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16 May 17 01:10 AM
Today's adventure was as exciting as the last. Unfortunately, I have not the time to document the journeys of the recent days… but this - I cannot keep to myself.

Of all the new lands I have traveled, the newest few I have discovered are unlike any other I have ever encountered. I have found three, but I am certain there are more. The first of the three appeared to be ruins of some sort. The scenery and plentiful waterfalls were a beautiful sight to behold.

Some of the wild life gave me a bit of trouble, but that was nothing compared to why I inevitably made haste of this place. After a few hours here, this place began to stir a kind of madness in my mind. I started hearing voices, I started shaking, feeling some irrational need to stay. At that point, I knew that I had to find some way out of this place…

I climbed down some large branches and made my escape into a ravine which led me back to the entrance of this strange, strange place.

My thirst for adventure had not yet been quelled. I had soon discovered an abandoned cave of some sorts. It was serene and peaceful… until… well, the nature… It was alive!

I had never seen anything like it before! It was like the nature had come to life to attack me. I made a hasty retreat to a small pond and crossed it to a small, solitary island; the island bore a tree much like that of my home town. I'm not sure which thought came first - the thought that something must have been controlling the nature, or the thought that, whatever it was, might live in the ruins that lie before my eyes…

Everything here can come to life - nothing is safe! This place was surely abandoned, save for one… monstrosity… for good reason! One sight of her had me gunning back to the pond.

My desire to explore these new lands, despite my close encounters, was uncanny. Turns out, it's not happenstance that I kept running into these new lands. These new lands have, almost meticulously, integrated into the world that you, and I are oh-so familiar with. The epiphany dawned on me as I stumbled upon what, at this point I had already known, was the entrance to yet another of these lands. Before my eyes stood yet another sacrificial stone, and yet another ominous lever. My hands shook as I unconsciously grabbed the lever, and I let pull.

I was no longer taken by surprise that the pull of the lever created an energy that engulfed my entire body and teleported it to somewhere completely new. But this time, I was shocked to find myself among the void. This was no place of nature.

There were walls, floors, I was in a place that was constructed… but, by what? For what purpose? Something or someone had to have built this lair. I had no choice, I could not retreat to the water this time; I followed the pathway in what felt like circles, to which I thought would never end. Was I lost? Was I in some sort of trap? The structure remained unchanged despite how far I traveled, yet the the demonic creatures I had been facing seemed to be dwindling.

After, what felt like an eternity, I reached the plateau. I found myself standing solitary in a large room, what I found brooding over me extinguished the fire from my heart.

I was looking straight into the eyes of a vengeful deity, and I had nowhere to run.


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