16 Mar 19 11:25 AM
  • Fixed a few map errors.
  • Drakens on the top floors in the Wrath of the Emperor quest area are no longer flagged as quest monsters and will respawn at a normal rate.
  • The scarf now provides ice protection.
  • Updated the dialogues of NPC Culex.
  • Added a new boss raid to the Primordial West spawn.
  • Updated weapon upgrader crystal descriptions for outdated upgrade paths.
  • The Music Box can now be used to additionally tame regular mounts (this includes Wailing Widow, Terror Bird, Bear, Black Sheep, Midnight Panther, Draptor, Crustacea Gigantica, Boar, Undead Cavebear, Donkey, Slendrite, Crystal Wolf, Wild Horse, White Deer, Panda, Dromedary, Sandstone Scorpion, Lady Bug, Manta Ray, Ironblight, Magma Crawler, Dragonling, Modified Gnarlhound, Water buffalo and Gravedigger).
  • The Mysterious Fetish charm will no longer drop from regular monsters.

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