30 Aug 19 10:15 AM
Ok soimjust going to rattle off a few things that i feel would make the server more enjoyable to attract more players.
I for one enjoy the fact of showing achievements, ranking well on boards and been known.
Items are non valuable due to bosses so easily killed.. its a orsh i get it…
so here i go.

1. All new players have a option for a mentor and players who have rebirthed have a option to be a mentor. Mentor rewards could be like a point system where you could also buy the items under the depot, cash, gem, orbs, fish etc.

2. There is too much going on as it is creature products items and mess. Solution for this problem
Solution = Remove all creature products and continue with the spider looking things that give addons, Make them a 0.01% Drop chance.No more theb 0.02 with luck set and 0.03 with luck buff.
Reserve 10 outfits ( Favorites) For boss drops or kill 10k demon or 50k hydra tasks.. ( Long grinds to show achievements.)

3. PVP keeps servers alive , This server kind of lacks it.
Solution= If you're guild is in a war and you kill players from the enemy guild you recieve more exp ( If you made the kill list ) Amounting to a level or two.. This way its actually beneficial to fight.

4. Pvp still lacks fear, and achievements.
Solution = Create a tier system.
100kills bronze medal
1000 kills silver medal
10000 Kills gold medal
50000 Kills platinum medal
This medal hangs on the front of your house.

5. Create a RB x5 Gear that requires a multitude of tasks.
Once you RB a few times it gets boring, So include large kill tasks, Certain boss tasks
Example - Kill 1000 demons, and loot X item from ferum ( 0.01% drop rate ) Is mission one.
Multiple missions for each piece of gear.. make it hard to work for.

Or- Create all artifact gear from lvl 8 It levels up through artifact power and you need to choose where you allocate that gear so you might focus on a balance set or your weapon first. This removes all lootable gear. Which in turn means you can increase rarities for the Old super items like MPA SCA etc and use them for rare deco.
In turn you create a market for artifact power ( Orbs to carry artifact power at a 50% Loss to sell to other players. In addition no max level for artifact levels, So whilst you still boosting fast levels you still need the ability to work hard for what you have.

6. Trade market is dead.
Only way to increase the trade market is to provide things people need. Example Reuseable items only dropped by monsters.
Example - Superior Mana rune. dropped by certain creatures, this now causes people to need to buy them. Same with Superior Caguras.

7. Mages still suck. a rebirthed mage 10x is no stronger then a rebirthed mage 4x other then cap and very minor mana/HP however damagewise is no different
A paladin can melt anybody 1v1, a knight cannot die 1v1, a mage can die and cant melt anyone.
Solution- Either RB gear, Or Small damage increase for pvp abilities to mage.
Please rate my suggestions.

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