08/22/18 08:14 AM
Hi everyone

I've been to the 'secret draken lair' and finally managed to pull the 4 levers in the different towers.
When I did that, I went down to the bridge to try and enter the portal. When I did, it said: "You must cross this bridge by pulling all 4 levers before you are able to use this portal."

I think there is a bug here, since I did pull the 4 levers. It took me some time and I even died 3 times while trying, but finally managed to pull all 4 levers in one run.
Could you guys look into this?

If I am doing something wrong and this is not a bug, please let me know!


08/22/18 06:54 PM
The levers have a timer with each one. You likely weren't able to click on all 4 before the first one you clicked on expired. That area is also the Wrath of the Emperor quest.

08/22/18 09:30 PM
PS; it is literally impossible to pull the levers solo and still make it accross the bridge, you need two people.

Also wrath is probably the hardest quest so you're gunna need quite a large team good luck!

08/23/18 01:21 AM
i haven't done it yet lol

Peace be with you :)

08/24/18 11:47 AM
Oh ok. Thanks for the info guys!

Maybe it would be nice to have a little info about this somewhere? Like if you pull a lever it would say "Lever activated for 30 seconds." or something.

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