28 Feb 19 12:51 PM
A continuation from the other thread;

Royal minions;
Spawn is nice good exp and density could do with a better respawn though since 1-2 people can easily max the spawn.

Serpent spawns;
Monster gives pretty meh exp considering you have to kill them 1 by 1 with a wave no less. Make them weaker to fire so you can ue them and it should make the spawn pretty useable.

Other than the fact walking underwater is cancer this spawn is actually pretty nice exp.

Cancer monster in a cancer slow moving tiled map.

Black knight bosses;
Confusing spawn, not fluid to hunt and kinda hits hard for their level

The message when you walk in tells you to hunt as a team but like they give so little exp you'd be a fool to hunt there not solo.

Pyro imps;
Insane spawn, great exp, pretty low chance of death, quick respawn amazing density good for every vocation

Horribly confusing spawn to hunt in not fluid at all, mana drain out the asshole which is just annoying to deal with for any vocation. Nice exp though

White knights;
Theres hardly any white knights in the spawn, exp is slow, spawn rate is pretty meh and they hit kinda hard. The best part of the spawn is upstairs but the white warlord kinda ruins it he hurts

Quite a nice spawn to hunt tbh nice exp nice density and nice loot. Except they heal wayyyy too much and do a tad bit too much damage.

Access to get here isn't too bad but the mana drain spam is a bit much. Monsters shouldn't get to keep you at zero mana permanently. If you get surrounded by 3-4 golems which is easy say rip to your mana bar. Nice exp though and spawn rate and density. This monster also shouldn't be immune to magical damage types

Demon sprouts;
Shouldn't be immune to magical damage, drunk spam is pretty cancer its literally non stop drunk spam plus they keep distance exp used to be good but then got nerfed into the ground.

Density is lacking hard, quite nice exp, elder wyrms shouldn't be level 800 by the time ur 800 they arent considered good exp anymore. Also these monsters are INSANELY quick and should not run in low health. Also the spawn is really awkward to hunt since you constantly have to back track Also the spawn rate is really really bad whihc makes the back tracking that much worse

Nice spawn nice exp shit mana drain spam

Mutated toads;
One of the best spawns in the game if you're solo hunting. Quite expensive to hunt here but its worth every penny great density amazing exp

Abyss necros;
one of those spawns you can't really solo hunt and if you go with a friend you both get so little exp its almost not worth. Henches also hit too hard and necros heal too much

Walls quite a nice place for exp and money even with a friend

Quite a nice spawn but they just hit a tad hard and shouldn't run

Demi liches;
Monster has insane melee damage combined with their bone beasts yet the only way to kill them is to wave them. Kinda cancer spawn exp not worth even close

Nice a bit hard and needs more density but the spawn rate and exp is really really nice

Mana drain, Hit too hard and have WAYY too much hp and since you generally don't solo demons they need to give way more exp so its worth sharing there

Legendary warriors
Another spawn that you need to team hunt yet gives trash tier exp tight spawn with GIANT mana drain aoe mages get dicked here its not even close to worth going here because of the mana drain and trash exp. Also drunk spam and they run in red. Needs massive improvements to bring them back to their prime

Mad mages;
Similar problems to LWs, too much mana drain aoe hit too hard and the exp is ass tier since you're kinda forced to share there

Quite nice exp but they hit a tad hard and the spawn is a bit small.

Ice miners;
Literally in the top 3 for worst spawns; The monsters hit WAYYY too hard, have a ton of HP and are all around pretty trash exp.

Mind flayers;
Quite nice spawn well rounded good exp, good loot, nice spawn rate and density and pretty low chance of death

Needs better spawn rate

Meant to be a new "team hunt" area except its shit exp even as a solo mage (which can easily solo the spawn) insane insane loot super quick money, GIANT spawn and has massive potential if only it gave good exp

Again all around these spawns are really all "team" spawns that are better to hunt solo and even the ones you can't solo its worth not hunting there and pretending they don't exist. Team spawns need to give MUCH more exp.

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