10 Feb 19 06:50 AM
  • Adjusted the level requirements of potions.
  • Adjusted the level requirements of magic wall runes, wild growth runes, barrier runes and paralyze runes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused magic walls not being able to cast on map-spawned fields.
  • Fixed wrong minimap icon for Tony Bloodhunter's location.
  • Fixed an issue with Tony Bloodhunter telling players they have -1 reroll points.
  • Warlocks are no longer immune to energy damage.
  • Fixed an issue with daily reward chest cooldowns.
  • Players can now use Blacksmith's Chisels on Bunnyslippers.
  • Adjusted the dialogues of NPC Boo.
  • Increased Cyntara Coin and Event Points rewards for when an automatic event fails to start.

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