14 Sep 19 07:52 AM
  • Fixed an issue with the Ultimate Teleport Scroll taking 6 seconds to channel instead of 5 seconds.
  • Players that use the donor item bundle will now unlock the transmogs for the bundle items.
  • Single target runes can now be used on invisible creatures to dispell their invisibility.
  • Adjusted the Amirada World Boss:
    • Fixed a possible crash issue.
    • Replaced the magic skill debuff with a silence.
    • Improved some voice lines.
    • The boss will now announce her silence attack.
    • Decreased the health of crystals.
    • Crystals are now extra weak to physical damage.

  • Added new favicons.
  • Updated the Game Guides.
  • Fixed overflowing tables in a number of pages.
  • Improved Dungeon info in player view.
  • Fixed numerous small issues with website visuals.

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