02/28/19 12:25 PM
First i'll start off my saying I've not hunted every spawn so ill leave those out since I can't have a fair opinion on them.

The first few spawns all sorta have the same issue

Rotworms, Elves, Coryms, Terror Birds, Dragon Gatchlings, and Dwarves;
These spawns all have the same issue, By the time you get into the "good" part of the spawn you're already over leveled for the area and have to turn around and leave. It takes only a hand full of these monsters to be over leveled so why we need so many spawns that you only have to kill a handful of monsters is just silly. We should realistically only have 1 or 2 of these types of spawns.

This spawns is insanely large with a nice amount of monsters…Just the monsters don't give dick for exp and the layout of the spawn is incredibly confusing. Its super easy to get lost in there if not for the task or the addons this spawn would be entirely unused.

Pretty nice spawn except for the behemoths that have tricked wayyyy too many new players into being insta headshot. Being smacked down that early in your Cyntara career by something that even I'd say is bullshit is kinda just unfun and kind of a turn off

This spawn is just wayyyyy too spread out with an absolutely terrible spawn rate and just exp that isn't really worth

lancer beetles;
Slow moving floor, monsters that go invisible and give pretty meh exp with too much hp. No thanks

Spawn is terribly confusing to even navigate, spawn is pretty sparse on monsters and the exp is awful awful

Quite a good spawn as it stands the red skull squirrels kinda ruined it most of the time but i heard that's been fixed. Just could do with a few more squirrels on the mountains.

Crazed beggars;
Nice exp but needs better spawn rate and density to really go hard in this spawn

Giant spiders;
Quite a nice spawn for knights just needs to be bigger as it stands there's really only 1 good spot to hunt in this spawn and its really a single person place.

Ice Golems;
Exp is meh, too much hp and a bit of a confusing spawn (also needs more density of monsters)

Needs a much much faster respawn but other than that it is an amazing spawn good exp low hp no risk of death (drunks gay tho but w.e)

Dragon Lords;
Shit layout of a spawn not really fluid to hunt here and just all around bad exp

Servant Golems;
Have a bit too much hp difference between the types of golems so you get stuck at low levels trying to kill the harder ones for ages only to realize u get a nominal amount more of exp

Sea Searpents;
Probably the single worst map on the server. Takes absolutely ages to get into the "good" part of the spawn and once you're there its horribly confusing on how to get down into the pit, plus you're always slowed cause the under water which is cancer, there's no nice loop to walk so its not fluid at all and there's not very many serpents. exp is pretty meh too.

Fire devils;
Super good spawn for exp to risk ratio

Not a bad spawn could do with a better respawn but all around quite nice. Could also add more heroes upstairs since its a massively unused part of the spawn.

Really nice spawn just a shame they run away at light speed when they're low and u cant really chase at low levels in the spawn so hunting there is kinda cancer

Crystal spiders;
They do wayyy too much damage for the exp, the spawn is horribly confusing and the density is bad.

To sum up the low level spawns;

The monsters need to not run away so much, get rid of annoying mechanics like para spam, drunk spam, and mana drain spam for low level spawns so you don't annoy the new players into quitting. These mechanics are meant to create a challenge but learning a new server is already challenging enough.

More monsters need to fight to the death instead of all running away at light speed. Its not fair a monster gets to walk faster than us. If our speed cap is 750 theirs should be 500 lol

Also there's no real "team hunting" low level spawns the closest you can get is behemoths and crystal spiders but even that's kinda shit. This server seems to punish playing together with friends early on but then also punishes you later on in quests for NOT playing with friends

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