20 Dec 19 02:21 PM
  • Queen Yvonne will no longer let players rebirth if they do not have previous promotions completed.
  • Global Boosts will now be broadcast to the website and Discord activity channel in addition to the game.
  • Global Boosts will no longer announce the name of the player that purchased them if the Anonymous Gift option is chosen in the store.
  • Fixed an issue with the Enchanter divination cards giving players invalid enchantment crystals.
  • Improved the drop rate of Power Runes.
  • Added Morgaroth and Zoralurk raids to the Rumble Pit.
  • Added client notifications for certain game features that will display when players reach certain level milestones.
  • Fixed an issue with store discounts requiring people to have the pre-discount number of coins before being able to purchase offers at the discount price.
  • Moved the Amirada and World Ender raids start time from 8 PM EST to 4 PM EST.

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