16 Jun 21 06:20 PM
The summer update, Cyntara v14, is scheduled to release June 18, 2021. This news post will contain the most pertinent information as to what changes this update will bring.

Ring Crafting

Last season we introduced Secondary Rings, a temporary ring system that occupies a separate inventory slot from the permanent ring.
This season we are further expanding the system by introducing a Ring Crafting system that gives players agency over the stats of their secondary rings.
In order to craft a ring, you must first unlock a Ring Craft Scroll to unlock a Ring Craft Stat. Players will be able to obtain Ring Craft Scrolls from the following sources:
    » World Bosses
    » Talisman Dungeons (Level 15+, completed in time)
    » Daily Quests (Level 850+)
Unlocking additional Ring Craft Scrolls of the same type increase the Ring Craft Stat by +1 for a max stat level of 3.
Once a Ring Craft Stat is unlocked, you will always be able to craft that ring stat onto a Blank Ring; Blank Rings can be looted primarily from Bosses and Daily Quests.
Next, a pre-set amount of Creature Products must be sacrificed in order to craft your new ring. The Creature Products required depend on the stats that you are attempting to craft onto your Blank Ring. A comprehensive Wiki page has been provided to show players all of the Creature Products that can be looted as well as the monsters that drop them and the Ring Craft Stat that they can be used to create. Further, Prey Task monsters now have a chance to drop "Monster Essence" which can be traded with Tony Bloodhunter in exchange for Creature Products used for Ring Crafting.
Finally, Ring Crafting also introduces brand new item stats such as: Increased Elemental Damage, Increased Physical Damage, and Increased Healing. These stats are currently exclusive to the Ring Crafting system.

Experience Changes & Rebirth Removal

TL;DR - Rebirths will be removed and a straight level system will be utilized. Monster experience across the board has been decreased to compensate for the lack of rebirthing.

After a decade of Rebirth changes, adjustments, and tuning, we have decided that Cyntara v14 will remove the Rebirth system entirely. An entire update news post could be written around this change alone, but we have a lot of other exciting news to share - so we won't do that. Instead, we will leave a few thoughts behind this change:
    » The nature of Rebirthing keeps players in a cyclical loop of playing at the same level ranges. This could be seen as a pro or a con depending on your angle. As developers, we feel that this has pigeon-holed us into creating content inside of a "box" rather than expanding into new content and expanding the size of that "box".
    » A frequent complaint from players focused on PvP is that killing an enemy is not impactful enough; with lower experience rates and a less redundant leveling cycle, each death should feel more impactful.
    » Many players fell on one end of a spectrum:
      » A. Rebirthing provides too much benefit for those that have time to invest in it.
      » B. Rebirthing provides too little benefit for the amount of time that you have to invest in it.
    » To add to the point prior, adding content after max rebirth level was under-utilized due to the above and for those that reached the max rebirth level they felt cheated to be left with no additional content.
    » Changes, adjustments, and tuning over a decade should speak for itself.

World Boss Changes & New World Boss

The World Bosses will now spawn cyclically instead of having allocated days of the week; that is, the World Bosses will spawn in a repeating cycling sequence every day with no regard to the day of the week.
This will allow us to add any number of World Bosses in the future while also ensuring that we are covering each day of the week. This also means that Thursday will no longer be a day without a World Boss spawn.
Additionally a new World Boss, the Entropy Disruptor, has been added - available in the Otherworld quest area.

Item Market

Initially when we decided to switch to a custom client three years ago, we decided to remove the former market system primarily due to two reasons:
    » The market system at that time was severely underused by players; with less than a handful of successful transactions in an entire season.
    » The former market system required a lot of data maintenance in order to maintain.
Since then Cyntara has introduced a lot of new collectible items, especially with this update, but no way to trade them offline.
We are now introducing a new Item Market. The Item Market is simple but it should provide players with convenient way to trade items offline while covering most use cases.
Right-click an item in your inventory to "Sell" (Item Market). To purchase or browse, simply open the Item Market in the "Community" tab in the top bar and input the name of the item that you are looking to purchase. However, there are a few additional aspects to consider before using the Item Market:
    » You must be the required level to participate in PvP in order to place an offer (currently, this is level 300).
    » Your offer automatically expires in 7 days.
    » Stackable offers placed by the same player automatically get merged.
    » There is a 3% sales cut when the item is purchased by a player.

