enchanting result information display to the window.
  • Fixed the scaling label in the Cursed Grove window being cut off.
  • Pressing "Leave" and then "No" in the Cursed Grove window will no longer erase current grove information from the window.

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