17 Aug 19 12:00 PM
  • The catapults in the Battlefields of Glory dungeon can now be used on any part instead of specific edges.
  • Essence of Life in the Murky Cavern dungeon is no longer immune to physical damage.
  • The Culex Curse will now stop ticking when Culex dies.
  • Elise will now tell players their current Daily Reward they are claiming to allow for setting up before claiming exp and luck rewards. IMPORTANT: It is now required to confirm with a "yes" to claim your reward.
  • Fixed an issue with Utility Alchemy Elixirs effects ending when returning to the city.
  • Fixed return portals in the Demonborn Valley spawn.
  • Fixed an issue with the Winter Guard and Winter Warden achievements progressing with each hand in instead of with each Magic Orb.
  • Fixed a few wrong item names.
  • Fixed an issue with the bounty hunters not working properly sometimes when killing players with a coin bounty on their head.
  • Fixed a rare crash issue.

17 Aug 19 07:41 PM

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