24 Oct 18 10:25 PM
  • Fixed an issue with Artifact Wands and Rods infusion.
  • Fixed the ultimate Artifact weapons not granting stats on equip.
  • Improved the task window navigation and information display.
  • Fixed an error that caused the Unstable Ice Arrows to be obtainable again.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the server to stop working properly if it had been up for too long.
  • Life and mana leech will no longer apply to overkill damage.
  • Dungeon changes:
    • Changed the Necrotic dungeon mod from 5% health reduction per stack to 2% health reduction per stack.
    • Reduced the number of Dhrata's guardians from 6 to 4.
    • Fixed an issue with Dhrata's guardians not despawning when players abandon the dungeon during the boss fight.
    • Action progress bar will now properly disappear if present when finishing a dungeon.

  • Removed the market page.
  • Fixed an issue with item name capitalization for item names that contain apostrophes.

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