02 Mar 19 02:19 AM
  • Fixed an issue with the Alchemy 101, Battle Tower, HotA, and full HotA quest chests being openable twice.
  • Frozen Plate, Templar Scytheblade, Shield of Corruption and Spike Shield can now be sold to the Loot Trader.
  • The second Glooth Engineer addon is no longer rewarded for completing the Golems task, instead Vegnagun v1 will drop an item that can be turned in for the addon.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to keep their event buffs after the events finished.
  • The Battle Tower will now be cleaned up when a player enters the tower (provided there's no other players in the Battle Tower) instead of once every 30 minutes.
  • Exori Con, Exori Gran Con, Exori Con Rai and Exori Gran Con Rai will now always work in the green damage range.
  • Lowered the level requirements for the Exorita Con, Exevo Gran Rai Lux, Exorita and Exori Gran Ico spells.
  • Adjusted the damage of the Final Showdown rune to match the DoT damage in PvP situations.
  • Decreased the weight of Magic Orbs and Empowered Magic Orbs.
  • Adjusted the interaction between monster pathfinding and field runes.
  • Fixed an issue with the Deeplings task boss timer persisting after leaving the boss room.
  • Players that completed the rebirth quest will no longer receive the experience catch up bonus.
  • Updated the dialogues of NPC Culex.
  • Changed monster respawn timer to 5 minutes for all quest areas.
  • Fixed an issue with Enchantment Vessels disappearing if a player moved before choosing an option from the modal window.
  • Fixed numerous instances of monster spells not working as intended.
  • Adjusted the stats of Serpent Spawns and Medusae.
  • Artifact Spells:
    • Thunder Storm ("utori mas vis"):
      • The spell will now deal its first tick of damage immedietely after casting.
      • The spell will no longer deal damage when the player is in phantom state (e.g. dead during a dungeon encounter).
      • The spell will no longer stop working when there's no suitable targets on the screen.
      • The spell will no longer deal damage if the player is standing within protection zone.
    • Healing Totem ("utevo res vita"):
      • The totem will no longer receive damage from the caster and their party and guild members.
      • Added a Destroy Healing Totem ("exana res vita") spell to remove an active healing totem.
  • Dungeon changes:
    • Adjusted the experience gains from dungeons.
    • Adjusted the strength of all dungeon monsters and bosses.
    • Dhrata will no longer display the Petrified status in the last stage which is not applicable in that stage.
    • Players can no longer heal the Ancient Treeling.
    • Changed the Sanguine mod effect to improve the visibility.
    • Removed some more trash items from the loot.
    • The summons of the Ancient Treeling, Rhotamenti and Swordmaster Grons bosses are now autonomous.
    • The Soul Harvest boss will now always phase once at 50% health instead of using a fixed timer.

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