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Artifact Weapons

Artifacts are powerful end-game weapons that can gain levels by being infused with Artifact Power.
As your Artifact Weapon progresses it will gain attack damage and increase the total damage output of your character. The bonus is active as long as you are wearing the weapon.
You can receive your Artifact Weapon by completing the Spectral Awakening quest.

Artifact Power

Artifact Power is the experience equivalent for your weapon. It follows a different formula for the required experience points per level than the character level though.
Artifact Power can be obtained by using Artifact Tokens.

Artifact Tokens

Artifact Tokens grant Artifact Power for your weapon upon using. They can be obtained through numerous activities on Cyntara.
There is currently a set of 5 total tokens that you can find on Cyntara. They reward different amounts of Artifact Power and the type of token you will get depends on the difficulty of the content where you get them from.
The amount of Artifact Power received from Artifact Tokens is further multiplied based on your Artifact Knowledge level.

  • Commendation - 25 AP
  • Royal Commendation - 75 AP
  • Bloody Parchment - 150 AP
  • Victorious Token - 250 AP
  • Triumphant Symbol - 420 AP

Artifact Token Sources

The artifact power tokens can be obtained from the following content:

  • Daily Quests
  • Dungeons
  • Some Bosses
  • Monster Tasks
  • Prey Tasks

Artifact Knowledge

Artifact Knowledge is a multiplier that applies to the base value of Artifact Tokens. The multiplier is applied the moment you loot a token and does not apply retroactively to previously looted tokens.
The Artifact Knowledge can be increased by completing the Artifact Knowledge Research by talking to the Artifact Master NPC.
The Artifact Knowledge is initially locked to a maximum level of 25 however the limit can be increased to level 40 by completing the last mission of the Spectral Awakening Quest.

Artifact Infusion

Artifact Weapons can be additionally infused using regular weapons to receive extra damage.
For example if you have a Nightmare Blade and sacrifice it to infuse the Artifact Sword, your Artifact Sword will receive +5 attack, whereas using the Clement Sword would add +10 attack to the Artifact Sword.
Please keep in mind that this upgrade is not additive, you will simply receive the highest bonus applied. You also cannot downgrade nor remove the infusion to receive the item back.
The infusion process additionally requires special ores that can be obtained through the mining profession.

Artifact Wand/Rod Elements

The Artifact Wands and Rods are versatile and can have their damage element changed.
To change the element, simply say !artifact and choose the element from the list.
Please keep in mind that not all elements are available and that sorcerers and druids have different choices.

Artifact Swap

The Artifact Weapons can be additionally swapped for their respective counterparts.
Paladins can freely swap between the bow and crossbow variants by right-clicking their weapons.
Knights can freely swap between the club, axe and sword variants by issuing the !artifact command.

Artifact Progression

As mentioned previously, your Artifact Weapon will progress as it gains Artifact Power.
The current progression tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1 - Artifact Level 1 - The baseline tier when you first receive your Artifact Weapon
  • Tier 2 - Artifact Level 5
  • Tier 3 - Artifact Level 15
  • Tier 4 - Artifact Level 30
  • Tier 5 - Artifact Level 50

Artifact Spells

Artifacts also provide access to new spells - each vocation receives two spells, one that unlocks at Artifact Level 5 and another at Artifact Level 15.

  • Sorcerer
    • Thunder Storm ("utori mas vis") - Periodically zaps up to 4 closest, reachable PvE targets dealing energy damage and electrifying them.
    • Transcend ("utori rai sio") - Increases all PvE damage by 20-25% for 60 seconds for the caster and all guild and party members within 30 SQM range. This spell applies a 30 minute debuff for everyone affected making them unable to benefit from the spell again while still under the effect of the debuff.
  • Druid
    • Rejuvenation ("utura sio") - Apply a healing over time buff to a friendly target that heals them 40 times every 2 seconds. This buff can be applied up to 3 targets.
    • Healing Totem ("utevo res vita") - Summon a healing totem that periodically mass heals friendly players around.
  • Paladin
    • Volley ("exevo con hur") - Shoots a volley of arrows in front of the caster dealing physical damage.
    • Strafe ("exori mas con") - Shoots arrows/bolts at up to 3 closest, reachable PvE targets dealing physical damage and applying bleeding.
  • Knight
    • Cleave ("utito mas tempo") - Your auto attacks will splash in a 3x3 area around the target for 35% of the original damage for the next 60 seconds.
    • Fortitude ("utamo rai tempo") - Reduces all incoming damage by 75% for the next 10 seconds.