21 Jan 20 10:51 PM
I am enjoying the server and it's unique take on tibia makes the game quite fun. I am enjoying the changes made from last era, particularly the additional artifact spells and the newly mapped depot. However, through my playing here i have discovered that my on screen hotkeys have been vanishing quite often, this is most irritating when i set up many of them. Overall i am happy with the server and as well to have returned from last era. Thanks for any time put towards fixing this issue.
Kind regards from
Ya boi Slappy

23 Jan 20 08:23 AM
There are two ways that it could happen:
a) You're running multiple clients and closing them in the wrong order (closing the last client will override the settings of all previously closed clients).
b) There's indeed a bug that makes some of the settings disappear sometimes. We had people mention it multiple times but have never been able to reliably reproduce the issue to look into it and fix it. If you ever can think of anything specific you've done when your settings get corrupted, please do let us know, it would help a lot.

In the meantime, you can set up your settings once and make a backup of the config file (which can be found in C:/Users/Username/cyntara/config.otml on Windows and /home/user/.cyntara/config.otml on Linux), then you can simply copy the file back again if your settings get corrupted (not an ideal solution but at least should save you some trouble setting things up again).

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