18 Dec 19 02:38 PM
  • Fallen Maiden is no longer immune to physical damage.
  • Reduced physical resistance of Bone Priest and Chazorai Champion.
  • Fixed minimum level requirement for a number of tasks not matching the spawn levels.
  • Fixed a number of task bosses not granting any experience.
  • Pirate Skeletons and Pirate Ghosts will now count towards the pirate task.
  • Fixed an issue with some chat channels not reopenning when connecting after an xlog.
  • Added private message backlog for players reconnecting after an xlog.
  • Fixed an issue with stats and skills not updating for players reconnecting after an xlog.
  • Fixed an issue with Recovery and Intense Recovery spells not working as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with the ATM working only on specific tiles.
  • Increased Magic Shopkeeper's talk radius in depot.
  • Treasure Hoarders are now immune to invisibility, drunk and paralyze effects.
  • Added a proper error message when using incorrect fishing rods on elemental corpses.
  • Fixed an issue with Demodras not dropping Divination Cards.
  • Players with template levels (such as in events) will now display their real level in chat.
  • Adjusted the order of dungeons in the dungeon window.
  • Adjusted the raid frequency.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the server to crash under some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with summons teleporting to protection zones on floor change.
  • Re-enabled the summon spells.
  • Updated help keywords in the Cyntara chat.
  • Fixed an issue with Artifact Tokens not working properly when using the Artifact Shield.
  • Fixed an issue with some items displaying 0 movement speed bonus in description.
  • Updated Loot Trader items.
  • Outfit and mount bonuses will no longer be lost when walking through the temple tile.
  • Updated the description of boss discovery scroll item and store offer.
  • Updated potion descriptions.
  • Reworked how minion phases are handled for Rhotamenti and Living Goo which should prevent these bosses from being stuck in minion phases under some circumstances.
  • Fixed vocation and level requirements for donor items.
  • Fixed an issue with item tooltips for equipped items with duration below 60 seconds.

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