03 Aug 19 07:22 AM
  • Increased the level and magic level requirements of Icicle, HMM, Fireball and Stalagmite runes.
  • Fixed an issue with the "My First Enchant" achievement not being awarded. Players missing this achievement will be awarded with it the next time they use an enchantment crystal.
  • Removed the obsoleted Challenge Room achievements.
  • Adjusted the map mark position for the Deeplings task boss.
  • Added description to the Stamina Refiller item.
  • Renamed power, club, axe and sword rings to distance and <color> melee rings respectively.
  • Adjusted the health of Void Reavers.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fire Devil's spawn chest not counting as completed in the Quests overview window and added the Fire Devil Annihilator to the quest list.
  • Fixed an issue with the druid charm from the Astral Plane quest not being rewarded from the chest.
  • Players can now catch a goldfish into their goldfish bowl.
  • Fixed an issue with some Alchemy elixirs not granting the stat values they are meant to.
  • Fixed an issue with the Task Master buying creature products for much more than intended depending on the task rank.
  • Updated the Loot Trader's items.
  • Fixed an issue with the !bounty command not working as intended under certain circumstances.
  • Dragon Hatchlings and their flavors are no longer immune to fire damage.
  • Adjusted the health of the fake Demons in the Illusionist Quest.
  • The monsters in Warzone 1 will no longer flee on low health.
  • Players are now able to cast a number of previously disabled healing spells during events. The healing will only affect their teammates.
  • Fixed a number of visual issues with the mana transfer spell.
  • Removed the harsh death penalty from losing to Jinx. Instead players have to put up an ante of certain gold value now that will be won back after the battle if they win.
  • Fixed an issue with the Arena Master displaying the wrong remaining cooldown for the Deity tier arena.

  • Added Artifact Level highscores. These highscores cannot be updated retroactively and will only update the next time a player with an Artifact Weapon logs in or uses an Artifact Token.

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