30 Jun 18 11:15 AM
This client update includes a brand new patcher which should allow us to switch to automatic updates from now on. Please redownload the client from the downloads page. Hopefully this is the last time this is required.

  • Added new prey tasks for Primordial Demons, Flying Books and Shadow Dragons.
  • Added new tasks for Outlaws, Seacrest Serpents, Abyss Necromancers, Flying Books and Shadow Dragons.
  • Orbs of Enchantment now have a 100% chance to add a slot to a piece of equipment. Everyone that has had Orbs of Enchantment break for them will be refunded 100 Cyntara Coins per broken orb the next time they login (physical coins delivered to your inbox). As a result, we are also increasing the price of Orbs of Enchantment in the store.
  • Fixed a few edge cases where the Artifact Infusion wouldn't work.
  • Fixed the Triumphant Symbol not working properly in some cases when dropped by monsters.
  • Fixed a couple of monsters using invisible missiles.
  • The Primordial Grounds East/West have been re-added to the teleport room; players that have completed the quest will still be able to enter.
  • Experience fish can no longer be used when the event points experience bonus is active.
  • Fixed an issue with the critical chance not triggering properly.
  • Monsters spawned inside of the Battle Tower will no longer yield experience points.
  • Fixed Nerdraging Mage boss spawn position.
  • Fixed an issue with the Thunder Storm artifact spell crashing the server under rare circumstances; the spell has been re-enabled.
  • Adjusted Thunder Storm spell cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue with Artifact Bow/Crossbow swapping keeping a single attack value when infused.
  • Dungeon changes:
    • PvP is now disabled inside of all dungeon instances.
    • Starting a boss encounter will now teleport all instance players to the boss area.
    • The Blight Ruins dungeon now rewards lower tier Artifact Power tokens.
  • Fixed the Transcend spell displaying double messages in some cases.
  • Claiming the Mighty Weapons daily reward will now unlock the transmog appearance of the items.
  • The spells Thunder Storm and Strafe can now be used when standing against a wall.
  • Lowered the required Mining skill level to mine certain ore types.
  • Adjusted Dread Essences requirement for the Cursed Ruins Quest.
  • The Challenge Room now has a 20 hour cooldown per tier.
  • Fixed an issue with the Last Creep Standing quest not resetting correctly sometimes.
  • Added action progress bar to some more game mechanics.
  • Normalized the level requirement of artifact spells.
  • The enchantment vessel can no longer be applied on equipped items which could result in the loss of enchantments it stored.
  • Lowered the cooldown of the Ultimate Divine Missile spell.
  • Adjusted the damage and lowered the cooldown of the Strong Bloodstrike spell.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Ron the Ripper to not spawn properly.
  • Fixed the enchantment vessel not transferring health and mana regeneration properly.
  • Fixed the enchantment vessel unintentionally consuming enchantments in some cases.
  • Lowered the attack of the Unstable Ice Arrow.
  • Increased maximum health percent buff on some knight armors.
  • Adjusted wyrms paths to be 3 SQM wide instead of 1 SQM wide.

  • Added options to display the damage, healing and experience gain of other players in the server log ("Options -> Console -> Show healing/damage/experience gain of other players in console").
  • Added an option to allow map click to path over fields ("Options -> Game -> Allow map click to path over fields").
  • Added an option to target only monsters via hotkey targeting ("Options -> Game -> Hotkey target monsters only") regardless of the presence of other creatures on the battle list.
  • The auto looter function will now only attempt to loot monster corpses instead of any arbitrary containers.
  • The "hide party members" battle list filter will now only hide the members of your own party.
  • Added Spellwand, Golden Sickle, Ice Rapier and Lethal Mace to the weapon auto refill.
  • Added "Set Ammo Type" and "Set Weapon Type" context menu option to all auto functions refill items. These options can be used to quickly change the ammo & weapon type without having to go through the auto functions window.
  • Added extra logging to graphics errors which should help us investigate them when they occur.
  • Scrollbars can now be additionally navigated with the CTRL and Shift key modifiers. The CTRL key will move the scrollbar either to a minimum or to a maximum value whereas the Shift key will either decrement or increment the value by 10.
  • The stamina bar will now change the color depending on the current stamina time.
  • Item stacks will now move if the Enter key was pressed and held down before moving the stack.
  • Party shield icons will now display in the battle list.
  • Fixed chat copy option not showing for words selected via double click.
  • Fixed mismatching minimap icons.
  • Added hours to the hunting analyzer session time.
  • Added in-game guide that provides information about features, spawns, quests, dungeons and professions.
  • Added a brand new patcher. Once this update is rolled out we should be able to go back to fully automatic patching.

30 Jun 18 12:41 PM
Flying Books task is not working

See my Tibiapics here:


30 Jun 18 03:24 PM
Woops, an oversight on our part, they should work once their initial spawn is cleared.

04 Jul 18 12:00 PM
you guys need to fix the loot system, everything erases in the looter tab

05 Jul 18 07:05 AM
Syeno said:
you guys need to fix the loot system, everything erases in the looter tab

We are aware of the issue and currently investigating it. We are aiming to have it fixed in the next patch.

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