09 Mar 19 06:25 AM
  • Fixed an issue introduced in the last patch that prevented addon bonuses from working properly.
  • Fixed a few typos in item descriptions.
  • Nightfall Arrow can now be enchanted.
  • The Invigorate ("exura mas rai res") spell will now obey the !massheal command status like the Mass Healing ("exura gran mas res") spell does.
  • Adjusted the drop rate of the Behemoth Trophy item.
  • Added a temporary workaround that will grant players a new dungeon talisman on login if their current one has glitched.
  • Unified the amount of dungeon tokens and artifact power tokens received from all dungeons.
  • Players will no longer use their stamina time inside of automated events.
  • Added a water buffalo spawn for taming purposes.
  • Fixed an issue with the spells of Sheep with Swine Flu and The Scorpion Deathclock.
  • Players that have completed the Alternate Fate Quest will now get item stats on login without being forced to re-equip them.
  • Sulphurous Stone, Natural Soil, Energy Soil, Glimmering Soil, Brimstone Fangs, Yielocks and the True Book of Death can now be sold to the Task Master NPC.
  • Increased the luck limit from 200% to 500%.
  • Addressed a few issues with the Last Creep Standing quest.
  • Increased the Drakens task kill count from 100 to 250.
  • Added a missing article for the blacksmith's chisel item.
  • Fixed the demon orb price discrepancy between Banker Wreckx and Loot Trader NPCs.
  • Updated the TPR display for the Abyssal Trinity portal.
  • Moved the loot of Maiden of Death boss to the reward chest.
  • Updated the dialogues of NPC Lucia.
  • Golden Amulet can now be sold to the Loot Trader NPC.
  • Added a new boss raid to the Spectral Awakening quest area.
  • Amulets and rings with charges will no longer bypass the resistances cap in PvP (with the exception of the SSA).

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