27 Jul 19 12:51 PM
  • Fixed an issue with charms that have vocation requirements not working as intended.
  • Fixed incorrect raid location for Gaz'haragoth in the Boss Discovery Scroll list.
  • Adjusted the stats of the Artifact Shield and fixed an issue with stats not being granted when equipped.
  • Void Realm adjustments:
    • Players will now receive a small amount of experience, gold and artifact power upon completing a Void Realm.
    • Severely reduced the number of Void Spawnlings that appear in a Void Realm.
    • Void Spawnlings will now appear instantly instead of having a delayed spawn depending on the distance.
    • Reduced the healing chance of Void Spawnlings.
    • Removed the healing spells and increased the health pool of Void Reavers.
    • The Void Reavers will now be invulnerable when entering a Void Realm and will become vulnerable again only after at least 75% of Void Spawnlings have been killed.
  • Fixed an issue with Cursed Charms not receiving a proper article based on their prefix name.
  • Fixed an issue with players not always being automatically assigned a training tile when logging in within the trainers area.
  • Updated the dialogue of NPC Jinx.
  • Fixed an issue with certain spells not appearing in the spellbook.
  • Death Strike, Flame Strike, Energy Strike, Physical Strike, Brutal Strike, Ethereal Spear, Ice Strike and Terra Strike spells now can all be used by fresh level 8 characters.
  • Adjusted the kill requirements for Raid Levers in the Mind Flayer spawn and fixed an issue with the Jesters raid not starting.
  • Adjusted the prices of Play Points offers and updated the blackboards.
  • Added armor to Demonbone Amulet and Soft Boots for the purpose of Blacksmith's Chisels.
  • Added description to the Spy Report to let people know where to hand in the item.
  • Adjusted the level requirements for the Artifact Infusion to match the level of weapons that are sacrificed during the infusion.
  • Fixed a rare crash issue.
  • Fixed an issue with Glooth Spears healing monsters sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue with the Enchantment Combiner consuming the entire stack instead of one Enchantment Crystal.
  • Adjusted parts of the game that require Level 1200:
    • Final-tier sets now have unified vocation requirements, unified movement and weapons entry level requirements.
    • Adjusted all Final-tier weapons to have the level 1200 requirement.
    • Removed the level 1200 requirement from most non-final-tier equipment and weapons.
  • Updated the descriptions of the draken dolls.
  • Added a silent Wild Horse raid for the purpose of taming.
  • Fixed an issue with the guild experience bonus not kicking in for the player that just logged in.
  • Reverted the changes for Knights and Paladins that have been added at the beginning of this season:
    • Paladins will now gain 18 health and 12 mana down from 21 health and 14 mana per level.
    • Knights will now gain 23 health down from 28 health per level.
    • Paladins will now receive a 20% inherited resistance defenses again.
    • Knights will now receive a 25% inherited resistance defenses again.
    • Existing paladin and knight characters have had their stats automatically adjusted.
    • Reverted the healing potions and spells changes to the values of the previous season.
  • Fixed an issue with the Flood raid misbehaving sometimes.

  • Cursed Charms will now properly display their stats in the popover on the character page.
  • Added a label with rebirth count to the character page.
  • The armory will now display the effective critical strike chance for items instead of the internal value.
  • The Top 5 sidebar panel will now order players by rebirth count first, then by level.
  • Added a new payment processor for mobile payments.

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