Cyntara - Forum - Minor Suggestions
27 Jul 23 11:41 AM
- Don't display exclude/include list when adding items to the list, post confirmation in log instead
- Add SellItem() functionality for charms in your backpack which you already have a copy of in your charm inventory
- Remove DropItem() dropping charms in your charm inventory
- Add Search (Item Market) to the right click context menu
- Disable Shift+B Bestiary opening when you have the Auto Functions menu open, as well as any other Shift+ key actions (when you type in scripter it will open these windows), can also be limited to just while the Scripter text widget has focus
- Add "Deposit All", "Yes" as a text function to Wreckx so that you don't have to open the menu and click Deposit Coins and Deposit Gold separately
–-> While you're at it add "Withdraw X" and "Deposit X" as text functions if I have to touch my mouse again to operate the bank I will hurt myself irl
–-> Change the Withdraw menu so that you can withdraw larger amounts, if I want to withdraw 8kk I have to withdraw 1kk eight times
- Add a means to preview mounts that can be redeemed with Dream Matter, preferably in the redemption Menu, alternatively in the Armory or something that can be made with a script etc
- Hold shift to bring up the compare menu on items in Item Market vs currently worn

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