27 Dec 20 02:24 PM
  • Fixed amulets with charges at the Magic Shop being sold with only 1 charge.
  • Fixed an issue with outfits in the CTF event.
  • Removed old Stealth Rings from the CTF event.
  • Adjusted Task System and Prey Tasks point value for Empowered and Infused monsters.
  • The stamina penalty will now kick in at the intended 6 hours instead of 12.
  • The Sell-All Tool can no longer be used on the Charm Bag.
  • Fixed missing stat descriptions to the Marksman Ring and the Ring of Fortune.
  • Added drunk immunity to the Bangle of Resolve.
  • Fixed Shrines and Void Realms spawning on improper tiles and duplicate entries.
  • Secondary rings are now exempt from magic level and skill cap.
  • Fixed an issue with empty quivers shooting invisible ammo.
  • Fixed an issue with players not being able to push certain monsters.
  • Fixed an issue with new players receiving -0.1% health and mana bonus.
  • Fixed an issue with the Portable Task Device not generating a new Prey Task list when used.
  • Fixed an issue with item tooltip skill description displaying bonus for nonexistent base skills.
  • Updated the Disintegrate Rune to remove up to 100 stack items regardless of the stack size.
  • Added parcel effect to a number of features that deliver items to player inbox.
  • Fixed an issue with the surprise bag not working properly.

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