08 Jul 18 08:17 PM
  • Knights:
    • Increased maximum health by 33%.
    • Increased damage dealt to monsters by 10%.
    • The spell Challenge ("Exeta Res") will now have its area of effect extended for knights that have finished the Forge of the Titan quest.
  • Paladins:
    • Decreased maximum mana by 20%.
    • The magic shield effect will now lose its effectiveness when used by paladins starting at level 500 and capping at level 1000 (roughly 50%). When magic shield loses its effectiveness, part of the mana damage will be transferred to health instead.The magic shield effect will now take extra damage when used by paladins. Starting at level 500 and capping at level 1000 paladins will take up to roughly extra 50% damage when protected by magic shield.
  • Lowered the Mining skill level requirement to mine Sunstone Ores.
  • Players will now only receive the kill trophy for killing players that are at least 2/3rds of their own level.
  • Fixed mining ores respawning without a tooltip.
  • Players that have received mail while offline will now get a mail notification on login.
  • Swapped the button order in the task boss window.
  • Fixed an issue with the alchemy table not working properly after a server restart.
  • Removed premium account restriction from house beds.
  • Increased the price of Unstable Ice Arrows and Diamond Arrows.
  • Decreased the effectiveness of Ultimate Health Potions, Supreme Health Potions, Great Spirit Potions and Ultimate Spirit Potions.
  • Adjusted the experience of Sight of Surrender.
  • Dungeon changes:
    • Defeating Zephyr the Curator in the Battlefields of Glory dungeon will now create a portal leading out of the cave.
    • Moved the checkpoint after defeating Zephyr the Curator closer to the castle area.
    • Reaching the mountain in the Battlefields of Glory dungeon will now create a portal in the temple that leads back to the mountain.
    • Fixed an issue with Swordmaster catapults not working properly when multiple teams were fighting the boss simultaneously in different instances.
    • Adjusted the damage of Swordmaster Grons.
    • Talisman runs will now yield regular loot.
    • Runes and potions will no longer be consumed inside of dungeons. Due to limitations and potential ways to abuse the system ammunition and weapons are still finite; paladins however should be able to easily stock the ammo now that they won't need as many mana runes/potions.
    • Dungeons can now be started in a party of 2, 3 or 4 players instead of only 4. The health pool and healing effects of monsters will be scaled according to the group size.
    • Added a shortcut system for Talisman runs. Players that complete a level 5 Talisman for a specific dungeon will unlock its respective shortcut for Talisman runs. The shortcuts can be found near the Dungeon Master NPC. Only the owner of the Talisman needs to have the shortcut unlocked to start a run.
  • Artifact changes:
    • The damage bonus from Artifact Level now only applies to damage dealt to monsters.
    • Added Artifact Knowledge catch up mechanic. Players that start their Artifact Knowledge research will automatically advance to 1/3rd of the highest Artifact Knowledge level whereas until the 2/3rds of the highest Artifact Knowledge level they will have their research time reduced to 5 hours per level.
  • Map fixes:
    • Added missing protection zone on the lava tiles in the Initiation Quest area.
    • Fixed broken stairs in the Djinns Spawn.
    • Fixed excessive ground tiles in the Yalahar Cemetery Quarter area.
    • Fixed an unreachable mining ore in the Forgotten Spells Quest area.

  • Fixed the icon offset in the player trade window.
  • Fixed a few instances of the Mana Burn auto function triggering when it should not.
  • Fixed an issue with the auto loot list not saving properly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to freeze up under some circumstances when changing floors.

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