03 Jan 20 04:00 AM
  • Added new tasks for the following spawns: Minotaur Cultists, Lycantrophes, Forbidden Temple, Arid Plateau, Blighted Grotto, Feyrist Meadows, Nightmare Ruins, Old Fortress, Demon Jail and Primordial Prison. Additionally the task bosses of the new rebirth tasks will drop a token that grants 100 Artifact Spell experience.
  • Fixed an issue with Feature Notifications on level advance showing up on each level advance for the most recent level milestone.
  • Updated the broadcast prices.
  • Fixed an issue with Marathon Man Chan responding with an empty message to certain messages.
  • Added the Goblin King NPC to the main city (found in the tower north of the depot). The Goblin King will accept gold coin donations in exchange for personal experience boosts. The first experience boost will cost 1kk and each consecutive one will cost double the price of the previous one for a total of 5 boosts. The limit and price will reset weekly. Additionally players will be able to pool together their resources for a global experience boost once a week.
  • Players that do not meet the Catacombs level requirement can no longer enter the pre-quest area.
  • Minor Crystalline Tokens and Major Crystalline Tokens can now be exchanged into each other on use. Gnomission prices have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Readded Amirada's reward chest with updated rewards.
  • Fixed an issue with Morgaroth and Zoralurk dropping invalid Divination Cards.
  • Fixed an issue with Tyransict causing the server to crash under some circumstances.
  • The Music Box now has a 100% chance to tame a mount.
  • Rust Removers can now be purchased from the Tool Vendor (for a higher price than from Defective Robo).
  • Fixed an issue with the Special Beam Cannon spell teleporting players post-death sometimes.
  • PvP experience will no longer be granted for party and guild members.

  • Added a number of missing item images and outfits.
  • Fixed an issue with Top 5 panel not working properly when there are no rebirthed players.

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