06 Oct 19 02:55 PM
  • The Server Log will now display the damage type for damage messages helping players decide which resistances they should use against certain monsters.
  • Player deaths inside of dungeons will now count towards the Kill Stats feature.
  • Adjusted the drop rates for Golem Parts, Sacred Earth and Trapped Lightning.
  • Faygo Vendor will no longer heal players.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tower Defense minigame.
  • Artifact Infusion will no longer require quest completion when 3 weeks have passed since season start.
  • Updated the addon items drop table to ensure that addon item drops are not exclusive to certain vocations:
    • Haunted Piece of Wood: Leaf Spirit, Rustled Leaf Spirit, Tree Spirit (increased drop rate), The Ancient Treeling.
    • Piece of Swampling Wood: Humungous Fungus, Hideous Fungus, Bog Spirit (increased drop rate), The Ancient Treeling.
    • Ape Fur: Bear Cavalry, Ogre Brute, Ogre Savage.
    • Black Hood: Dark Torturer, Executioner.
    • Wyrm Scale: Yielothax, Emberbreath, Dragonkin.
    • Skull Belt: Occultist, Flesh Flay, Blood Extraction, Marrow Rend.
    • Undead Heart: Walker, Occultist, Cavern Wraith, Flesh Flay, Blood Extraction, Marrow Rend.
    • Holy Token: Animated Sphinx, Heart of the Phoenix, Spirit of the Phoenix, Holy Rider.
    • Book of Knowledge: Vile Pixie, Howling Twister.
    • Wrinkled Azure Robe: Enlightened of the Cult, Blue Djinn, Marid.
    • Gilded Helmet: Animated Ashes.
    • Slime Heart: A few additional, undisclosed, bosses.
    • Mage Cloak: An undisclosed boss.
    • Stimulated Brain: An undisclosed boss.
  • Added a new quest - the Mortal Combat. The quest requires level 500 and 3x Beastslayer Certificate to enter (reward from the Beastslayer Arena: Deity). The quest requires two players and involves waves of Cyntara bosses spawned randomly. Finishing the waves or dying will reward players with boss specific items where the chance is multiplied for each time a certain boss had been defeated in the arena.

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