Turbo Master
07 Aug 18 07:27 AM

Being 650lvl+, I am still unable to finish some quests, even though they are "designed" for level 300-500. Even with a friend(700+ paladin) it's pretty much impossible. All around quest (350) and trial of fire (400) is something we cannot do in duo.

So how about you either weaken those monsters so I CAN complete the quest at the level it gets unlocked for, OR increase the quest level requirement to one that will actually allow you to complete such quest.

Also being MS, PvP is terrible. Cooldowns are so huge, that I can barely kill 150 levels lower player.
And not sure why rune like combo sd takes mana?

Not to mention that if there's no GM/Admin activity, it makes the server simply dead.
I like the server and ideas placed into it. But some things are making it completely weird. Just like 1k lvl for "proper" PvP..? Or even capacity. Even on RL, at this level I should have at least 1k more cap! According to calculator, MS should have ~7230 cap on my current 684lvl. But I have 5815… Something's wrong. Yes, took everything off and placed into depo to check current cap.

07 Aug 18 02:34 PM
Traditionally quests are designed around teams and not individual players so the level you're seeing is the minimum level required to enter a quest and not the level the quest is designed for simply because that metric does not work when quests aren't designed around solo players. Reworking some quests to be more solo friendly though is on our long term goal list - at least for quests that are critical to your character development. This however isn't a simple task because balancing quests around either a team of players or solo players boils down to:
1) If you make the quest designed around a team of players, solo players will not be able to complete it when they don't have anyone to do the quest with or the server population drops;
2) If you make the quest designed around a solo player, bringing another player along will trivialize the quest at which point why even bother with quests at all instead of just putting the quest rewards in random spawns which would basically have the same end result.

Sorcerers are arguably the strongest vocation PvP-wise however it takes some character development before you get to that point. It also seems that you have a relatively low magic level for a sorcerer and it's worth noting that the magic level is the biggest contributing factor to the damage output of a mage. Additionally you shouldn't expect to solo kill a player only 150 levels lower on Cyntara when fighting on fair grounds just like you wouldn't expect the same for, say, a 20 level difference on RL (save for potion milestones).

As for the capacity, just like with most things on Cyntara, it's a custom setting that's balanced around potions as they work differently than with vanilla setting. Perhaps you were trying to stock on mana potions in which case you are expected to use mana runes - potions are supposed to weigh a lot as they replenish a huge amount of mana and therefore are meant to be situational.

Turbo Master
08 Aug 18 11:21 AM
Well, in terms of quests:
You do realise that there isn't as many players as we all would like there to be? The most I have ever seen actually playing was 3-6 players. Obviously not counting those on trainers.
And what this means, is getting a team is pretty much impossible; I was searching 3 days for 1-2 high level (1k+) players to help me with a quest. I'd love to see 15+ people simply sitting in depo and chatting. But actually, at the moment I am typing this, there is 31 people online, where 25 are on trainers: making it 6 people actually playing (-1 being myself). YES, I counted training room

Capacity I don't carry pots to be honest. Only MR. But when I go hunting, I find fair bit of items that I sell later. I can go PvP and can simply open another client and have second character at lvl 100 just follow my main one and "Trade" the bp with pots when needed. Or just rush to shop. So… eh.. balance isn't something I take as a good excuse. Anyway, when killing 1 player, I won't eat more than 50 pots really. Either I die or him quicker than they are all gonna get used.

Last but not least that I just noticed: $5 donation for 500 points? Honestly, I am willing to spend money even on OTS, but not $5 for just 500 points. I can only imagine half the price being anywhere near sensible. I don't see any point spending $5 for.. a backpack lol You know how it works, you get less $$$ for a (virtual) product, but more people buy it. That's just my opinion anyway.

Customised client with hotkey bar and embedded bot (auto looter, anti idle, etc) is a massive for you guys. I never used a bot in any games, but the fact it's already included makes things easier. Just wondering about hosting though… things are pretty stable, but from time to time I get massive lag that I cannot do anything, despite my latency being stable ~100 all the time.

Also a small bug report, maybe you are already aware of this:
When I change equipment design (Transmog), loot trader sees my EQ as something it can buy, but can't actually do it. Any way you can fix it so NPC doesn't see my EQ after transmog?

09 Aug 18 12:21 AM
not to sound rude but 3 days is nothing been at least 2 weeks and i am still looking for enough 1400 to do a quest lol and maybe if more people actually spoke in chats before they went and did things that probably might not have happened i am always helping people with things when i am not doing anything but if no one answers me in chat i am just going to go do my own thing

Peace be with you :)

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