Nightmare Knight
03/31/19 08:56 PM
So now in the endings of this era i notice every newcomer is making a knight… I try so fucking hard to help them to make a mage, give them gear, help them on quest etc, etc.
but they start playing a knight instead.
there are like 2 o 3 mage players still even if i helped every newcommer to play a mage.

and you prob ask why.

okay in the first 2 weeks of the game i played with a friend "Nightmare Sio" he always was crying about how shitty lvleing as a solo druid sucks so much, i fucking agree with that.

mages in general are so cool to play with friends but lets be reals here, as a solo mage its sucks so much to lvl up.

and im pretty sure a Server full of knights its fucking awful to everyone no mather if u are focused on pvp or pve. its just sucks not to find shooters or to be able to kill anyone.

so i suggest to

1.- Multiply the wand damage dealing of the mages x2, yeah i know, i feel like u want them to keep that thing low but, i played in alot of "succesfull" servers where high wand damage dealing was pretty fun, even hitting more than a knight and no one crying about it (knight main btw)

2.- make them 10% resisten to everything at the start of the game. and why would u ask? ok if u ever try to get into fucking weak stinky ass Coryms respawn as a mage (this respawns has no lvl restriction) u will get one shoted by these stupid rats, but if u try to get in as a lvl 8 knight surprise surprise u aint even getting hit by the 25% free protection. and i think thats why every newcomer leaves they mage and starts a knight instead.

3.- make the utamo vita automatic or 100% actived on mages. like when would u be as a mage without the magic shield? i mean if we have the autofuctions spaming that over and over just make it stay on forever, like if u start the game for the first time and its already activated, like being wearing your supersuit all the time.

for now these are all the things i have been tough about. so. thanks for reading all this crying post.
Cya in the game

03/31/19 09:15 PM
That's true, mages needs a relly serious buff

04/01/19 10:02 AM
Fully agree, if you ask me the soul / mana spent on ex exevo gran mas vis should be lowerd.

Carlos Warlod
04/03/19 01:56 AM
Agree, the mana spent is too high! And all the elements resistance is ridiculous, plus the runes or pots are not enough…

Son Charlie

04/10/19 07:52 AM
I will personally take a look at beginner sorcerers and druids to see how this can be improved in comparison to knights and paladins.

I’ll post more detail when changes are being planned.


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