Account Depots/Inbox

Historically, Cyntara has always allowed multiple characters from the same account to be logged in at the same time to allow players to train and use multiple characters while using a single premium account.
To make depot and inbox management easier, both depot boxes and inboxes are now shared across all characters on the same account; this change, combined with the stack size changes last season should greatly improve item management.

Client Improvements

As is with every update that has released in the past two years, we have made a number of client improvements to enhance the immersion players feel when playing Cyntara. This summer, players will notice a new window when encountering a number of bosses, especially Dungeon Bosses, Void Realm Bosses, and World Bosses. A "Boss Frame" will appear at the top of your game window displaying the boss that you are fighting, including an image of the boss and its remaining health.
Additionally, we have added windows to the Play Points Exchange and the Event Points Store that can be accessed from any protection zone in exchange. The old methods of redeeming these rewards were confusing to new players and difficult to understand. This change also clears the temple area of some visual clutter.
Further, we are perhaps most excited to inform you that a very highly requested client feature has been added this update: Client character settings are now stored in separate configuration files. This means that things such as hotkeys, actionbars, and bot settings can now be properly loaded and saved when multiple clients are used at the same time. This should eliminate the issue of client settings being lost when running multiple clients at once.
However, this also means that players will lose their previous settings from season prior; players will have to manually re-create their settings for each character one last time.

The Ultimate Challenges Quest

A new level 1000 quest has been added to the Teleport Room - The Ultimate Challenges Quest. Players can queue with a group of friends in an attempt to fight one of four familiar bosses that have been reworked and repurposed: The Earth Titan, the Ice Titan, the Fire Titan, and Vegnagun. The bosses now utilize a lever entry similar to World Bosses that allow teams a clean fight with the boss from start to finish. The bosses will now scale difficulty depending on the number of players in the party. The bosses in this quest now drop additional items including store equipment and a new quest charm.

