Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 3rd Oct
03 Oct 20 07:44 AM
  • Increased item stack size limit from 100 to 255. This is an experimental change, please report any issues regarding item stacks you find through Discord or the forums. In the future, we will look into increasing this limit further however it requires another set of changes to the server and the client and we want to tackle this issue incrementally.
  • Experimental: Life and mana leech now applies a quick life and mana regeneration over 3 seconds instead of adding life and mana instantly. Players can now have a maximum of three leech instances active at a time. A 4th damage source within the 3 second window will override the first active leech.
  • Reworked how a number of texts are handled internally, this affects things like look messages, item tooltips and such. If you notice any issues with how text is displayed please let us know.
  • Maximum artifact spell rank notification will now only display only once per session.
  • The World Ender and the Shaper events will now respawn if the server was restarted while they were spawned.
  • Fixed item tooltip stats description not taking item quality into account for skill values (this was a visual bug).
  • Added protection zone requirement to parcel talkaction. Increase exhaust to 60 seconds.
  • Improved how the Tyransict boss battle is handled to address a number of issues with the fight.
  • Frag penalty death protection no longer applies to rebirthed characters.
  • Improved how the Special Beam Cannon spell checks for target tiles.
  • Added action progress bar to the Special Beam Cannon spell.
  • Modifying items via enchanting, chisels and artifact infusion will now send an updated tooltip to the client.
  • Added the Portable Task Device item to the Cyntara Store. This item can be used to bring up the Task and Prey Task windows anywhere in the game.
  • Fixed a typo in the Assassin raid in Edron.
  • Added !passleader command that allows players to pass the guild ownership to another player.
  • Added temple idle check, players that are idle for too long on the temple tile (i.e. after dying while botting) will now be sent to the training area.
  • Removed the cooldown from the Renamer NPC in favor of storing the entire nick history.
  • Adjusted the crit damage for Amethyst Palladium and Demolisher armors to match that of Battlemage.
  • Added inactivity timeout to the Shaper fight similar to the system found in dungeons.

  • Add a workaround for client desync issue.
  • Race indicators are now smaller and displayed next to the monster name.
  • Added an option to display health percent next to the monster and player names.
  • Added an option to disable rendering of higher mapview floors.
  • Fixed an error with auto targeting reachable filter.
  • Fixed an issue with walker import and export functionality not working properly for script waypoints.
  • Added an option to automatically switch to Chat Off mode after sending a message.
  • Added an option to display monster and player health percent in the battle list.
  • Auto edit forms now reset when changing presets.
  • Auto edit forms now reset when deleting the last entry.
  • Reworked ring refiller into a combo box
  • Added saving to auto refiller.
  • Added saving to battle list filters.
  • Added an option to display a colored circle around the mouse cursor.
  • Added a transparency slider for resource arcs.
  • Auto presets are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Added onscreen buttons to toggle side panels and an option for an extra left side panel
  • Added player inventory to player inspect.
  • Removed removed spells from the spell list.
  • Fixed minimap tiles with walking creatures being reset under some circumstances.

  • Added Top Deaths page. Please keep in mind that due to technical reasons it does not currently contain the highscores from the entire season. It will start aggregating data correctly starting from the next season onward.
  • Remaining refunds will now only display if there are any coins to be refunded to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed an issue with house pages not loading properly when a house owner was deleted.
  • Fixed an error when posting certain tags on the forums.
  • Removed country flags from the event leaderboards.

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