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Questing. PvPing. Defending. Are you looking for an active guild? Message the leader or vice-leaders.

Rank Player
the Leader Ezetimibe
Siegecraft Maazik
Siegecraft Altace
Siegecraft Mevi
Shields Ranger Rick
Shields Javierzyto
Shields Atykos
Shields Oddy
Shields Kalashi
Shields Tixy
Shields Huncho Jack
Shields Lowuzi
Shields Eri
Shields Mordoxy
Shields Bronsons
Shields Rage
Shields Holy Diver
Shields Smoke
Shields Sztuka Baki
Shields Lord Asiquar
Shields Jack
Shields Black Hood
Shields Patola Here
Shields Bagulanka
Shields Mercury
Shields Nightmare Knight
Shields Vexar
Shields Kos Omak
Shields Loki Deadli
Shields Roll
Shields Jango
Shields Dymos
Shields Deekan
Shields Sir Prize
Shields Farsatacklare
Shields Tripper
Shields Kahlan
Shields Thorin Ooakenshield
Shields Syeno
Shields Jevees
Shields Lata Nerd
Shields Sir Kaido
Shields Din Farsas Tutte
Shields Dalraria Curamaster
Shields Chapadasso
Shields Guarcik
Shields Zealan
Shields Lux
Shields Bronson
Shields Arevv
Shields Threat
Shields Katalonczyk
Shields Novorapid
Shields Dalraria Blackmaster
Shields Dalraria Rangemaster
Shields Wibbenz

Defenders is not currently participating in any active war.
Invited Characters
Stone Cold
Roger De Flor
Biggy Dicky
Desgrace Star