13 Feb 19 10:24 AM
  • Fixed a missing error message from the Deepling Boss teleport.
  • Improved the server save time.
  • Fixed an issue with prey damage bonus not working against Demi Liches.
  • Fixed an issue with knights receiving distance instead of melee skill bonus in the War Arena.
  • Lowered the mana cost of Salvation and Ultimate Salvation spells.
  • Adjusted the mana cost of Soul Energy Wave and Soul Tera Wave spells.
  • Adjusted Wyrm stats.
  • Fixed vocation requirement for Four Swords reward boots.
  • Fixed an issue with event buffs being overridden by player-cast buffs.
  • Ores, shrines and treasure hoarders can now appear in the new Mutated Toads spawn.
  • Lowered level requirements for Elite and Ultimate mana runes.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of some red skull monsters.
  • Adjusted elemental immunity of over 140 monsters.
  • Adjusted the minimum level required to get experience reward for most tasks.
  • Decreased the weight of the Blacksmith's Chisels.
  • Vegnagun's summons will no longer yield experience nor loot.
  • The Cleave spell will no longer apply a 10 second group cooldown.
  • Adjusted how spells with PvP Exhaust and PvP Soul work:
    • Players will no longer be able to cast the spell unless they have the maximum required soul that the spell could cost.
    • Players will only incur an increased exhaustion rate or increased soul cost if the spell hits a player as opposed to if the spell is cast while the player has PZ lock.
    • Improved the cancel message for exhaust.
  • Adjusted the Exiva soul cost:
    • Players in distant spawns not in combat cost 2 soul points as opposed to 3.
    • Players that use Exiva on players in the same spawn or nearby cost 0 soul.
  • Last Creep Standing:
    • Players will now be able to enter the pit immediately after another player exits the pit.
    • Players will now be able to enter the pit immediately after another player dies in the pit.
  • Dungeon changes:
    • Adjusted health, healing and damage of all dungeon bosses.
    • Adjusted health, healing and damage of the following dungeon monsters: Animated Sphinx, Caucadeus Spitter, Cursed Beast, Decaying Corpse, Infected Hydra, Leaf Spirit, Phoenix Guardian and Prime Noxious Guard.
    • Fixed an issue with Dhrarat's guards spawning in the wrong instance when multiple teams were doing the Abandoned Morass dungeon.
    • Dhrata's poison bomb will now choose a random target.
    • Dhrata's poison bomb will no longer deal damage to petrified players even if it goes off before the petrified phase.
    • Monster corpses in the Fay Peak dungeon will now properly decay.
    • Dungeon leaderboards will now persist through the weekly dungeon reset.
    • The weekly reward chest will now also contain 25 Cyntara Coins for people that have finished any Dungeon Talisman, 50 Cyntara Coins for people that have finished Dungeon Talisman Level 5 or higher, and 100 Cyntara Coins for people that have finished Dungeon Talisman Level 10 or higher.

  • Fixed numerous tyopstypos.
  • Fixed the Alchemy 101 quest reporting wrong progress on the character page.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of Critical Chance in item hover info.

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