10 Aug 19 07:38 AM
  • Added new tasks: Ancient Scarabs, Lava Dragons, Crystal Dragons, Infernal Battlemages, Ogres, Insectoids.
  • Increased the monster density of the following spawns: Cultists, Dragon Hatchlings, Ice Golems, Elves, Dragons, Servant Golems, Hydras.
  • Adjusted the stats of the following monsters: Forest Fury, Blue Djinn, Green Djinn, Wisp.
  • Updated the !online command to include vocation abbreviation next to the player level.
  • Updated the wares of the Food Merchant, Tool Vendor and Home Decorator NPCs.
  • Adjusted the error messages for Raid Levers and Mind Flayer Levers to more accurately describe why a raid could not be started.
  • Players will now be able to swap their equipped Artifact Shield if the other hand is free or if the one handed weapon from the other hand can be relocated to the main backpack.
  • Removed the initial 50% experience rate penalty from Rebirth. The penalty is now linear 5% per Rebirth, capping at 50% (down from 95% penalty).
  • Fixed an issue with Speedy Caldera applying PvP exhaust regardless of party and guild status.
  • Fixed eggs.
  • Updated the Terror Birds rewards.
  • Fixed a few instances of Void Invader portals being inaccessible.
  • Added a global skills boost.
  • Fixed an issue with dungeon runtime logging factoring in the death penalties in leaderboards.
  • Fixed an issue with Jinx fight rewards when repeating the quest.
  • Added base armor stats to a lot of amulets and rings for the purpose of improving the quality.
  • Fixed an issue with Mastermind Potion not working properly.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Old Dragonlord NPC.

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