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Daily Quests

A majority of Cyntara's quests not only provide a one-time reward but also contain a "Daily Reward Chest" that can be opened once every 20 hours.
This allows the quest to be repeatable every day for an additional reward.

Daily Quest Locations

  • Pillow Puzzle Quest
  • Dragon's Den Quest
  • Helmet of the Ancients Quest
  • Full Helmet of the Ancients Quest
  • Banshee Quest
  • Queen of the Banshee Quest
  • Fury Gate Quest
  • All-Around Quest
  • Trial of Fire Quest
  • Initiation Quest
  • Forgotten Spells Quest
  • Ferumbras Tower Quest
  • Four Swords Quest
  • Graveyard of Heroes Quest
  • An Alternate Fate Quest
  • Battle Tower Quest
  • The Astral Plane Quest
  • Forge of the Titan Quest
  • Mine Cart Carnage Quest
  • The Cyntara Zone Quest
  • Jinx's Dojo Quest
  • The Demon Oak Quest
  • The Spectral Awakening Quest
  • The Pits of Inferno Quest
  • The Inquisition Quest
  • The Cursed Ruins Quest
  • The Annihilator Quest

Daily Quest Rewards

  • Lesser Enchantment Crystal
  • Enchantment Crystal
  • Grand Enchantment Crystal
  • Cyntara Coins
  • Orb of Enchantment
  • Commendation (25 AP)
  • Royal Commendation (75 AP)
  • Bloody Parchment (150 AP)
  • Victorious Token (250 AP)

The rewards granted depend on the quest completed.