31 Aug 19 06:03 AM
  • Increased spawn density of dwarf guards in the dwarf spawn.
  • Increased spawn density and respawn rate of swamp lords.
  • Increased the spawn density and respawn rate of Ghastly Dragons.
  • Greatly increased the spawn density of Seacrest Serpents in the lower level of their spawn.
  • Expanded the Servant Golems map to include a higher number of Golden and Diamond Servants.
  • Increased the respawn rate of the Demonborn Valley monsters.
  • Moved the experience reward for the last mission of the Spectral Awakening from the boss to the daily chest and increased the exp amount from the chest.
  • Updated the beginner map marks.
  • The levers in the Dragon's Den quest will now cycle through a predetermined order.
  • Increased the Insectoids task kill requirement from 100 to 200.
  • Updated the description of the Broken Pendant.
  • Crystal Arrow can now have slots added using the Orb of Enchantment.
  • Added descriptions to a lot of store offers.
  • Updated the difficulty and experience of Banshees and Vampire Brides.
  • Added old donor sets with minor adjustments to the store. This is experimental and subject to change.

Winter Soldier
31 Aug 19 07:28 AM
Like hype¬°!

im the only one ! , el unico

31 Aug 19 12:53 PM
I am actually ok with Donor Sets being implemented half way through the season. Not so much if it was there at the beginning. Gives people the chance to pay to catch up rather than pay to win.

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