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06/20/18 03:46 AM
Due to unforeseen circumstances the client update won't be able to apply automatically. Please redownload the client from the downloads page.

  • Reworded a misleading button label in the Tasks Window.
  • Increased the chance to successfully add enchantment slots with Orbs of Enchantment.
  • Fixed an issue where some items couldn't be properly used to infuse the Artifact Weapons.
  • The Artifact Weapon infusion description will now display the damage bonus. Keep in mind that people that have already had their artifacts infused may see double information - this will go away once you infuse again or your artifact levels up.
  • Fixed an issue where players using the built-in proxy would have in-game IP restrictions imposed on them.
  • Added !balance command which can be used to check your bank balance.
  • Lowered the cooldown of the Mana Burn spell.
  • Adjusted the level requirement of the Heal Friend spell.
  • Unstable Energy Arrows have been removed, instead we have added Diamond Arrows which deal consistent physical damage. The Unstable Energy Arrows made paladins extremely strong in mage spawns where there are monsters that are severely weak against energy damage.
  • Fixed Mummified Merchant NPC trade line to display what he properly trades for now.
  • Fixed all instances of the Loot Trader NPC item names mismatching.
  • Medicine Pouches can now be traded to The Wise Man in the main city.
  • Dwarf Geomancers damage decreased.
  • Copper Ring now gives the displayed stats when equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Royal Guard Armor did not display the required vocation to equip.
  • Added Greenwood Coat and Dragon Robe to the Loot Trader NPC.
  • The Wise Man NPC now responds to invalid keywords.
  • Increased the damage of Death Wave.
  • Lowered the mana required to conjure bolts from 1500 to 600.
  • Fixed the level requirement to wield the Warhawk Axe.
  • Fixed an issue with the Enchantment Vessel not working properly.
  • Fixed the artifact level requirement of the Thunder Storm spell.
  • Fixed the sword reward from the first tier of Last Creep Standing.
  • Fixed missing attack attributes for Crude Umbral Bow and Crude Umbral Crossbow.
  • Fixed Alchemy 101 Quest Reward (players should now be able to re-open the chest as well).
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to exit the Tutorial Island through the east teleport at the first spawn point if they were the required level to leave.
  • The Amulet of Loss that players start with will no longer have 1 empty enchantment slot.
  • Decreased the number of dwarves in the middle room of the Mine Cart Carnage quest.
  • Increased the number and respawn rate of Dragons in the Dragons spawn.
  • Fixed an issue where the Last Creep Standing quest did not give players a goblet for the "Dreadful" difficulty.
  • Add a highest level player requirement to many bosses/raids. For example, the "Mindfk" raid will not start if no players are level 1,400 yet (level required to enter the boss spawns in).
  • Replaced Molten Plate with Green Leggings as a reward for one of the difficulties of the Challenge Room.
  • Fixed an issue where the Enchantment Vessel did not properly transfer over the enchantment.
  • Fixed an issue where stats could stack in the Charm Bag.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the magic wall removal logic that caused the magic walls to not disappear under certain circumstances.
  • Re-enabled the Retro Field Effects Store offer.
  • Fixed an issue where the Demon Altar would not give players a Golden Key.
  • Fixed an issue where players under certain circumstances were not allowed to open the Annihilator quest chests.
  • Fixed the names of Cyntara shrines.
  • Added a teleport near the bridge in the Wrath of the Emperor quest that allows players re-entry to the castle if they have completed the 4 lever challenge at least once.
  • Adjusted a lot of the later-game weapon progression. Players should no longer receive quest rewards that are a higher level than the quest entry level requirement. Reworked the stats of a lot of the later-game weapons and introduced 10 new weapons; these changes also enable players to obtain the top-tier non-Artifact weapons. These changes also required us to add an additional quest inside Ferumbras Tower.
  • Adjusted the level requirements of the following items: Crown Armor, Focus Cape, Belted Cape, Spellbook of Enlightenment, Steel Crusher, Bronzed Mace, Plate Legs, Warhawk Axe, Arbalest, and Dwarven Axe.
  • Decreased the level requirement to enter the following spawns: Cyclops, Dragons, Crazed Beggars, Squirrels, Priestesses, Giant Spiders, Ice Golems and Djinns.
  • The difficulty of the following monsters has been decreased: Dwarf Geomancer, The Noxious Spawn, Deathstrike, Adept of the Cult, Lensine, Armadile, Hideous Fungus, Humongous Fungus, Stone Devourer.
  • Fixed an issue where Knights were allowed to equip charms that provided >2 magic levels.
  • Fixed an issue where certain items could not have enchantment slots added to them; all equipment and weapons should be properly indexed now.

  • Increased the chat history limit.
  • You can now use the Space button and the CTRL+Space buttons to select the next and previous target respectively. This feature works only when the chat is disabled (chat off mode). The targetting will follow the battle list order. If you want this feature to only target monsters you will have to hide everything but monsters in the battle list filters.
  • Fixed the advertisement keyword watcher not adjusting its height when stretching the chat panel.
  • Changing the NPC Trade window offer will now reset the amount slider.
  • Adjusted the spacing between creature entries in the battle window.
  • Closing a chat tab will now focus the next tab instead of the previous one unless closing the last tab.
  • Fixed the auto looter trying to loot the depot and inbox boxes.
  • The mana burn auto function will now keep retrying to cast Exevo Vita if the player is exhausted.
  • Added options to open containers and trade in the extra right panel.
  • Fixed some icons not displaying properly in the main menu activity window.
  • Fixed the fishing skill not displaying in the skills menu.
  • Added diamond arrows to ammo refiller.
  • Text edits (such books, house list etc) will now automatically place the text cursor at the end when opened.
  • Multiline text edits can now be navigated vertically with the up and down arrow keys.
  • Clicking the currently selected chat tab will now scroll it to the bottom.
  • Fixed the prey tracker not clearing the tier label when completing a prey task.
  • Private messages will now be properly queued on the screen (similar to broadcast and advance messages).
  • Fixed an issue where the Space key would randomly switch between chat on/off mode.
  • Moved some interface options to a new HUD tab to avoid clutter.
  • Fixed the bug reporting feature.

  • Fixed an issue where PayPal did not deliver Cyntara Coins to accounts automatically.
  • Added missing Dungeons from the Dungeon Highscores.
  • Updated Server Information page

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