03 Jul 22 10:57 AM
  • Finishing the Cursed Chest weekly token now also grants Artifact and Legendary Talent Experience rewards.
  • The Sell-All tool will now properly factor in the Vendor Sell Prices talent.
  • Fixed an issue with the Vampiric Power Rune not granting Life Leech.
  • Fixed an issue with Soft Boots stats not working properly.
  • Enchanting items will now display the enchanting outcome in the chat.
  • The Smoke Cloud summons in the Guardian of the Chimera encounter are now heavily resistant to physical damage instead of being completely immune.
  • The Indestructible talent can no longer be cancelled by environment and player damage.
  • Adjusted the Desolation Beam range in the Eye of the Jailer encounter.
  • Corruption outcomes will now properly display the real value of Critical Chance instead of the internal value.
  • Fixed an issue with the Corrupted stat not displaying in item stats descriptions.
  • The Healing Totem now counts as a summon instead of a regular monster which should prevent a number of events from not working properly in the presence of the Healing Totems.
  • Fixed an issue where using the last of usable stacking items (such as potions and runes) wouldn't send an update to the client which would cause the UI and auto healer to become out of sync.
  • Fixed missing protection prefix in item descriptions.
  • Added Magic Shopkeeper and Weapon Smith NPCs to World Boss lobbies.
  • Fixed an issue with the Treasure Vault portals disappearing when attempting to enter the vault.

  • Fixed an issue with the Cyntara Coin balance label in the Item Market not being anchored to the window properly.
  • Purchasing Corrupted items from the Item Market will now display a confirmation prompt.
  • Item tooltips in the Item Market will now display the proper indicator color in the tooltip header.

04 Jul 22 01:32 AM
very nice
; D


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