Minor Server Changes

» Cyntara Coin refunds will now refund at level 300, 600, and 1000 to account for the new experience rate.
» Added the Crono miniboss raid to the Legendary Warriors spawn.
» Added the Son of the Sun boss raid to the Rumble Pit.
» Dungeon changes:
    » Added Dungeon Score system. Completing each dungeon will now grant a score based on the dungeon level and upgrade level. The Dungeon Score is the sum of highest scores for each dungeon.
    » Added Dungeon Score highscores to the in-game highscores.
    » Dhrata will now only petrify players facing her direction.
    » Swordmaster Grons now only gets 3 charges of invulnerability armor instead of 5.
    » Added map marks with boss and shortcut locations.
» The outfit and mount bonuses are now capped at 40 collected outfits/mounts (for a 10% bonus from each).
» The movement speed is now soft capped at 70% and hard capped at 80%.
» Stamina bonus hours have been reduced from 4 hours to 3 hours.
» Starbringer-tier equipment, and Tier-set equipment level requirement have been reduced to from level 1200 to level 1000 in order to match the new experience rate; store-tier equipment has now been lowered from level 1000 to level 800.
» Adjusted how experience gained from spawn quest chests is handled.
» Wand and rod damage now scales with player level and magic level. Additionally the AoE component of Artifact Wand and Artifact Rod no longer deals reduced damage.
» Adjusted beginner equipment. Replaced defunct items with items with stats and removed redundant items.
» Removed Enchantment Slots from all beginner equipment except for your owned weapon; further, your owned weapon will now prompt a warning when attempting to throw on the ground.
» All monsters will now have a chance to drop equipment with enchantment slots; the higher level the monster the more likely it is to drop an item with enchantment slots and the more slots that the item can have by default.
» Increased the difficulty of Battle Tower.
» Removed Power Tabs from most non-boss monsters.
» The Goblin King, Broadcaster, Lucia, Dungeon Token Trader, Frag Token Trader, Black Bert, Renamer, and the Artifact Master have been moved to the third floor of the temple.
» The Rumble Pit teleport has been moved next to the Trainers teleport, and Towns / Event Areas are now in the west side of the temple.
» Improved the Concentrated Demonic Blood item and added Flasks of Purified Demonic Blood that grant higher tier potions.
» Improved creature product drops from all spawn monsters.
» Adjusted gold drop rate for a number of monsters to match other monsters of their difficulty range.
» Added minimum level requirement for earning Tier Set Upgrade Tokens (1000).
» Monsters are now immune to non-player field damage.
» Re-enabled and improved the Anti-Anti Push Delay.
» Adjusted the prices of Goblin King boosts.
» Removed the old "Ring of Healing" from a few monsters that still dropped it (ie. Hydras).
» Updated how max depot items limit is handled and added a more descriptive error message when the depot is full.
» Fixed an issue that caused dragged containers on the ground to send excessive updates to surrounding players which could result in a client lag.
» Added animation effects to custom ammo types. For example, when shooting Crystal Arrows, you will actually see a Crystal Arrow effect.
» Added a missing boss flag to a few bosses and boss summons.
» Improved how the Dream Realm and Dream Lab is handled in the An Alternate Fate quest. Most importantly, this should resolve the issue where players incorrectly auto-failed this portion of the quest.
» Improved how the Illusionist Quest is handled. It should now be impossible for players to get stuck in the quest or to fail it in an unpredictable manner.
» Fixed an issue where players could receive kill achievements for monsters that share a name with another (such as illusion monsters).
» Fixed an issue with the Tower Defense that prevented the system from working properly.
» Fixed an issue with the Essences of Dread progress getting unintentionally erased under certain circumstances.
» Fixed an issue with the Dragon's Den levers not working properly.
» Fixed an issue where the Halloween raid was triggering during the Easter event.
» Fixed an issue where certain raids were not being displayed in the Raids portion of the Guide properly.
» Fixed an issue where common raids were not being announced to Discord properly.
» Improved how the Activity channel on the Discord server is handled, instead Activity is now a group of channels where players can selectively decide which events to ignore.
» A number of systems (such as Void Invaders or the Battle Tower) will no longer spawn monsters as Empowered or Infused.
» Fixed a login server crash.
» Fixed Divination Card descriptions.
» Fixed an error with PvP exhausts.
» Fixed an issue where items with charges would have their charge count set to 1 when an enchantment slot is added.
» Fixed an issue where a certain mob type in the Water Temple quest would not spawn properly.

Minor Client Changes

» Added smart loot option to auto looter. The option will try to remember the positions of the corpses and loot them once no targets are visible on the screen. This option may be more accurate than the default loot option at the cost of hunting speed.
» Added configurable toggle keybinds to a number of client windows.
» Slightly optimized the memory usage of the client.
» The Death Recap entries are now merged by monster names and display a total monster count next to the monster name instead.
» Added an option to toggle antialiasing.
» Reworked the top client menu to make room for more buttons.
» A number of monsters are now considered "dummy" and will be ignored by Auto Targeting (such as temple and teleport room monsters).
» Improved the look of a number of widgets (such as the count window, the channel list, item lists, the quest log, the text window).
» Tile item tooltips will now use the same tooltip frame as regular item tooltips for consistency.
» Added toggle visibility buttons to the login form account and password fields.
» Fixed an issue with the Cyntara channel not being focusable when the size of the client window is too small.
» Fixed deleted auto presets and looter exclusion items persisting through client restarts.
» Fixed a few popup boxes not responding to the Escape key properly.
» Fixed an issue that could cause the client to lock up when mapclicking in certain areas on lower end computers.
» The highlighted keywords in the NPC channel can now be clicked to automatically send a message to the NPC channel.

Website Changes

» Added a "Reserved Name" feature. Your character name(s) from last season can only be created on your account; this is a feature to prevent name-stealing.
» Fixed Mortal Kombat and Tower Defense highscore ordering and increased the events highscores limit.
» Player view pages will now display if the character has a Season Premium Pass.

Patch History

If you missed last season, take a moment to check out what you missed in our latest patch notes:
» 2nd March 2021 -
» 19th January 2021 -
» 10th January 2021 -
» 27th December 2020 -


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